Wednesday, February 2, 2011

MLW: The Birth of O'My

 Fourteen years ago (wow, that sound like a really long time), my horse was born. One morning I went from having one horse, to having two. I just wish I could have witnessed it. Unfortunately, I was either working on a Spanish project, or sleeping. Probably a bit of both.

On the night of April 7th (or the wee hours of April 8th), I was up late working on a Spanish project that was - of course - due the next morning, first period. Around 3am, when I finally finished, I thought about going out to checking on my horse, since she was due to give birth sometime soon. Being so tired, I decided against it, just knowing she would wait until Prom night to shoot the little bugger out.

Tiny bit of back history here. My parents bought me my first horse, Kassie, when I was 14. She was a beautiful Arabian mare. Sweet and stubborn. My sophomore year, my parents agreed to breed her to a friend's stud cold, Opie, a beautiful Paint horse. A horse's gestation is roughly 11 months. I was so scared and excited to have a new four-legged addition to the family.

One evening, while out feeding - my mare was bout 9 months pregnant and had that constant look on her face that said, "I'm over this shit." While she was eating, I loved on her and put my ear to her huge belly, hoping that just maybe, I might hear something, even if I didn't have a stethoscope. What I nearly got was a hoof in the face, through that very belly. Her belly suddenly jerked as baby kicked. I jumped back and watched as baby went about rolling around in a sudden fit of joy in mommy's belly. I got my parents to come out and look and all we could say was, "Oh my. Oh no. Oh dear."

So, back to the special night in April. I had decided to go to bed, seeing as how I had to be up in just a couple hours anyway. Of course, I woke up late. My dad offered to go feed the horse and our two goats, Willie and Chillie (twins) while I finished getting ready. About a minute later, he comes running back in the house shouting, "WE GOT A BABY! OH MY GOD, WE GOT A BABY!" We raced out there, me with half a face and tugging on my tennis shoes as I ran out. Sure enough, there was a little bundle of joy lying in the stall with Kassie standing over her.

I finally got the courage to go inside the stall. Kassie was a bit protective at first, and tried to bite me when I got close. But a little sweet talking got me in. The little one was already dry, and smelled so sweet. I still remember that smell. Like sweet milk. We watched as she got up (shakily), and went in search of milk.

My parents agreed that I could stay home from school, as I had to stay and wait for the vet to come out at some point to check both mom and baby out. Not to mention they had no idea what to tell the vet. Plus I don't think they wanted the job of lifting the placenta into a bucket for inspection by the vet. In case you never wanted to know, an equine placenta is quite heavy.

I called a friend of mine, S, as we had first period Spanish together in the morning. I told her what happened, and to please relay to Mrs. D that I was not playing hooky (since my project was due), but that I had a valid reason and I would be back the following day. She happily agreed.

The vet popped by later in the afternoon to check on both mommy and baby, and to make sure the entire placenta and afterbirth had been passed. He happily proclaimed them both to be in excellent health.

It took us about a week to think of a name for her. Her registered name came out to be Kassie's Komet Kaper. The comet part showed up because it was the year of the Comet Hale Bop. But, we affectionately call her O'My. Considering how many time we said the words, "oh my" in regards to coming, it seemed fitting.

Of course, tons of pictures were taken of this bundle of joy. Most of them bad. But, here's my favorite from when she was a newborn. 

And she has now grown into this:

She turned out rather smallish. But she's sweet and adorable. And starting in just a couple weeks, I will get to see her beautiful mug every single day. That makes me very happy, indeed.


  1. She's gorgeous! I have always had a strong affection for horses, and I am soooo going to have to learn how to ride. When I make my millions (ha!), I'm going to own a ranch with lots of horses. They are such wonderful creatures, and you are so blessed to have them in your life.

  2. Thank you! She's my baby. Well. Four-legged adopted baby. lol I think my grandfather still has at least one ride-able horse, so I may have to break myself back into a saddle some day. It's been 10 years since I've seriously ridden. I miss it so much!

  3. Oh she is so beautiful... and I love her name! Are you ever going to have a blast when you move back to your grandparents... Hopefully there will be lots and lots of pics? *hint hint*

  4. What a beauty! Her markings are so distinctive. I bet she will be happy to have you all to herself. :-)

  5. AG - haha, yes, I will post pics. :o)

    Soapbox - Thanks. She needs attention. She's still at the bottom of the totem pole so she gets picked on.

  6. J.DAY!!!!!!!!! I just saw your comment lovely... i already did a cut off on the he said she said... sorry you missed it BUT i will do something else in the near future so that you and a few others who came in after the cut off can participate in showing off your absolutely lovely blogs!

  7. HAHAHAHA! That's okay. That's what I get for not having enough time last night to read blogs and waited until after work today. I'll catch the next train. :o)


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