Saturday, June 16, 2012

It's a hodge-podge post

So apparently I pulled yet another disappearing act on you guys. Sorry about that. This past week  we were on deadline to get ads and stories done for the publication, plus I still have the third job at the vet's office. Yikes.

I will tell you guys that another reason I've been avoiding the internet a lot is I have had a lot on my mind. Lots to think over. So much so that I swear my brain is over heating and there's been steam coming out of my ears. Anyway, I can't/won't go into details yet, but my mind has been occupied.

Let's see, what's new?

Dr. J decided I needed to add "babysitter" to my list of things to do at the Sticksville clinic this summer on Wednesday's. A client of ours mentioned that her 13 year old daughter wants to be a vet and asked if she could volunteer. She looks all of 8 years old, I swear. Dr. J is great with her, though, letting her dissect naughty bits and explaining stuff to her. I'm rather impressed that she didn't get the least bit squeamish during our spays and neuters on her first day. She's a good kid, though.

Miss Libby is back in town. She's having surgery (again!) to re-do the original knee (again!!!). Dr.'s J and R both wanted to do the pin surgery on the first knee as even the second time around it didn't do what they wanted. But her right knee that has the pin in it is doing fabulous. Anyway, a few weeks ago, Libby decided to start digging at the left knee and created sores on her leg and of course, got it infected. She's been wearing the cone of shame for a month now. Dr. J got her on some antibiotics a little over a week ago, and it looks better. Libby is currently stashed at the main clinic in town and will have surgery on Monday morning, and hopefully this will be her last knee surgery. This makes 4 knee surgeries since last Thanksgiving. Poor little dog.

Dr. R showed up this morning to drop something off, and I believe it was the first time I'd seen that man in shorts. He got some skinny-ass legs! lol And he was gimpy. I looked him up and down and asked, "What the hell did you do to yourself now?!" He got a sheepish grin, shrugged, and said, "I think I pulled my hamstring or something. . . . yeah . . . I know." I told him that we couldn't leave him alone for a second because every time we turn around he seems to be hurting himself. For a recap: In January (I think) he had hernia surgery; in March (I think), he hit a deer and since he didn't have a gun and couldn't use the euthanasia solution on a wild animal, he cut its throat - only, all he had was a scalpel. The deer moved its head at the wrong time and Dr. R cut his extensor/flexor tendon on his left hand. In April he wrecked his vet truck by hitting a telephone pole. I later found out it was the one in his driveway. And now he goes and pulls a muscle. Men. Sheesh.

OH! Here's something good - I went on my first trail ride in 12 years last week. K's brother got a horse and he wanted to take him out. I got one of our older horses and went with him. Poor Cloud doesn't get off the ranch often, nor does she care much for being separated from her girlfriends, but she did good. And so did I for a girl who hasn't ridden in 12 years. It felt good to be in a saddle again. My only issue on the ride was that K's brother decided to do some hill work. Unfortunately, the hill was rather steep. Now, going up isn't a problem. It's going down where my fear of heights kicks me near an anxiety attack. And it was at that point that Cloud decided to get overly antsy and I will spare you guys the images that ran through my head. None of them ended well.  In the end, yes, my ass was a bit sore, but nothing that Advil couldn't take care of. And we all made it back to the ranch successfully.

I am making good headway through the Stephanie Plum novels by Janet Evanovich. OMG some of the stuff in these books sends me into fits of laughter. And no matter how many times I read over it, it's still freaking hilarious. I swear, I am so thankful I'm not a member of that family. Holy crap on a cracker they are freaking insane. But hilarious and I totally love them. I am just loving these books and can't get enough of them. I'm addicted. Is there such a thing as novel-aholics anonymous? Because I'm thinking I may need to join.

Oh, I did get to see my Dad for Father's Day, just a day early. 


  1. Busy seems to be the understatement of the century lately. :) Dr. R sounds like Tony. I shudder to think what will happen when we leave him for 5 days and go to Florida in a few weeks... I just pray they don't use those days to take the tree down in front of the house.

    Because I like my house, and my husband... but if he and his brother drop a tree on my house, I may have to kill him.

    1. Uh oh, your leaving the man ALONE for more than a day at a time??? lol

  2. I think Dr. R (btw, I worked for a vet many years ago, and we called him Dr. R..) should look into some heavy life insurance, or at least major disability insurance. Hope you'll get some down time to relax soon.

    1. I'm hoping it's just a phase. I'm sure his wife is hoping that, too. LOL

  3. Poor Libby and woo hoo on the trail ride!!! Sounds like an awesome time!


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