Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hey! I was watching that!

Dear Internet Connection:

We meet again you horrible piece of crap. How dare you just stop and die while I'm in the middle of an episode of Bones? How do you "lose" a connection when all the cords are plugged in? Answer me that. I've paid my bill (I still say you're over-priced for the bullshit I put up with some days), I click on the little icon and you're supposed to, you know, work. And then when I "fix" your issues, you tell me the problem is fixed and to restart my system. Really? I just want to relax a bit with my kitty and you pull this on me?
Please tell me the reason for this technology if you can't handle the job you retard.

Love, Kisses, and Two Middle Fingers,



  1. mmmmmm....Bones. I love me some David Boreanaz!!! Love that show. So sorry your internet connections decided to be a pain in the butt. Happy New Year though!

  2. I your internet connection cable? I hate, hate cable companies. Well, mine in particular, but I assume they are all evil.


  3. Jewels - I didn't care for him until this show. I didn't like "Angel". But I LOVE Bones to pieces.

    SD - It's via my phone company. I agree, that cable companies are evil. And stupid. Comcast has proved that to me several times.

  4. Sounds like you need to karate chop that internet and show them who is boss darlin! Gawd, I hate that when it happens!

  5. I am terrified that when we disconnect to move house it is going to cause all sorts of problems getting reconnected. Internet doesnt like it when you change stuff

  6. Have you tried switching it on and off? No wait, don't you hit m- oww!

    Fine. Now you’ll never find out if Bones and Booth will end up together.

  7. Never watched Bones. Is it good?

    I hate when the internet fucks up! I hope it fixes itself soon


  8. Average Girl - Seriously. I need to man up. So to speak.

    Mynx - I always hate how long they'll tell me I have to wait for stuff to be up and running. I mean, they want to make people live without internet for days on end?

    Drake - You deserved it, and yes reset it. And it's working fine and I'm back on track to watch Season 5. lol

    Hazel - I LOVE BONES. I find it downright hilarious at times.

  9. Okay, I just spewed water. That was hilarious and just about summed up how I feel about my internet connection--we have a love/hate relationship.

    And Bones--TOTALLY one of my favorite shows!!!! Booth is just so easy to look at for an hour.


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