Monday, February 7, 2011

I Need To Rant.

Wow, do hospitals suck these days, or what? I wrote last week about how my Granddad was admitted to the hospital with bronchitis or a bronchial infection. He was even forced to spend his latest wedding anniversary stuck in a hospital bed, while my Granny went to dinner with my parents and my aunt and uncle who drove up from the Bay Area.

The hospital has been running tests on his heart, as that seems to be one of the main reasons he is still in the hospital. I spoke to him the other day, and he sounded pretty good. He was supposed to go to rehab to help rebuild strength, but they (the hospital) wanted to run some more tests on his heart.
Now. Here comes my vicious rant. My mother can attest to my anger, as she feels the same way. We were texting about it earlier this morning. I wanted to march all the way up there to tell the hospital where they can shove it.

My Granddad has been there for a full week now. According to my mother, the hospital staff has not given him a bath or a toothbrush. What. The. Fuck. I am sorry, but what century are we in? I believe it to be inexcusable for anyone (and I do mean anyone) to be denied either of these. These are not luxuries in the 21st century. For God's sake, man. These are rights.

Hospitals charge an inordinate amount of money for every little thing. In many cases they short-staff themselves because somehow, after charging what feels like Bill Gates' annual salary, they are as broke as the poor folk they are charging. I realize that hospitals are busy. And whether or not it's their own damn fault for being broke, in some cases they are, and therefore cannot afford to keep as staffed as they should be.

But there is a line they have crossed. They do not have to haul pitchers of water up three flights of stairs to some bathtub. They do not have to hand pump the water. So, I beg the question: with running water available, how do you refuse to bathe a patient?

I have seen this a lot in the last few years with elderly family members in and out of hospitals or rehab. They get upset at the feeling of being dirty. My parents get upset. I get upset. I seriously pity the day I am forced to vent to doctors and nurses about their lack of care.

I find it appalling. We are not a third world country. We are not in the Middle Ages. We are America, where everyone is due fair treatment.

I do not find this shit fair. Not at all.

Dirty rotten bastards.


  1. o...m...g...!!
    You and your mom need to go up to that hospital, DEMAND to speak to whomever is in charge, and file a complaint. That is absolutely inexcusable!!

    I mentioned this to my cousin, who's a RN in Michigan. She agrees with me. Even if your grandpa is in there only one more day. There is no reason for this lack of care on the hospital's part.

  2. No baths! I am appalled by that. Terrible care.

  3. Chocolateangel - Oh rest assured my mother always keeps record of how the staff treats our family in the hospital. Good or bad, she write to the hospital and either praises or rants. While my grandparents think they are bothering the nurses/staff about asking for a bath, my parents eventually give them Hell, which I am all for.

    Belle - Seriously. I really don't get it. It makes no sense, whatsoever.

  4. That is horrific and absolutely unacceptable. That poor man! Now in Greece you have to bring your own sheets and pillow cases and family members have to come and bathe you...but hell that's Greece and this is America damn it. I'd be raising holy hell!

  5. This is inexcusable!!!! They are a hospital--they're responsibility is to care for patients and help them get well, not make them worse...and not seeing to the basic needs of a patient could very well worsen his condition or create a new one.

    This is negligence, pure and simple. Someone needs to make certain they are on notice. Their kind of care is the kind we don't need.

  6. Jewels - I told my mom that I wanted to drive the two hours and tell that hospital where they could shove it. My dad is having to hold her back.

    Frisky - I completely agree. Considering the country and century we live in.

    ****I have just been informed via text message by my mom that my Granddad was finally granted a bath today. Only took the asshats a week. Plus my dad went in this evening and gave him a haircut and a shave. And my mom brought him peanut butter cookies.****

  7. I'd be going straight to the head person in charge of the hospital to complain! If that didn't work...the media!


  8. That is almost inhuman! How would the staff like it if THEY couldn't have a bath for that long? Even though he finally got a bath, it is still worth complaining about to multiple sources. Even if the complaining won't help your grandfather, it may help someone else!

    Hope Granddad is doing well and that he will be home soon. :-)

  9. Man, I got better service on the NHS.

  10. Soapbox - I would bet good money (if I had it) that my mom will be writing a letter to the hospital administration. It's completely uncalled for. He will be out as soon as they can get his heart and blood pressure under control. Hopefully its SOON.

    Drake - Not surprising. Seriously.


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