Wednesday, January 26, 2011

MLW: Y'all Come Back Now, Ya Hear?

It's Wednesday, which means I get to torture all of you with some random story. This week I shall regale you with the tale of my trip to Georgia with my parents to visit family.

In late May of 2008, my parents and I flew to Georgia. My younger cousin was graduating high school, and we'd never been back there. We spent about 10 days there, and enjoyed really decent weather for the south. While it was warm, the humidity seemed to have taken a vacation as well, as I've been in much worse.

They had planned a few things for us. We did some sight-seeing in Atlanta, a few hours from their town. We went to a Braves game one day. Turner Field was gorgeous, and it was a good game. Even if I don't like the Braves. My parents and I are huge Giants fans, so we rooted for the Diamondbacks instead. It eventually got too hot for us with the sun bearing down on us, so we moved up to the shade to finish out the game.

Oh, and I did manage to get this other snapshot of my Dad. We were walking behind him and realized how everything just lined up. There is a picture of myself, Mom, and my cousin under the same sign from my Dad's camera, but I couldn't email it to myself.

Another day, we went to the Georgia Aquarium. It's one of the largest aquariums in the world. If it hadn't been so crowded, it would been even more awesome. However, it was pretty crowded and everyone was hollering for their kids, trying to keep kids from crawling on exhibits, and vying for a photo op.  I took so many pictures, it's just down right scary. But I have to say, that if you are ever in or near Atlanta, you have to go to this. It's awesome.

On another day, we went to the Coca-Cola Museum. Can't miss it, it's next to the Aquarium. Again, if you're in or near Atlanta, this is another must see. I am a Pepsi drinker, myself. I prefer the taste. I don't mind Diet Coke, but I can't stand regular Coke. However, Pepsi doesn't have a museum as far as I'm aware, so Coke gets brownie points for having one. Now, there is a real story attached to the Coke Museum. It involves the Polar Bear. He was there, posing for pictures with the patrons. My cousin and I decided to go get our picture taken with the Coke Bear. The Bear is like, 7 feet tall, at least, and thought he'd be cute and start sniffing me. Which made me feel weird and I couldn't stop giggling. Neither could my cousin. That explains this set:

And did you know there is a Gone With the Wind Museum? If you've never seen the movie, you should. Set aside an entire weekend to do so, though. They have the original door set with the original portrait of Scarlett O'Hara. Apparently, Hollywood also had to get samples of Georgia dirt so that the movie would be accurate. Georgia, apparently, has it's own special color. We also visited the house that the author of Gone With the Wind (Margaret Mitchell) lived in. Makes my one bedroom apartment look like a normal house.


Overall, it was a fun trip. We didn't get to travel around the state, we basically stayed in Atlanta and the town my family lives in. It's beautiful countryside, though. Every time I'm back east or in the south, I always think that. We had a nice visit with the family, too. 


  1. Gone with the Wind is one of my favourite films ever, and the book is even better. You do need a fair bit of free time to dedicate to either one though.
    One day I will make it Stateside, but I reckon I'd need a year to see everything I want to!

  2. Penguins are awesome...they mate for life...I love it when they waddle...and they're always dressed so classy!

  3. Amanda - If you ever make it over here, you must let me know. And vice versa. lol

    ZP - I think they are just plain adorable.


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