Monday, May 30, 2011

My clutziness knows no bounds. Seriously.

Before I get to my post, I must thank Jess over at The Ramblings of an Emotional Idiot for passing on an award to me.

Technically this award comes with rules, but I've technically received this award before and I fear I will wind up telling y'all the same thing I said before and I'll wind up passing it on to the same 15 bloggers. So, consider this passed onto all my followers!  However, I still send a huge thank you to Jess for passing it onto me, because I doubt there's a blogger alive who doesn't love to be showered with awards. She's an awesome person and an awesome blogger. If you haven't checked her out yet, what are you waiting for?

Now, hopefully you'll either stick around or come back to finish reading about my super-dee-duper exciting Memorial Day weekend.

My parents drove up to Sticksville for the weekend to visit. They came up on Friday to some crazy weather. We actually got snow. Not that it stuck around for long, but still, it snowed. It's close enough to June to call it summer, so I'm curious where summer is. Because 30 degree weather just doesn't scream summer to me. Weird, I know.

After feeding, I finished some stuff up around the house, and needed to run to the market to grab just a couple things for fixing dinner that night. It was pouring down rain and freezing. Getting out of my car, my hand slipped on the door as I was shutting it and suddenly my mind screamed in pain. I think my shock was over-riding the physical screaming. I turned around to find my right thumb stuck in the door.

I unlatched the door to remove my thumb and started saying a lot of dirty words. Several were made up on the spot. I definitely would have made the Empress proud. It didn't really bleed. It just throbbed. Hell, my throbbing had throbbing. I barely remembered why I was at the market. I wandered around trying not to cry over my sad little thumb.

A few minutes after I got home, my parents showed up and I had to fess up what happened to my thumb. My grandparents showed up at my place for a little visit, and then it was back to me entertaining my parents for the day and evening. My grandparents were going to "entertain" them while I was working on Saturday.

My mom helped me hang some pictures. My cat hid under the bed from my mom's Yorkie puppy. Mom helped me cook dinner - nachos. I needed a little bit of help with dinner because I couldn't use my right thumb, thanks to my dumbness and a wet car door.

Work was crazy on Saturday. Apparently there are people out there who don't understand the phrase, "We're booked solid." I'm not sure what part of that is incomprehensible, but there are quite a few people who don't seem to get it. Writing was a bit difficult, and I dropped the phone a few times. The vet actually took an x-ray of my hand to make sure there weren't any fractures from my stupidity with the car door. We have a digital x-ray machine so we didn't waste any film. I sat with an ice pack at the front desk for the few random times I wasn't slammed.

I slept in until nearly 9am Sunday morning. I haven't slept in like that in probably close to two months. Oh man did it feel good. Mom fixed breakfast before they headed out. My grandparents had texted me and told me I could have the day off. So I spent my Sunday afternoon cuddling on the couch with my cat watching movies. I don't get to do that very often, and I know she misses it too. Considering she was purring in my face all afternoon, I took that as a positive sign.

Anyway, my thumb doesn't throb really anymore. Typing is a bit easier now, hitting the space bar is about as much pressure as it can stand. It hasn't turned ugly colors yet, but that's coming, I just know it. I'm sure I'll lose the nail, I'd be surprised if I don't. It's still pretty swollen, but I know for sure (thanks to the nice vet for taking an x-ray) that there are no fractures. Right now it's just a constant reminder of my idiocy.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My remoteness.

I kinda wanted to show you guys how remote an area I now live and work in. I know some of my followers/readers are from smaller states or smaller countries, where if you drove 10 hours, you'd drive straight into an ocean. Which, as we all know, would be a bad thing.

The largest city I deliver the Publication to is Redding, which is around 90,000 people. It just goes down in population from there. Quite possibly the least populated town I deliver to is population 20 (on the sign on the highway).

As I stated in earlier posts when I was preparing to move to Sticksville, we have no chain stores. No chain restaurants. No Wal-Mart (Thank God), no Target, no fast food, nothing. There are a couple restaurants and a cafe, a book store, one main grocery store (I've met the previous owners and the current owner - the previous owner's daughter), a smaller grocery store, one gas station, a small hospital, a Post Office, and an auto part store. Many of the buildings are historic - I really should take some pictures of them.

Many of these small towns and communities are similar in that they have a local grocery store and if they're lucky a gas station. This region of NE California is primarily ag related - cattle ranching, farming, that sort of thing. If you need a Wal-Mart, the nearest one is at least two hours or more in any one direction. Same for a Costco. Same if you're craving any of the main fast food chains. Many of these little towns (including mine) don't have a physical bank in town. My nearest bank is 30 minutes away. Around here, we do things in bulk. If one of us needs to go to Town to the bank, we ask if someone else needs to run any errands in Town. Being that gas has been sitting $4.39/gallon for two months, you don't make wasted trips anywhere.

Also, as a side note - the vet clinic I work for (as job 3), covers more ground than any clinic I've ever seen or worked for. They pretty much cover an entire county, and filter into neighboring ones as well. They operate a total of three offices - the main one in Town, one in Sticksville and one about an hour in the opposite direction of Town. A vet is in those offices one day a week, and a receptionist an additional two days to sell merchandise and make appointments. The main office in Town is open 6 days a week with a vet there each day. It's quite a busy business.

Anyway, here are some random pictures I've snapped while driving around. Hope it puts it into some perspective as to how spread out it is up here.

Out on a road called Grasshopper Road. Basically, the middle of nowhere.

Coming into the Fall River Valley.

Manzanita Lake in Lassen National Park.

After I've left the cities - about a half hour or so outside them.

Somewhere on a highway. Sometimes there are trees on this highway, but not a lot.

I found this guy in my back yard after dinner the other night.

And this is him on the way out of my yard and into my neighbors yard.

I hope this helps you picture the region of CA that I live in, which is the least populated county in the state, I think. It's kind of beautiful in is desolateness.

Monday, May 23, 2011

I survived the rapture, but apparently I'm obnoxious.

Apparently it's been a week since my last post. I must be getting lazy. Actually it's kinda sorta because I've been busy and when I get home, I spend an hour playing online Scrabble (I have 11 games at the moment), check Facebook, read your blogs and eventually fall face first into my bed having barely the energy to put on pajamas. I've been lights out around 9pm for nearly a month straight. Life? Nope. Work? Yes. A lot.

Papa D has been having some knee and feet pain and so had been a little out of commission recently. So for ranch work, it's been mostly myself and K. Then the publication had to be delivered last week. Plus my time at the vet clinic.

Ranching has gotten busy, it's irrigating time. We have to irrigate the fields we're growing hay on. It's messy, dirty, and just a wee bit on the wet side. Also, one of the cows has taken a dislike to me . . . tried charging me one morning while walking through the herd to irrigate with K. Made my heart race. Just a little. Not to mention we've drained water troughs that made you want to you shower just by looking at them. The fun part is running around on the ATV's and enjoying the sunshine. Well, when it bothers to show up.

Our publication had to be picked up and delivered last week, too. K and I went to Klammath Falls to pick it up and to run some errands. She delivered with Papa D on Wednesday while I was working at the vet's office. And because of Papa D's leg pain, I drove on Thursday and Friday to deliver. Plus I was in and out of the van all day, and carrying heavy bundles to and fro. Wears a girl out.

Saturday was a fairly easy day. It was only a half day at the clinic as we were having a retirement party for one of the veterinarians. We had a party outside - luckily the weather broke just in time. It had been raining all morning and let up just long enough for us to have the party. Mother Nature was actually nice. Can you believe it? We had a great turn out, about 160 people. I made nearly 100 deviled eggs and they were all gone. (and I have to mention they were delectable) After the party, the world was supposed to end. Yeah. If anyone has some spare duct tape, stick on that old man's mouth. Thanks. Oh, and next time, could he tell us which time zone we're talking about? Because really, Australia and New Zealand are basically a full day ahead of me, so as long as I know they're still on the map, I think the world is in good shape.

So, Sunday I delivered papers as far as Redding and spent the afternoon visiting with my parents. That evening I met a guy one of my friend's wanted me to meet. We met at a bar in Cottonwood, and this time my wingman didn't back out on me. I love her and all but she really needs wingman training. After awhile at the bar, me, my friend, the guy, and another guy (all three of them are friends) decided we were starving and went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. I will never eat there again. Worst burrito. Ever. But before we get to the burrito . . .

We had only been seated a few minutes, having a good time - meaning laughing our butts off. Now, I will admit that as a group, our laughter was a bit on the loud side. However, our conversations weren't. Not long after we ordered our food, a couple who had been sitting across the aisle from us got up to leave. The woman rounded by our table and without missing a beat, leaned in to our table and said (with her nose in the air), "You're obnoxious."

Um. Excuse us? Just because we were laughing? Okay, maybe a bit on the loud side, but we weren't that freaking loud. All four of us were quite offended. Heaven forbid you should see four people actually having fun and enjoying themselves. We are so sorry that we disturbed your dinner that you were virtually finished with, and obviously not having any fun.

Onto the worst burrito ever. I ordered a beef burrito. I assumed (silly ol' me) that, like very other burrito, it came with beans and rice. Wow, I was wrong. I got a huge burrito with no sides. And no toppings either. Dry as a bone, folks, dry as a bone. Inside, too. It took me awhile to flag the waitress, which seemed odd since there were only two tables with people, for some sour cream and poured a bunch of salsa over the burrito. Didn't help one iota. I choked half of it down, and finally pushed it away. Wanna know what really peeved me? One of the guys ordered a different kind of burrito, and got rice and beans, and toppings. WTH?

Today I spent my day driving and delivering more papers. My body is sore. So, now it's way past my bedtime . . . it's 10:04pm at this exact moment, and I was ready for bed the moment I got home. Yeah. I know. Sad.

So, I'm going to take my non-raptured obnoxious self to bed.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dancing with cows.

Okay, so a real rancher would say they were sorting cows, not dancing with them. And in all reality, I was helping sort cows, but it kinda felt like a really weird dance. Somewhere, God was laughing his patootie off, and every rancher up in Heaven was shaking their heads in disgrace.

Last Friday, my grandparents and I needed to sort out some cows in the spring herd. We were wanting to move the herd to fresh pasture so they could gorge themselves on grass instead of feeding several bales of hay every morning. However, there are still some cows we are waiting on to calve. Plus a big ol' bull has been in with them, and we did want to get him out as well. Not to mention we had a few cows in there that had lost calves or for some reason didn't do their duty and get pregnant. So, our goal was move all the cows with calves out to pasture, and keep the rest near the house until calving is complete.

Sounds easy.

We slowly moved the spring herd out of their current pasture. The cows themselves are pretty easy to move. Their calves however are completely clueless. Slowly we got them all into a smaller pen. Papa D would be the gate man, as he couldn't move fast enough to block the hole, or move through the cows to sort them out one by one. K took the job of diving into the herd to sort out our short list of cows to keep near the house. I got the job of blocking the hole.

It was me against 50 or so cows and their clueless calves. Each cow probably weighs around 2000lbs. And one cow is meaner than all get out when it comes to her calf - we can't tag her calves because she doesn't let anyone near them. I fear her like I fear heights. My biggest fear was her stupid calf getting past me and her coming after me. Seriously folks, she's a "mad cow".

So, I'm standing in there, blocking the hole with one whip. I'm only supposed to let cows on our short list through. Easier said than done. Five minutes in I took a freaking nose dive. Actually it was a knee dive because that's what I landed on. Nothing suctioned me in this time, but it was really chunky ground and not easy to move around in. After about an hour though, I had a made smooth ground. After my fall, K got Papa D's whip as he didn't need it, so I could easily cover both sides of me. Give me more presence, if you will.

I felt like I was doing line drills in volleyball - side to side, back and forth. Diving this way and that way to keep a cow from crossing my barrier. Or from trying to come back after we'd sorted her. I had to stay on my toes and keep my feet or legs moving if I was to beat a cow to the fence line to keep her back. It was an odd little dance I was doing.

You might wonder why we didn't use a chute or something. The reason being is there were tiny calves involved. While this version of sorting is a pain in the rear, it's a little less stressful than the chute and less chance that calves will get trampled in the process.

Once the cows were sorted, we put the short list back in their original pen. The main part of the herd, we had them follow the feed truck down the lane. Easiest way to move cows - put food in front of them. Their four-chambered stomach does the walking. K and I followed trying to keep the calves on the right path and not getting on the wrong side of the electric fence.

By the end of the day, my hips were sore from dancing with the cows. I will say that it is slightly unnerving being the sole blockage to 50 or so 2000lb animals. I mean, they could easily over-take me if they wanted to.

I'm just lucky Miss Mad Cow's calf didn't cross the line, otherwise . . . . I wouldn't be blogging.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Is this week over yet?

It's actually a good thing that Blogger was down for a short bit because I've been too pooped to blog. One of my last posts mentioned one of the vet's at the clinic asking me to work an extra three days at the Sticksville clinic. I believe I also mentioned the "worst Monday ever" as I was filling in for the regular receptionist with no computers for most of the day.

So, let's pick up on Tuesday. Wasn't too crazy, thankfully. I wound up writing an extra couple stories for the publication my grandparents put out. I also got to see K put pages together. We still had technical difficulties as for some reason none of my emails got to K's computer. Odd. Never had that trouble before. See, I have to email K my stories to print them as I can't connect to their printer. Silly, I know. Anyway, I kept sending her my stories, and she still hasn't gotten them. I finally had to save them to a CD so she could get them from there. Yeah.

Wednesday I went to the Sticksville clinic for training. It's a pretty small little building. But what will be nice is that I'll be receptionist and technician. So really, I'll get to do more stuff. Stuff I haven't done in about 10 years. Lot's of re-learning going here. But it went well though. I'll have one more day of "training" next week and the gal will give me her key. The doctor that was there this week was the guy who hired me. He told me what he told the gal I'm replacing, "This place is yours. If you want to use a filing or paper system that works better for you, use it. If you want to plant other flowers out front, buy some and give me the receipt, we'll pick up the tab. Just don't reorganize my drugs."  Sweet.

Beautiful spring (finally!) weather on the ranch.

Thursday and today (Friday) were spent doing dirty ranch work. I'm talking draining out watering troughs that make you want to take a shower just by looking at them. Also moved irrigation dams. Medicated a yearling bull's eye. Basically ran over tons of acreage on ATV's, got a dirty and sweaty. Today we had to sort through the spring herd. The cows with calves were going to go to fresh pasture so we don't have to feed them hay anymore. The cows we're still waiting on to calve and the ones that lost their calves were sent back to the same old pasture, with one of the herd bulls that had been with them all winter.

Luckily for today, K thought we had worked hard enough to earn the afternoon of no dirty ranch work. Which is a good thing.

Because I'm pooped.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Worst. Monday. EVER.

You might think I'm exaggerating, but I'm not. Okay, it definitely could have been worse - it can probably always get that way. However, barring any emergencies, today was, in fact, the worst Monday ever. (aka I was at job 3, the vet).

I left for work early as it had been snowing over my pass the night before, and I wanted to give myself enough time in case the roads were icy or the roads were slushy. I got to work a bit early, so I finished some stuff up that I hadn't had time to do on Saturday. There was a guy knocking at the door before 8am, which is when we open. And yes, our hours are posted on our front doors.

Our first appointment ended up being a pet for euthanasia. That's not exactly the greatest way to start.

The phones started ringing about thirty seconds after I took them off the night message. And they didn't stop. My boss was going to be doing "end of day" from Saturday, so I knew I wouldn't have access to the computer for at least 30 minutes. I went about my business. At 8:45, I asked if her I could log-in, and she then tells me that we're waiting on some computer technician to call us back - something to do with updates. And until she calls, we were sitting ducks.

Enter your choice words here. Because I'm quite sure I said them all under my breath. She agreed with my sentiments. Suddenly, the people never stopped coming in. I had a gal come in, telling all who would listen how her landlord set her up, and dumped her dogs food/water dishes and then called animal control claiming this person had abandoned her animals. So she needed rabies certificates and shots. Between us and animal control she was back and forth at least three times. And because I couldn't easily print up a rabies certificate because our computers were down, I had to manually write up a certificate. Which took forever.

To top it off, the clinic has been getting some kind sales call for "updating our free listing". Yeah, I don't have time for that. I hate being rude, especially right off the bat, so I politely tell these nice people who are calling from India that I don't have the time. And really, I'm not lying, as I really don't have the time to sit and talk with some guy I can barely understand. Besides, I have no idea what they're really talking about. Again, because I can't understand them. So, I politely tell them to bugger off, and they come back with, "Oh we're almost done". Hmm. A true quickie, eh? I call it like I see it, and hang up.

Our computer person finally calls in late morning and slowly each computer comes back up. But we're still not ready to go. My office manager still has to do "end of day" and back up the system. So, I'm still manually writing up receipts, adding stuff up, trying to remember what's taxable and what's not. After a few hours, my pile kept growing - my pile of stuff to enter, new patients, new clients. I finally had to separate them so I could keep stuff in order. I wrote sticky notes on files that needed special attention. I had a pile for cash, checks, and credit cards.

Then a doctor pulls me aside during a very brief lull; I had unknowingly filled a gal's vaccine order with the wrong vaccines. It wasn't life or death, but these days there's two or three choices for something. So, when this gal on Saturday had told me she wanted 300 doses of Ultra Shot, I picked out 300 doses of Ultra Shot. I didn't know that there are two kinds of Ultra Shot. One is just one thing, and the other option is plus the 8-way vaccine. Nope, not confusing at all. They weren't mad or annoyed, and told me not to apologize - which I kept doing. Even my office manager says that it's gotten worse over the years, and it'll still happens to her.

I was never so happy to see noon arrive. We lock the doors and turn off the phones for the hour. It was bliss.

Sometime around 1:30, the computers were finally up and running. How sad is it that we are so dependent on computers that when they go down, we suddenly can't function? My only saving grace was that all the clients were patient and understood. No one got irate or cursed me out. I even had a doctor helping with the phones at one point! There was nothing to do but plug along, and just keep swimming.

By the time 5pm rolled around, I had three people knock on the door to drop off their pets for the next day - surgery or whatnot. Dude. We close at 5. I stayed a few extra minutes to at least get the filing done so the regular receptionist didn't have to do it.

I really hope she doesn't decide to take another Monday off anytime soon.

Friday, May 6, 2011

As if I didn't have enough to do

Seriously, folks. I wasn't this busy when I lived in a city.

I'm filling in for a couple extra days at job number 3, the vet clinic. This morning, one of the nice doctor men came up to me, and asked if I'd be interested in working in the Sticksville clinic 3 days a week, in addition to my once a week at the main clinic in Town. Just a quick reminder, this is a very sparsely populated area, and this clinic technically owns and operates three clinics in three different towns. The one in Town is open 6 days a week, and in the two more smaller Sticksvilles, there's a vet there once a week, but they will have a receptionist there an additional two days.

I don't think I did a good job hiding the look of shock on my face from the nice doctor man.

I told him I'd have to discuss it with my grandparents (aka my main employer) before I made a decision - which I told him I'd tell him tomorrow (Saturday).

My thought was my grandparents would say no. For the following reasons:

1. I moved up here to help them with their ranch and their publication. To learn the business.
2. The days of the week I'd need to be at the Sticksville clinic are days I would normally have to help my grandfather pick up ad copy or deliver papers.
3. Those are then three days I cannot help much on the ranch if things need to be done.
4. Thus, I'd be working 4 days a week for the vet's office, and three days a week for my grandparents.
5. I'd never ever get another day off. Ever.

I spoke to my grandparents at dinner. They kind of laughed over it, as we kind of blame job number 3 on Papa D anyway. Considering it was him that kept talking me up while Dr. J was sewing a calf navel. And we've been joking that soon they'll ask me to go full-time. Well, they asked me to add another 3 days . . .

Oddly enough, my grandparents gave the okay for me to work the additional days. We'll have to work out some new schedule. Luckily, the Sticksville clinic is a block from their house, so it's still within walking distance for me (unless it's crappy weather). I can still write for their paper. I can still help feed in the mornings. And K and I will split the days we go on the road with Papa D for ad copy or delivering papers. Especially delivering - those bundles get heavy after awhile!

I'm a bit scared. That's due to the fact that if I have questions, I have no one to ask as I'm all alone!

Oy ve.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My numb butt needs a delivery boy.

So there is one thing about working on the publication my grandparents put out that I don't particularly enjoy. And that is all the driving that is involved. I enjoy the writing, the meeting new people. I still have lots to learn when it comes the ads (making and selling). But it's all the time spent driving around that's killing me.

Today was our third day in a row driving around, picking up ad copies. By the end of the day, I was fending off a headache. My Excedrin have yet to kick in. Just so we're clear, we are driving around an area of California that is quite possibly the least populated in the entire state. The biggest town we pick up ads in is probably Susanville.

It's a lot of driving. On two lane roads. Where you encounter deer, cattle, and of course, all kinds of farm equipment.

What is it about sitting on your duff for 8 hours that wears you out? Maybe it's the getting in and out a few dozen times during the day. Perhaps it's the driving on two lane roads over mountain passes. It could be the kind of car you're driving. In my case it's a van. I've never liked vans. And this one isn't overly comfortable for my legs. Either the center console is in my way, or the wheels are. I can't straighten my legs out straight - they are either kept bent or stretched out in some sort of angle. Makes my knees ache - especially my bad one. The steering wheel is rather thin, not thicker not like newer vehicles.

That and by the third day, my butt goes numb by the end of the first hour. My grandmother actually went and found some sort of extra cushion for my rear end. Apparently I complained a little about not being able to feel my ghetto booty.

Some of these days on the road are easily 10 hours long. Like I said, the area up here is sparsely populated. And even when you get to a bigger town (and by "bigger" I mean around 3000 people), you're making several stops to either pick up ad copies or delivering said publication, and it's in and out of the car countless times.

I swear, by the time we're home, I'm ready to curl up into a ball and sleep for 10 hours. As I type this, it's 8:45pm, and I was ready for bed about two hours ago. Sad, I know. But there's no rest for the wicked. Or weary. I've heard it both ways. Tomorrow is day four on the road for ad copy, plus we have a bull buyer coming to look at our yearling bulls in the morning. I haven't witnessed this yet, so that's something new. I've already been warned to not speak. So unless spoken to, I will adhere to this rule.

It may require duct tape. But I'll try to behave so hopefully that won't be necessary. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Just Your Average Day In Sticksville . . .

I didn't post about the first one that happened simply because I was in the middle of the April Blogging Challenge. However, I am at liberty to post more random stuff about the happenings of Sticksville, USA.

I have now witnessed not one, but two cattle drives down Main Street. The reason why these guys are having to move their cows down Main Street is that the desert area they usually use is full of water, so they can't cross it. They have no choice but to drive them down Main Street in Sticksville to get their cows to the range.

No. I am not kidding. I have pictures of both to prove it.

By the time I got the gates closed in case stray cows wandered down our side road, they were past my grandparents house. This group surprised us, as we weren't really expecting them on a rainy day. We had to rush to close gates and block off the front yard.

These guys had their cows well under control as they drove them down Main Street. Plus they were moving a small herd - much easier to control.

Unlike the folks that moved probably 400 head of cattle just this last Sunday.

Luckily, I saw them coming from a mile away. I was able to race back to my grandparents place to close gates and warn them so we could get the driveway blocked. I wound up blocking a side street across the street to help them prevent cattle running through the neighborhood. As you can see, it's a huge herd.

They are directly in front of my grandparents house.

And there goes the first set. They kind of had the herd separated into two groups. In reality, it was kind of a cluster****.

This guy on the horse thanked me for my assistance in blocking a side street to help the cattle moving in the right direction.

I captured a tiny video of it as well.

Monday, May 2, 2011

I Survived . . . But Just Barely.

After blogging for six days a week for a month to complete the A-Z April Blogging Challenge, I found myself crawling on all fours begging for April to be over with.

Okay, no not really. But it was still tough. That's a lot of blogging and a lot of ideas to come up with. And with three jobs I still managed to blog my brains out. Elizabeth Mueller was totally awesome and made an award for all of the blogs that participated in this blogging challenge. I think in the end, well over 1000 blogs participated in this challenge. That's some serious blogging power, my friends.

Now I can get back to telling y'all about my exciting ranch life. And my exciting life in publishing. And my exciting life at a vet's office. It may sound exciting, but really, I'm so busy I barely know what to do with myself. I wind up in bed well before 10pm anymore. I'm exhausted by 4pm. My cat has decided to hate me most days and she has shown it. Several times in April I found that she peed on articles of clothing. Yeah, she was pissed. I'd get home from being gone all day (either at my grandparents house or at the vet's office), be home for a short bit, and go to my grandparents house for dinner. I'd come back and check up on my emails, play the 11 Scrabble games (online), check on my Facebook, and write the next day's blog for the challenge. Then it would be off to bed. My poor cat basically didn't get much lap time unless I was given the day off. So I've had to do some extra laundry thanks to her being all mad at me. You'd think laying next to me or sleeping next to me all the time would be the same as laying on me. Guess not.

I did manage to find my USB cord for my cell phone, so now I can work on getting that video of that calf I recorded over a month ago up on my blog. By the way, that calf is still doing good, and has been reunited with the herd.

I actually did watch the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton on Friday. I had no intention, but I wound up with the day off due to my grandparents having to drive to Reno for a doctor appointment. I got home after feeding and turned on the boob tube, and channel surfed and came across the wedding.  Since nothing else was on, I spent my morning watching it. I really had no idea that William was already bald up top - poor kid. He's, what, 30 and has a huge bald spot on his head. You'd think with all his money he could do something about that. Whatever. I thought Kate looked elegant. I thought the majority of the hats worn by the guests were hideous - especially the one that seemed to get it's own Facebook page. Seriously? A Facebook page for one of the ugliest hats ever? I don't understand the hat thing. Some of the hats were fine. But most of them were plain ugly and worn on the side of the head or on the forehead and that would just annoy the hell out of me. Why would they voluntarily wear such hideous things?

Saturday was a massively crazy day at the vet's office. I got in and saw that we weren't booked solid and hoped it would be a decent day. Nope. I was wrong. At 9:30, a gal came in with a dog that needed a C-Section. She'd pushed out three puppies but hadn't pushed out anymore since 2am and there were still puppies in her. The vet had me call our other morning appointments to see about rescheduling them, but none of them were home. The appointments showed up and luckily they were very understanding and I rescheduled them for later in the week. We never caught back up. The afternoon was busy mostly because we were all behind. Fortunately for us, our clients were understanding. I didn't get cussed out because someone wasn't seen at their scheduled time. By the time 4pm rolled around, we hadn't even had time to do the regular cleaning. We had to leave notes for the Sunday crew to do it for us. As it was, we didn't leave until at least 4:30. Oy ve.

Okay, I've rambled on long enough. Go rest your eyes now.