Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I'm Tuckered

Mom and Dad went on vacation for a week to Oregon with some friends. They left last week. They shall return this Thursday.

Thursday can't come soon enough.

I have the few hours a week I work at the party rental place. And now my few hours on my weekend gig as a Pet Nutritional Consultant, wandering around a pet store. I have the house to take care of. Laundry. Cleaning. Watering the plants. You know, the usual.

Granny has been here at the house this past week, so I've made sure she had her breakfast and put a lunch in the fridge for her. Fed her dinner. She took me out for pizza the other night.

The unusual part of this past week has been that I've had to help out Nana as well. A few weeks ago she broke her foot and is now in a boot. She's been needing help with her laundry. Her complex has a couple laundry facilities close to apartment . . but one is down some stairs and the other is three buildings away with no stairs involved. She can't really do stairs and the other one is a little far for her to walk as she's supposed to stay off her foot. I've been going in to do her laundry every other day. On Sunday my grandfather wasn't feeling too hot, so they asked what my schedule was to see if I could drive them to the doctor. (Nana's boot is on her right foot so she can't drive). I didn't work on Monday but was coming in to do her laundry after the weekend, so she made the appointment for after my grandfather's dialysis.

We get to the doctor's office and they take him in 4o minutes late and he comes back out at 5pm as the office closes. He's had a sore throat but his physician couldn't find anything wrong and so recommended he go to an ENT specialist (who just happened to be right across the street). The office called Tuesday with an appointment for that afternoon. I worked from 7am to 1:15 then ran over to Nana's to take her and Sonny to the doctor's. Well, the real appointment, we discovered up on arrival, was at 3:15 but they told him to go in at 2pm so he could fill out new patient paperwork. It took them about a half hour to do the paperwork and they went in a half hour early and we left he office before his scheduled appointment time.

Then we drove over to the pharmacy. Then back home. I dropped them off and ran back home. Gathered up all the trash, loaded it in my trunk and took up to the top of the driveway to the garbage can and put it for collection. Then I vacuumed the kitchen, then started on dinner and took a cold shower because I'd been sweating all day and felt gross. (I washed 1200 chairs for 6.5 hours this morning and it was muggy and hot. Ick.). Boyfriend got home just as I was putting dinner on the table and had him come visit with us about his two days in Sacramento for two job interviews. (Send good vibes!! We're really hoping one of those pulls through!!). Cleaned up dinner and finally sat down. Besides waiting in the doctor's office, I haven't really sat down since 5am. Ugh.

So now, I'm going to fold the load of clothes and then go to bed.

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  1. That sounds exhausting. No wonder you're tired!


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