Monday, February 28, 2011

Holy Schnikies, I'm Finally Back!

Oh. My. God. Does it feel good to finally be back online. It has taken over a week, but I officially have internet, phone, and satellite TV. I have missed reading all of your blogs and also, blogging about my new adventures! I have so much to catch up on, so if you start seeing comments to posts from a week ago, that would be me trying to play catch-up!

This is now my view every morning! My grandparents ranch.

So, first off, my move went relatively smoothly. Oddly enough, for a month, Sacramento (and most of California) was enjoying nice weather. Some days it was near 70! Not that I'm rubbing it in to the poor folks from the mid-west on eastward with their blizzard conditions. But, because my luck is ever so wonderful, the storms hit the very weekend I was to move to Sticksville, USA. I was also in massive panic mode, as the week of moving showed up, my two helpers unceremoniously backed out. I was even ignored by some people when I asked for their help, even though they had previously offered me help. Whatever. I begged and pleaded and managed to find one guy to help with the heavy lifting. Bless his soul, he was awesome.

My mom came down the day before the move to help me with cleaning and organizing. We ran several errands amidst a torrential downpour that lasted the entire day. She gave me my Valentine's present, part of which was a gift card to Barnes & Noble. I laughed when I saw it, as I had spent a small fortune there the day before on the damned books I've become addicted to, thanks to my co-worker. The gift card would have been tremendously helpful a wee bit earlier, but now I have it for future use.

We were able to load all my crap just before the rains hit. I bought my parents lunch from In-N-Out. I would have bought my helper lunch, but he could only stay two hours, and was gone before we were all done. My parents and I drove to Redding to break for the night. We went to visit my Granddad in rehab. I previously wrote a rant regarding my Granddad being in the hospital - they finally had him moved to a rehab facility to help regain some upper body strength. He was looking pretty good, and Granny treated me and my parents to pizza after our visit.

The next morning, a Saturday, dawned with more bad weather. We had checked the traffic cameras, and chains were required in many areas. On our way out of town, I bought chains for my car, seeing as how I should have them just in case anyway, considering I'm moving to Snow Central. The first mountain pass we conquered had us all stressed out. I'm wholly familiar with the roads we were driving, as I grew up with them. However, I did not grow up driving them in winter conditions. I followed my parents (who were hauling the trailer) the entire trip up the mountains. Suffice it say we were quite worried about the remaining three passes to drive after the first. We hit snow much earlier than anticipated, and we soon reached the point where it was seriously sticking to the roads. My car slipped once, and my dad's trailer did once as well.

Fortunately, for us, the remaining passes were completely clear with beautiful weather. We were two hours behind schedule however, and the "muscle" that was going to assist in unloading was attending a funeral by the time we arrived. But we got it all unloaded.

Between my grandmother, and my parents, we were able to get my bed frame put together and my kitchen relatively put together. I still have a few boxes of miscellaneous crap that I'm still not sure where to put, but in time I shall persevere and find it all a home. Even that home is a trash can.

I have officially been away from my old job for two weeks and three days. The knot in my right shoulder that I thought had made a permanent home, is now gone. You have no idea how bad that knot was. Just ask my mother as she's had to work it out. Plus, I'm sleeping better . . . albeit a wee bit colder. Thank God for electric blankets! While I miss my co-workers and talking to them, I don't miss the stress I had. I have been informed, however, that the gal that started on my final night, quit after about a week or so. While I fully sympathize for my old co-workers as I know staffing-wise they are not up to snuff, I don't envy them.

I will be posting pics in future posts. This is just to let y'all know that I am alive and well and happy in my new abode! I really have missed reading your stuff and getting your comments. I never realize how much I miss the blogosphere until I'm forced away from it. I did have internet access at my grandparents place, but they'd been told that blogging sites can sometimes invite viruses or other such atrocities to one's computer so they asked me not to blog. Now that I am officially online at my place, I'm free to blog on my laptop!

This is for Jewels - every time I see icicles I think of you! lol


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Attention Target Shoppers

I can only hope that I have a body like this at this woman's age. But I will not go out like this.
All decked out for Target. Maybe she had a hot date afterward?

For the love of fortune cookies

Once I move in a few days, I will no longer have access to the convenient drive-thru's that surround me. Therefore, I have been visiting them, so I can have one last taste. Trust me when I say this is a perk, as these damned drive-thru's are far too convenient. 
Last night I had an odd craving for Panda Express, so I divulged. Especially considering I can easily squeeze three meals out of the one that they give me, my $6 is fairly well spent. And I love orange chicken. Lord help me. I got back home and started digging in. I found my fortune cookie in the bag and was shocked to find out that I had received two fortune cookies. 
I immediately thought of the Frisky Virgin's recent run-in with fortune cookies, and suddenly fear that I would get two that were the same and mentioned something my "my wife".
I cracked open the first cookie. Here's what I got.
"You will step on the soil of many countries."

Oh really? And being unemployed and poor . . . exactly how am I supposed to do that? Hitch hike? My thumb is too damned small, no one would see me stick it out.
I cracked open the second cookie, hoping for something slightly better. This is it.
"You will receive an unexpected gift from an acquaintance."
Hmmm. Interesting. I thought maybe that gift would be hearing back from the guys I have begged help from for moving. (So far, no. Insert dirty words here). I pushed it out of my mind and continued stuffing my face with orange chicken.
This morning I awoke to my phone vibrating on my nightstand. My mom had forwarded me a text from my dad, telling her what I'm getting back on my taxes. See, usually, I owe State but I get a tiny bit from Federal. Last year, what I got from Federal paid State, so I broke even. Better than nothing, I suppose.  This is the first year ever that I don't owe somebody something. I'm actually getting a lot back. If I hadn't already been lying down, the shock of this would have me laying down . . . . not on purpose.
Sooooo . . . does that make the IRS my "acquaintance"?
*I will continue my Memory Lane Wednesday once I'm settled in my new home*

Monday, February 14, 2011

A Weekend of Good-byes

My weekend of good-byes is now over. Thank God, because I'm not sure I could really take more good-byes. I had a hard enough time keeping control my tear ducts as it was.

Friday was my last day with Homeward Bound and work. I got off work on Friday morning and went to Homeward Bound for my last morning of cleaning dog kennels and feeding said dogs. One of the volunteers had brought a carrot cake, some muffins, and donuts for us all to eat after our hard work. I am sorry to say good-bye to the organization, and Jody (who runs it). Not to mention some of the dogs that are lifers, and saw every week for years.  I managed to not cry, although while driving away for the last time it was very hard.

My last night at work was just like any other night at work. We had a potluck for me. A new hire started that night, as well. And my boss decided not to show up until 1:30am, and the new girl showed up at midnight. Since no management was there (I mean, none at all), it fell on me being the senior tech to sit her down and start her reading SOP's (standard operating procedures) for the bench she would start training on. I clocked out at 7am, for the last time, and took my badge to my boss. She took it, and said, "This makes it real. You do know that you will be missed, right?" Of course I knew that. She stood up to give me a hug, and then I went back through the lab for another 30 minutes or so of good-byes.

So many people that I will no longer see every day. Or night, rather. I left the building at 7:45, for the last time. I got in my car, and it hit me. All those people that I have seen for 40 hours every week (sometimes more), and I won't see them again. And if I do, it won't be for a long time. I will miss them all. Okay, most of them. I won't have to hear people hollering my name to come fix a machine. I won't have any more shouting matches with my boss. I won't get to obsess about Pride & Prejudice stuff with my equally obsessed co-worker. I won't be eating my lunch at 2:30am anymore.

I drove out to Saddle Pals a couple hours later that same morning. It was to be my last Saturday with them. The instructor had brought a small cake and some cupcakes for my good-bye. After my first lesson, I put Tex (favorite horse there) out to pasture for the day. I nearly lost it, saying good-bye to a horse. Slightly pathetic, yes. But if you knew this horse, you'd be sad to leave him, too. I managed to sneak a picture of us, before I left his pasture. After lessons, I took a picture with the two gals I see every week there. After saying all kinds of good-byes, I climbed in my car, and immediately had to pull out the tissues. I cried most of the way home.

With Dudley before a lesson.

Later I was texting my mom and I said that I hadn't really realized how many people I would be saying good-bye to. She replied with, "I knew!" You think she could have told me, right?

My BFF showed up a little after 3pm that day. We chit-chatted until it was time to go to my belated birthday/send off dinner. I was expecting about 8 people at least. And like every other time I have a birthday get together, most don't show. My BFF was there, as were my friends ST and HS and her boyfriend. We still had a wonderful time. After dinner, my BFF and I went to Rick's Dessert Diner in downtown Sac. I abhor downtown Sac and avoid it whenever possible. However, my BFF loved this place and wanted me to experience it before I left Sacramento. It was definitely worth the wait in line. I bought a piece of cheesecake and I think it's the best I've ever eaten. It was delicious.

We eventually hit the hay sometime around midnight, and I was exhausted, having been up for about 30 hours. We both slept in late on Sunday morning, and felt like slugs, so we stayed on the couch just talking. She finally left in the late afternoon.

When I said earlier that I didn't realize that I had so many people to say good-bye to, I was serious. I am kind of a homebody, although I do like to get out once in awhile. For lots of reasons, I don't have much a life in Sacramento. Partly because of my hours, partly because I'm a homebody, and partly because I'm shy. But once I had to start saying good-bye to people, I realized that I do know lots of people down here. Many I consider friends. And many I am sad to leave, not knowing when I may see them again.

And while I am sad to leave the people, I will not be sad to leave Sacramento. Or my job. While it was a good job, it was never what I really wanted to do. I never wanted to be a lab rat. And that's exactly what I became. I learned a lot by working there, things I never would have thought I would know. But I am glad to say that I am no longer an employee. In regards to to the city - I am not a city girl. While I like some things a city can offer, and I enjoy visiting sometimes, I do not enjoy living in it.

My BFF and I had this very conversation. I asked her yesterday, "Does it ever amaze you sometimes how we are best friends? We are polar opposites in so many ways!" She laughed and agreed. She is a city girl through and through, while I am a country girl, amongst other things.

On Saturday, I will be moving into my new place in Sticksville, USA. I am excited to begin my new life there. I am still nervous and scared. But everyone I know, in real life and in the blogoshpere, has been so supportive and wonderful, that I know I have made the right choice. 

And the best part about this last weekend? I actually slept laying down for the first time in two weeks. That means my horrendous cough is improving! I awoke on my side, all curled up, which I haven't been able to do since this cough started. Oh thank God for the little things.

With Tex, my main man.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Forgive Me. And My Absent Ways.

I'm so neglectful.

Okay. Not really. It's more like I have too much to do and not enough time to do it in. Not to mention my cough set me back nearly a week. Do you know how tiring coughing is? Especially when it prevents sleep for at least two days??? I finally dragged my ass to the doctor to get my some cough syrup. With Codeine. My bestest buddy ever. Took all I had on Tuesday to not drink the entire bottle so I could some rest. I settled for the two teaspoons. Promptly knocking my ass out.

Anyway, while being sick, I was enraptured with books. My co-worker who is just as Pride & Prejudice obsesses as I am, has been loaning me books continuing the story. I think I've mentioned them. Anyway, I had to finish the second one she gave me. I will probably need to buy them for myself as I had the hardest time putting them down. (I think I may require professional help . . . )

Therefore, because I was obsessed and sick, I have not read a single blog for nearly a week. I have so many to catch up on. Which probably won't be until Sunday night or Monday at the earliest. So, please forgive my sorry obsessive ass for not reading and commenting on all your blogs. I beg your forgiveness.  Not to mention I haven't really written in the way of blogs for the week, either.

Today was my last day at Homeward Bound. If you're a newer follower and don't know about Homeward Bound, I have a button to the left. After cleaning up after 40 dogs (at least), one of the volunteers had brought carrot cake, some bagels, and donuts. Jody, the owner, myself and other volunteers enjoyed some food (after washing our hands thoroughly!!) and took a break from working. Several hugs were given, and I held back the tears. I nearly cried as I drove away, looking back on the property as I drove away.

Tonight is my last night at work. My co-workers are having a potluck for me. And tomorrow is my last day at Saddle Pals (also a button to the left, if you haven't read previous blogs about them). I have too many lasts coming at me!

So please, forgive me for my being absent for a few more days. Once this weekend is over, I shall have a few more spare minutes to catch up on blogs and commenting. I shall return, I swear!

By the way . . . have I mentioned this yet:
I have one more night of work left!!!!! Please picture the biggest, goofiest grin a person can have on their face.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Birthday Quickie

So, it's my birthday today, and let me tell you what I'm getting for my birthday:
I only have 4 days of work left.
I'm having a birthday/send off dinner on Saturday night.
I have my last kennel cleaning on Friday. I'm pretty sure I'll cry when I hug Jody goodbye.
I will do my last day of lessons at Saddle Pals. I know I will cry saying goodbye to everyone.
I will be getting a potluck at work on Friday (my last night) for my birthday and my send off. 

Already my phone has been ringing and beeping off the hook with my friends and family wishing me a happy birthday. My Facebook page has several birthday wishes on it.
And thanks to my Pride & Prejudice obsessed co-worker, I've been reading some damned good books. It's so nice to share obsessions. LOL
And if anyone can get me THIS for my birthday, I will love you forever.
And did I mention that I only have four days of work left?!
Because I'd hate to leave that shit out.

Monday, February 7, 2011

I Need To Rant.

Wow, do hospitals suck these days, or what? I wrote last week about how my Granddad was admitted to the hospital with bronchitis or a bronchial infection. He was even forced to spend his latest wedding anniversary stuck in a hospital bed, while my Granny went to dinner with my parents and my aunt and uncle who drove up from the Bay Area.

The hospital has been running tests on his heart, as that seems to be one of the main reasons he is still in the hospital. I spoke to him the other day, and he sounded pretty good. He was supposed to go to rehab to help rebuild strength, but they (the hospital) wanted to run some more tests on his heart.
Now. Here comes my vicious rant. My mother can attest to my anger, as she feels the same way. We were texting about it earlier this morning. I wanted to march all the way up there to tell the hospital where they can shove it.

My Granddad has been there for a full week now. According to my mother, the hospital staff has not given him a bath or a toothbrush. What. The. Fuck. I am sorry, but what century are we in? I believe it to be inexcusable for anyone (and I do mean anyone) to be denied either of these. These are not luxuries in the 21st century. For God's sake, man. These are rights.

Hospitals charge an inordinate amount of money for every little thing. In many cases they short-staff themselves because somehow, after charging what feels like Bill Gates' annual salary, they are as broke as the poor folk they are charging. I realize that hospitals are busy. And whether or not it's their own damn fault for being broke, in some cases they are, and therefore cannot afford to keep as staffed as they should be.

But there is a line they have crossed. They do not have to haul pitchers of water up three flights of stairs to some bathtub. They do not have to hand pump the water. So, I beg the question: with running water available, how do you refuse to bathe a patient?

I have seen this a lot in the last few years with elderly family members in and out of hospitals or rehab. They get upset at the feeling of being dirty. My parents get upset. I get upset. I seriously pity the day I am forced to vent to doctors and nurses about their lack of care.

I find it appalling. We are not a third world country. We are not in the Middle Ages. We are America, where everyone is due fair treatment.

I do not find this shit fair. Not at all.

Dirty rotten bastards.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I've been tagged!

Average Girl tagged me today. I haven't played tag in so long. And this one doesn't involve sprinting around like an idiot looking for the 'safe place'.

So, apparently, here are the rules:

You must list 5 things about yourself; 4 of them must be bold-faced lies. You are suppose to guess which one is true and then I must pass this on to 4 bloggers.

I am going to be like Average Girl and mix it up a bit. I will tell you three lies and two things truthful. Have fun guessing which are true!
Here goes:

1. I've never gotten my passport.

2. I have decided to be like Cinderita and take a lap dancing class.  I do recall saying at New Years that 2011 would be my bitch, right? (I am sure my family that reads my blog are thinking, "I so didn't need to see that!")

3. I once dated a guy for a year before we actually had our first kiss.

4. I'm really going to miss working on night shift.

5. When I was 11, I was first in line to get autographs from a local band that I was a huge fan of.

Now to pass this on to 4 bloggers:

You've been tagged! :o)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Half-Assed Weekend 2/5/11

I am obsessed. I admit it. Although I cannot blame myself entirely for this obsession. I have a co-worker I can blame partially. For she is equally obsessed and is fueling the fire. A couple years ago, I finally decided to be brave and enter the world of Jane Austen. You men out there roll your eyes all you want. I first read Pride and Prejudice, and once I reached the half-way point in the book, I literally could not put the book down. I wound up getting about two hours of sleep before going into work, but I had to know. I had to know how it ended. I quickly devoured her remaining five novels, and loved them as well. But none touched me like Pride and Prejudice

After reading each novel, I watched it's movie counter-part. And naturally, my favorite was BBC's miniseries version of Pride and Prejudice, with Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy. It's 5 hours long but it is, quite literally, the book. Verbatim. I think that's why I love it so. This movie is watched quite often, sometimes just the second disc. Pathetic, party of one.

A couple months ago, this particular co-worker mentioned to me this book she was reading, called The Pemberly Chronicles. She recommend I read it when she was done, and loaned it to me. I thoroughly enjoyed it. And this past week she said the same thing about Mr. &  Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy: Two Shall Become One. She said that she could not put it down and highly recommend I read it, too. I did. In two days. Well, three. I read 90% of it on Friday. Again, I literally couldn't put it down. My co-worker and I love the story, and agree that even though these two characters are absolutely sickening and obnoxiously happy and in love, we can't get enough.

Therefore, I have decided I will not settle for anyone who is not Mr. Darcy. At least, my version of him. In some fashion. As soon as I can, I am running out and purchasing the next in this set so that I fuel my obsession even more.

I think . . . I may have a problem, people. The entire world is either Twilight or Justin Beiber obsessed and I'm running around obsessed about a book written roughly 200 years ago.

On second thought . . . maybe I don't have much of a problem at all.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Randomness

So, Wednesday I had a fit of coughs. I was out of cough drops, and I only had Robitussin and DayQuil in the medicine cabinet. I decided I'd stop by Wal-Mart on my way into work that night. I despise Wal-Mart with every fiber of my being, but they are the only store open that late at night. And I wanted some kind of relief. I walked in, and in two minutes had some cough drops. It then took me nearly 45  minutes to get through a fucking check-out line. You think I'm kidding. At 10:30pm, they had 3 lanes open and each one had a line over a mile long. And 90% of those carts in line were so full they were taller than me. Not one single express lane was open. Ass. Holes. I get in one line. Fifteen minutes later, I haven't moved an inch. Ten minutes after that, I switch lines to one that's actually moving. About 15 minutes later, I finally reach the actual checker. I hand him a ten dollar bill and he slowly gets my change. But there's a snag. He's out of pennies. This idiot was going to make me wait for three fucking pennies. He kept trying to call out to one of his peeps to bring him change. When I realized what was happening, I said, "Are you waiting on pennies?" He said yes. I said, "I've waited 45 minutes in line, I'm late for work, you can keep the pennies." He looked panicked and said, "Are you sure?" I replied, "Dude. It's three pennies. Give me my change please." And I literally sprinted out of the store, to my car and showed up nearly 30 minutes late. Thanks a lot.

I'm also loving Mother Nature this week. (please note sarcasm). My sympathies go out to everyone affected by the blizzard, which I believe was over half the country. However. My company has labs scattered all over, and they all had to send their work to us. I find this interesting. They package everything and send it to us. Fed Ex can get off the ground and get it to us. Because we don't have enough work. We had about half a dozen labs send their stuff to us.  So, Mother Nature, knock this shit off, because I'm tired. Oh and if you read my blog and you're in the area that had a blizzard and your animal needed blood work, we here in CA might have done it. Sorry for the delay, but seeing as we are apparently the only state in the country not buried under 20 feet of snow, it had to come here. Because we here in CA don't have enough pets to work on. Especially considering we barely have enough people to do our own work. (I love corporations). And don't think I'm mad at the pet owner or vets. Every time a lab is down for whatever reason, all the work comes to our lab. However, if we break down some how, we have to wait for it to get fixed. Our work doesn't go anywhere. We always get the short end of the stick.

So, I am not always up on my current events. I see headlines on Yahoo! or see the paper occasionally at work. That is, when it hasn't been destroyed by the other shifts first. But I try to at least skim headlines and whatnot when I can see the paper. I hate being in the dark all the time. Wednesday night, while on my lunch break at work, I was peacefully eating while reading an article on the goings on in Egypt. This whole protesting of Mubarak has me interested. One of the department supervisors sat at my table to her lunch. At one point while reading, I must have said something or murmured something as the topic of Egypt came up. I said something like, "Oh this whole thing going on in Egypt. It's getting nasty now." She comes back with, "Oh? There's something going on in Egypt?" Luckily I was mid-bite of food so the jaw drop didn't show. I mean, after two full weeks, who doesn't know that there is something going on in Egypt? I mean, journalists and their crews have been attacked. Mummy heads have been stolen. There have been fights from horseback and camelback. After I explained all of this, she says, "Oh, I'm not up on my current events." Then I started mentioning that the article stated other Middle East countries are threatening protests or other countries have already taken action. I started listing the countries, "Jordan, Tunesia, Yemen, Omar . . ." And she asks, "Are those men?" Um. No. Read. A. Fucking. Paper.

Now I'm going to try to sleep. I've had little sleep this week and in the past few days, I've captured enough over-time to add an extra day to my week. It's my day off. I'm going to nap some. Pack some. Nap some more. And try not to cough up an internal organ.

Have a great weekend.  :o)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

MLW: The Birth of O'My

 Fourteen years ago (wow, that sound like a really long time), my horse was born. One morning I went from having one horse, to having two. I just wish I could have witnessed it. Unfortunately, I was either working on a Spanish project, or sleeping. Probably a bit of both.

On the night of April 7th (or the wee hours of April 8th), I was up late working on a Spanish project that was - of course - due the next morning, first period. Around 3am, when I finally finished, I thought about going out to checking on my horse, since she was due to give birth sometime soon. Being so tired, I decided against it, just knowing she would wait until Prom night to shoot the little bugger out.

Tiny bit of back history here. My parents bought me my first horse, Kassie, when I was 14. She was a beautiful Arabian mare. Sweet and stubborn. My sophomore year, my parents agreed to breed her to a friend's stud cold, Opie, a beautiful Paint horse. A horse's gestation is roughly 11 months. I was so scared and excited to have a new four-legged addition to the family.

One evening, while out feeding - my mare was bout 9 months pregnant and had that constant look on her face that said, "I'm over this shit." While she was eating, I loved on her and put my ear to her huge belly, hoping that just maybe, I might hear something, even if I didn't have a stethoscope. What I nearly got was a hoof in the face, through that very belly. Her belly suddenly jerked as baby kicked. I jumped back and watched as baby went about rolling around in a sudden fit of joy in mommy's belly. I got my parents to come out and look and all we could say was, "Oh my. Oh no. Oh dear."

So, back to the special night in April. I had decided to go to bed, seeing as how I had to be up in just a couple hours anyway. Of course, I woke up late. My dad offered to go feed the horse and our two goats, Willie and Chillie (twins) while I finished getting ready. About a minute later, he comes running back in the house shouting, "WE GOT A BABY! OH MY GOD, WE GOT A BABY!" We raced out there, me with half a face and tugging on my tennis shoes as I ran out. Sure enough, there was a little bundle of joy lying in the stall with Kassie standing over her.

I finally got the courage to go inside the stall. Kassie was a bit protective at first, and tried to bite me when I got close. But a little sweet talking got me in. The little one was already dry, and smelled so sweet. I still remember that smell. Like sweet milk. We watched as she got up (shakily), and went in search of milk.

My parents agreed that I could stay home from school, as I had to stay and wait for the vet to come out at some point to check both mom and baby out. Not to mention they had no idea what to tell the vet. Plus I don't think they wanted the job of lifting the placenta into a bucket for inspection by the vet. In case you never wanted to know, an equine placenta is quite heavy.

I called a friend of mine, S, as we had first period Spanish together in the morning. I told her what happened, and to please relay to Mrs. D that I was not playing hooky (since my project was due), but that I had a valid reason and I would be back the following day. She happily agreed.

The vet popped by later in the afternoon to check on both mommy and baby, and to make sure the entire placenta and afterbirth had been passed. He happily proclaimed them both to be in excellent health.

It took us about a week to think of a name for her. Her registered name came out to be Kassie's Komet Kaper. The comet part showed up because it was the year of the Comet Hale Bop. But, we affectionately call her O'My. Considering how many time we said the words, "oh my" in regards to coming, it seemed fitting.

Of course, tons of pictures were taken of this bundle of joy. Most of them bad. But, here's my favorite from when she was a newborn. 

And she has now grown into this:

She turned out rather smallish. But she's sweet and adorable. And starting in just a couple weeks, I will get to see her beautiful mug every single day. That makes me very happy, indeed.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Serious Case of the Mondays

I don't often have a horrible case of the Mondays, but yesterday was a different story. The worst part about it was that (since I work graveyard), my Monday started well before Monday itself did.

First off, I worked Sunday night. That part I didn't mind so much. What I did mind was the fact that I had to work with person that I despise more than my boss. This person will be written about after I've left. Sort of along the lines of my Psycho Suzi posts. So I had to endure 8 hours with a person I don't want to speak to or be around. Who kept trying to chit-chat with me as if we were bff's. I spent most of the night with both ear buds of my Zune in my ears so that I could ignore this person and so that they (hopefully) would get the damn hint. It sort of worked.

After work, I drove home to unload some more boxes before driving to Redding for a dentist appointment.  I was on my second trip when, after opening the door, I heard a weird sound. I looked around and it dawned on me what I was hearing. "Hissssssssssssssssssssss". My reaction? Oh shit. I looked down and saw a big ass nail in my left rear tire. I ran up the stairs with some boxes, and lost half the stack on the way up. If my neighbors weren't up yet at 7am, then they were after half my stack dropped. I finally got up them upstairs and tossed them aside in the living room and ran into my room to grab my overnight bag. I grabbed it, tossed in a clean pair of underwear and socks, my jammies, and tossed my makeup in it and I ran back out, shouting, "By Harriet!! See you tomorrrow!" to the cat as I ran out.
My goal was to make it to Les Schwab for them to patch it up before I ran out of air. I was losing pressure fast. I was praying that they opened at 7am, so I could be on the road by 8am. It takes about 2.5 hours to get to Redding. That's where my dentist is. Of course, you may be asking yourself, "why doesn't she get a freaking dentist in Sacramento, considering she lives there?" Valid question. I hate changing dentists.  With a passion. I screeched into Les Schwab at 7:20, and found that didn't open until 8am. How dare they not be open when I was in dire need! I called my mom to let her know I'd be leaving town late, and she offered to call my dentist office to let them know and see if they could fit me in later.

A couple minutes before 8, they opened their doors. When I found the nail in my title, I was at 30psi. When they opened, I was sitting at 14psi. They had my tire patched up and me on the road in about 20 minutes. And the best part was they didn't charge me. I so love those boys.

I pulled up to the dentist office at ten minutes to 11, about 20 minutes late for my appointment. I walked in, and they took me in a few minutes later. They told me that no matter what, they would get me in, as they had no choice. It was the last day I was officially covered under my dental insurance. They took me back, and proceeded to get started. This was all preemptive dental work, to make sure that nothing spontaneously happened or got worse while I was uninsured. My dentist didn't want to take any chances that something they would normally "watch" would turn into a horrifically expensive dental issue for me later. They worked on a total of 6 teeth. Yeah. That's what I said, too.

They worked on the right side first and before they were done, they worked numbed the left side.  By the time I left a hour and a half later, my lower jaw was totally numb. My lower lip felt like what Forrest Gump's friend Bubba's looked like. My mom had asked if, after my dentist appointment, I would drop by my grandparents house to say hi. I was so numb I couldn't talk well, and had to concentrate to swallow. I decided to just head to my parents house and try to nap.

Now, the really unfortunate part of this day was two-fold. First, by the time I had left the dentist, I had had no sleep. I was so worn out. Second, I was, um, a wee bit hormonal. During my drive to my parents house, the tears just flowed down my cheeks. There was no way I could have stopped them. Yes, I have had worse days. I have had real things to cry over. But, still, I couldn't stop the tears. I got to my parents house and curled up under two blankets and tried to nap. The fact that I had a hard time swallowing prevented serious sleep. I cat-napped for a couple hours, and by the time my dad walked in at 4:15, I could finally feel my mouth.

My mom was cooking me my birthday dinner early, as we won't be able to get together for my birthday, which is next week. Dinner was the best part of the day. My mom's parents came over for dinner, too. My mom fixed ribs, macaroni salad, garlic bread, and corn on the cob. One of my favoritest meals. Ever. And Nana made birthday brownies. Complete with frosting and sprinkles. My mom put a candle in one brownie and had me make my wish. Nana and Sonny gave me some wonderful smelling candles and the cutest birthday card ever. My parents got me a Giants World Champions hooded sweater.

I was in bed not long after and slept 14 hours.

I awoke this morning to find that my Granddad was being admitted to the hospital. We believe it's a bronchial infection. My dad had taken him to the ER, so that they would start doing stuff right away while they waited on his room. Before I headed back to Sacramento, I ran into Redding and went to the hospital for a quick visit. Hopefully, he will start feeling better soon.

Not long after getting back home in Sac, I had a nice long conversation with my BFF. She wanted to let me know that she wouldn't be able to help me move, like she did last time. We had a good laugh over it, because I told her I wasn't expecting her to help again, and I actually wasn't going to ask. Last time I moved I had a huge moving party of 10 people. This time, we are loading in the morning, and taking it to Redding. The next day we'll drive early to Sticksville and unload.

She will be coming to my Send Off/Belated Birthday dinner on the 12th, and she said she can help me pack that weekend. What a wonderful best friend I have. Eager to help me pack my shit. ;o)