Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's Half-Ass Time

It's time for another half-ass post - courtesy of the Simple Dude, although my post will have nothing to do with Toilet Mugs.
I have to wonder why some people have trouble asking for help. I was informed the other day that a co-worker of mine feels that they get "negativity" from others when they ask for help. I was a wee bit baffled by this, as I've rarely ever heard this person ask in the first place. I expressed said confusion to my manager, saying that if they had asked for the help they needed, they would have gotten it. No one knew that they needed it, therefore, we chugged along as usual. How on earth are we supposed to know that someone needs help on a bench if they don't ask? I mean, my psychic ability is for the birds. Whatever. I just nodded and said "okay" and went about my business as usual. One more month, folks, on more month.

I also wonder why someone starts something yet seems to have trouble finishing it. Last week, at the dog rescue I volunteer for, this happened. It just me and this other gal that morning, and she decided to "take charge" and be the person who lets the dogs out and bring them back in. Fine by me. It was colder than a well-digger's ass outside and it was warm in the kennel. Well, with all three outside runs full of dogs, I can't very well do three kennels at a time, so she'd come help me out. She'd clean the kennel, mop it up and when hers was ready, she'd go get the dog. Um. Dude, you forgot to give the poor dog it's breakfast and a clean water bowl. And in some cases, the meds that go in the food were forgotten, too.  And a nice clean towel to lay on (or mop up the mud from the dog runs). She did this all freaking morning. Apparently, if you want something done right, then you have to do it yourself.

I got a notice from my apartment managers today, saying that my lease is up in February. And that if I choose to renew my lease for another year, my rent itself stays the same, but my pet rent goes from $25/month to $35/month. What the fuckity fuck? My cat doesn't even do any damage. Minus the occasional hairball, she's easy. So, really all my apartment needs to to clean up after her is clean the damn carpets. My cat needs a fucking job. Also, the notice said if I choose not to renew my rent goes to market value plus $150 fee. What. The. Fuckity. Fuck. I'll be going down to the office to get that shit taken care of.

Think I could sell her hairballs online or something to pay for pet rent? Maybe shave her and sell the hair for the poor freezing hairless cats of the world?


  1. Perhaps you could arrange several hairballs on a canvass and call it art?

    Digging the new look of your blog girlie!

  2. I agree with Average girl...loving the new look.

    As for hairballs that is fucking nasty. Sorry for the strong language but I don't have cats and often have to clean up the hairballs of the 3 cats the people I work for have. Not loving those cats (I love cats in general but these are outdoor barn cats that come in to sleep and are NASTY!) I gag just thinking about them. EWWWWW.

  3. Thank for the compliments on the blog's look, ladies.

    I doubt I'd be artistic enough to pass off the hairballs as art, though.

    And barn cats should not be allowed inside. Barn cats belong in a BARN. House cats belong in the house. What are those people thinking? lol

  4. Sounds like she didn't realise how much work was involved and just liked the thought of being in charge!


  5. Would they bother raising pet rent if you didn't have a pet?

  6. Hazel - Seriously. This gal just drives me nuts. Whenever she sees me, she grabs an arm and squeezes it and gets all happy and says, "HI!" in an overly happy voice. It's about as much fun as getting cheek-pinched.

    Drake - Well, of course not. I guess if I wasn't already moving 6 hours away, I could tell them she's no longer with us. lol


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