Friday, January 28, 2011

Random Friday Thoughts

I realized today that I have officially been blogging for six months. Happy Blogoversary to me! I would like to thank all of you (again) for following me and listening to me reading my ramblings-on about the every day things in my life. I've really enjoyed this more than I thought I would. It's a world all to itself, really.  We are all sharing bits and pieces of our lives, who we are, and where we're going. It's been fun getting to know the bloggers that I follow regularly. And just so you know, even if I don't "follow" you, I do check in now and then.

I finally found a couple "key word searches" that made me giggle. Okay, one actually made me laugh. The others not so much. One just confused me, as I couldn't figure out how it linked to my page, as when I used the same search, I was having to go quite a ways into it and still didn't find me.

Could you die from eczema? Someone actually Googled this? I know that eczema is not only annoying to spell, but it's also annoying because you itch a lot, but death by itching? Say it isn't so.  And I couldn't figure out how the first search linked up to me, as I couldn't find me. Maybe because I mentioned the Coke Polar Bear? And that I prefer the taste of Pepsi to Coke - at least when it comes to the regular version? No idea.

I put up a couple of pic links to my volunteer organizations today. I figured since I will shortly be forced to quit volunteering for them, I can at least try to shamelessly promote them. If you ever want to know about either of them, please click on the picture and it will take you to their websites. As for the Golden Retriever Rescue, they take in Goldens from quite literally everywhere. I've even seen them shipped from Asia. Seriously. Any dog named something like Bing or Ping. And people come from out of state to adopt. They are the only rescue of it's kind for Goldens. If you or someone you know would like to adopt one, please click on their logo. They have tons of dogs available for foster or adoption. As for Saddle Pals, I don't know how many other organizations there are, are where they might be located - this one is local to me. It's a great program for disabled kids. These programs are always looking for dedicated volunteers  to assist in lessons or basic barn yard help. It's a great way to meet people and learn about disabilities and how hard these kids work to achieve even the smallest of goals.

I finally did manage to figure out how to make "pages" at the top of my page, so I could clean up my blog a little. Thanks to those who commented on my post about begging for help trying to figure out this stuff. I still got frustrated because I was still trying to go about it the wrong way, but in the end I got it. Thanks again for your help!

Where oh where have my commentors gone? Maybe it's just my recent posts haven't interested anyone enough to leave a comment. Who knows for sure. I hate to admit this, but I get jealous of the amount of comments some bloggers get for their posts. I have to say that their posts are generally quite awesome to begin with, and mine are not always so awesome. I know not every post gets a lot of hits, or comments and that's cool. I guess its the whiny/needy in me coming out.

I now have about two weeks left at work. Damn. It's flying by. I'll be glad to get away from working graveyard. And also to get away from bad stuff that flies around. You know, the mean office gossip. Or, just the meanness from some people. The kind of mean that brings people to tears, that they can't do anything about because the mean ones always come out smelling like a rose. I'm there for those people for a short time, and I feel bad that I'm leaving in that they will have one less ally at work.

The last couple times I've gone through a drive-thru, people can't seem to understand a word I say. For example, I say something like, "I would like a number six." And they reply with, "A number twenty?" How do you get twenty from six? Or when they ask what I'd like to drink, I say, "Diet Coke." And they reply with, "A Diet Dr. Pepper?" Whoa, folks. Really?

At least I haven't had any more trouble with people falling asleep in the drive-thru.


  1. Great posting, we all get needy about comments at times, Im pretty sure of that. Hopefully you are still going to have plenty to talk about when you are out living in the "sticks".

    I take it drive thru's over there are all spearkers, not so much in my part of the world Northumberland, England only at KFC and yeah I always have that problem too.

    Thanks again, look forward to your next posting, cheers.

  2. I have seen a huge decrease in comments too...think it's just slow in general. No worries! :-) Love the keyword searches...they always make me laugh.

  3. Martyv25 - I'm sure I will. Even if those posts about the dumb things I do while learning. lol You guys have KFC over there? Actually, why am I surprised? Our fast food chains have probably taken over all of UK and Europe.

    Jewels - Glad it isn't just me, then. Unless you're just being nice. lol

  4. Hey, yeah it's true the colonel is kicking around all round our joint! LOL!

  5. Happy blogoversary is right! Congrats on sticking with it. I try to leave a comment every time I read you, sometimes though, my mind is just blank, not because of your post, just blank from being so tired.


  6. Happy happy day to you missy! I need a lesson on how to make tabs or pages, I still can't figure the damn thing out and I have tried a bazillion times! I must be a bit of moron!

  7. CBG - I'm guilty of the blank mind, too. Or that all the previous comments have said it all. lol

    AG - Apparently, for the pages: Under "Design", got to "posting". There should be a link in smaller font that says, "Edit Pages". You can title your page and then put what you want on it. Then you can add the Pages Widget if you want. I kept trying to do it all under the pages widget and apparently I was very wrong indeed! lol

  8. Happy Blogoversary my dear! Thank you so much for the tip on adding pages. Being a technotard I need all the help I can get when it comes to that stuff. ...As for comments we recieve, I too noticed that they seem to be down as of late. Either way, keep writing and being you. The readers will come and they will comment.

  9. Too bad about mean people at work. My daughter used to say to me, "Mom, you are so lucky you aren't out there." People were pretty mean to her too. Happy Anniversary!

  10. One thing I don't miss about working is the office gossips. They're hypocritical and toxic.

  11. Empress - You are no alone in being a technotard! I am one, as well. I'm happy to share what I learn, but I have to ask the technogeniuses to get it done! lol

    Belle - You're daughter is right. Every office/work place has the gossip and the "cliques". But, there are times it crosses the proverbial line in the sand. And my office crossed it a long time ago.

    Soapbox - You're right about the toxicity. It's enough to drive one batshit crazy.

  12. You're not alone--the comments have slowed. I know I've been crunched for time on reading lately, so maybe it's just an overly busy time for people. :/

    Okay, those searches are funny. I just noticed that more and more people are visiting my blog looking for Troy Aikman's sexuality. Didn't expect to see that one.


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