Sunday, December 21, 2014

Cookies, Towing and Mockingjay

Last weekend I finally made cookies. Boyfriend had only been asking about them for months. I felt bad because I've been wanting to make them, I just didn't have the time. And on the random weekends that I did have the time, I wound up doing nothing because that's what I wanted to do. I don't get many chances to do nothing anymore, and I relish those times.

So I went whole-hog last weekend. I made one of my favorites, peanut blossoms. And I had the ingredients to make chocolate chip and snickerdoodles. I had made a double batch of the chocolate chip, but last night we officially ran out of snickerdoodles. Guess who informed me? The empty cookie jar. And a Boyfriend with a puppy-dog face.

Our Christmas decorating is more like a random hodgepodge college dorm room this year. Most of the decorations were still in my parents barn, so we had to drive an hour to their house to go unload the stall that housed the last of our stuff. It didn't start out well. Boyfriend's big-ass Ford is a great truck except the 4 wheel drive doesn't like to work. And guess what happened? We got stuck in the mud in the corral. Only because my parents are currently having solar panels installed for the house and the panels are being installed on the south side of the barn roof, and the solar crew and just finished trenching all the power from the barn to the house. So it was even softer than the rest of the corral. My parents had just come out to say hi and Boyfriend had to do something he will never live down: He had to ask my Dad to use his GMC to rescue his Ford.


I had to hold that in. He scowled at me for taking pictures for my dad. Boyfriend vehemently is not a fan of anything besides Ford. My family owns GMC/Chevy products. That's what we've liked and so, bought. One time, last year, Boyfriend even made a cardboard Ford sign and taped it to the front grill of my Dad's GMC to try to "improve it". The only thing he owns that isn't a Ford is a VW Golf. I think Volkswagon is the only other car brand in the world he approves of.

Then, he couldn't find the key to the lock he had put on the barn door. He searched and searched but couldn't find it. So, he had to use my Dad's bolt cutters. He then started loading the trailer. And guess what he put all the way in the back? The Christmas stuff. *sigh*

We finally got it all loaded and ran off to go see Mockingjay. I splurged and bought myself a small popcorn and a bag of Kit Kat's and bought Boyfriend a box of Reese's Pieces. He's not a fan of popcorn; mostly he hates the smell of it. I just don't understand it; it's one of the best smells in the world. We were the first in the theater and grabbed the best seats in the house - the seats just behind the handicapped area with bars to put your feet on while you recline and/or rock in the seats. First world comforts.

The movie was awesome, except for some dumb kid who just happened to be sitting right behind us, who either didn't read the books or did and doesn't realize that some things just change when the book becomes a movie. He made the dumbest comments and asked the dumbest questions. Our entire row kept looking at him and his mother who didn't seem to object to her son talking at a normal tone in a movie theater. Finally Boyfriend told him that if he didn't stop talking we were going to get an usher or manager. That kid didn't utter another word. The only other problem I had? Is that I have to wait a year for part two to come out. I find that to be uncalled for since I only had to wait six months for the second part of the Harry Potter finale.

I will say that we are fortunate we have similar taste in movies. I just wish that was the case for TV as well.