Sunday, January 2, 2011

It's A Half-Assed Weekend

Another weekend, another half-ass post, right? Just as Simple Dude would do.

So, in true New Year's fashion, I was scheduled to work. Yay me, right? Wrong. I got sick. Yay me! Shit. Really? New Year's has never been my holiday. Ever. And one year, a certain special fucktard douche bag asshole ruined it even further. Since that year, I've pretty much always worked on New Year's Eve, and to be honest, I prefer it that way. Why, you might ask? Because it's the lightest night of the year at work, and it's an easy night for us. Plus, I'm not alone, I'm not crying over being alone or heart broken, and I'm kept busy. I'm back to feeling better, although my throat is still a bit funky. But I should be able to go back to work tonight, and get back to business as usual.

I saw Cinderita's post this morning about living 2011 fearlessly. I'm not a fearless person by any means, in fact, I can be quite fearful. Or cautious might be a less offending term to myself. However, In a little over a month, I'm uprooting my life in Sac-town, and moving to Sticksville, USA to help out my grandparents.  I'd say that's a little fearless. Even though this change scares me still, I'm getting very excited about this change. I think I need a change. As someone else said this weekend: 2011 is going to be my bitch. So lookout, Sticksville, the city girl is coming to town.

I awoke to find I have two new followers today. Happy flippin' New Years to me! Thanks for following, I hope you stick around to see my new adventures in Sticksville, and me trying  not to fall face first into a cow pie. Although, as often as I've been on the ranch, I've yet to fall into a cow pie, or eat flying cow pies while riding the ATV's, so those stories may never actually take place. But I'm sure my learning experiences may make you laugh. I'm a dork, so something funny (to others) will take place, I'm quite sure.

So, I should probably stop blogging and get back to packing up and going through things. Time to break out the shredder so I can over-heat the damn thing. I have lots to do, and increasingly less time to do it in. Who knows what else I may find while packing up my life.


  1. Packing up and moving is a pretty scary thing to do but I'm so proud of you for following your dreams :)


  2. This is actually a really good post - i'll have to step up my half-assed weekend posts from now on! I liked Cinderita's post today too... what a great outlook on life.


  3. New years is overrated anyway, it's just an excuse to get drunk.

  4. Hazel - Thank you! Everyone's support means so much to me. :o)

    SD - Thank you for the compliment. Coming from the Simple Dude, it's a high ranking compliment! :o)

  5. Drake - Seriously. If only I drank enough to GET drunk. Although one time, someone made me a drink that smelled like Kool-Aide and tasted like Nyquil. Got a wee bit tipsy off that one. lol

  6. Kool-Aide and Nyquil?! That's a somewhat terrifying concoction...

    Please tell me you knew the person that made it?!

  7. Moody - Yes, I did know them. I was surrounded by friends. lol I don't take drinks from random strangers. I did, however, give the guy hell for making a drink that tasted like that awful crap. lol He kept saying he was trying to make something fruity that I might like. lol

  8. Ha! Well he gets points for trying I suppose, but ya gotta make him test it first next time! Then give it 5 or 10 minutes just to make sure he doesn't go blind or combust...!

  9. I will remember that the next time I'm around him and liquor. Or anyone else who attempts to make me something I might like! lol


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