Saturday, January 8, 2011

Another Weekend, Another Half-Assed Post

By way of the Simple Dude, it's another Half-Assed weekend post.

I wrote yesterday about the pain I was in. For whatever reason, my body just so bad. Well, several Tylenol and 12 hours of sleep later, my body is back to normal. Which means, pain free. However, I now have a new gripe. What? Like you're surprised?

Okay, well, it's not a full gripe, maybe a half-gripe . . . I mean, this is a half-assed post, so maybe that makes it a half-gripe.

Moving on.

I opened my front door this morning only to be blasted my a burst of freezing air. Literally. I was on my way to Saddle Pals to get my horse fix and walk in circles for a few hours. It was 37 degrees. And cloudy. Cold enough to snow. Although it doesn't really snow in Sacramento. Like, ever. I dressed in layers being that I know it's cold, and being outside for several hours I didn't want all of me to freeze to death. I had on like 5 shirts. And a coat. So not kidding here. When I left Saddle Pals 4 hours later, it had only warmed up two degrees. So, now it's near 4pm and it's still barely 40 degrees outside. Seriously cold.

I've been permanently chilled to the bone. I'm still buried in my layers of clothes, including a nice warm hoodie, buried under two blankets (one of them made of down), and turned up my heater, and my cat sleeping on my feet. Every part of me is still freezing. The tip of my nose may fall off at some point.  I keep leaning over and sticking my fingers under my cat, because she's so damn warm.

I may have to haul her up to my face so I can feel my nose again.


  1. Hide out in a small room with the combined heat of a radiator, a massive full-towered computer, a light that extends three exposed bulbs and the sky box all running. It’s like summer in here.

  2. Maybe you're coming down with something hun. Either that you're starting to turn into me for I am permanently cold!


  3. Drake - Hmmm. Want some company? lol

    Hazel - I feel fine. But spending 4 hours in 37 degree weather does chill one to the bone. lol

  4. Are we talking about company, or 'company'. :P

  5. Drake - haha. :p

    Hazel - NOW I'm worried I'm coming down with something. Uh-oh.

  6. Hon,that feeling was the way I felt before I caught this plague I have now. I HOPE youre not getting it. Lots of OJ and rest... rest.. and more rest.


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