Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Postcards, Libby, and Eye Candy

I have two postcards to share in this post. I was doing the happy dance at the post office yet again, thanks to my bloggy friends Cinderita and Hey Monkey Butt.

The first postcard I got was from my friend Cinderita. She went out and found postcards that seemed to match the people she was sending them to, which is a great personal touch. You can tell she's put a lot of thought and care into each one she sent out. On the back she wrote about the Postcard Campaign is creating memories and ways to connect. I guess I am, Rita, I guess I am! Thank you Rita for the lovely postcard!

The other postcard is from Hey Monkey Butt, who resides in the southern part of the USA, in Georgia. Georgia is a beautiful state, I can say that from experience. And if you like Paula Deen, I believe she lives there, so you could, like, stalk her or something.

If your curious about the postcards, just head on over to the Campaign page to find out more. Basically it's a little thing I started last summer - a campaign of mailbox happiness. Too often we find that all we get in the mail is junk mail and bills. These postcards help bring a smile to your face and brighten up your day. If you'd like to join, please send me an email with your real name and address and your blog address and the name you go by on your blog. If you hurry you can be added to the list for July!

Now, a Libby update! As you know, she had surgery (yet again) on that poor left knee - third time's a charm, right? Anyway, Dr.'s J and R did the surgery where they put the pin in her leg to straighten it out - they had already cut a groove for the knee cap to sit, but since this leg hasn't been healing right and previous attempts have been botched, they wanted to do the pin surgery since the right leg is looking freaking awesome.

 Libby after getting home. Took her out on the front long and she rolled for 20 minutes!

I went to visit the little jail-bird the day she had surgery, which was a Monday (about a week and a half ago). I couldn't get over the hill Tuesday or Wednesday, but went to pick her up on Thursday after work. She was so happy to be free!  The doctors had decided to do an injectable antibiotic and pain meds, which are a lot easier. I switched to a liquid antibiotic to make things easier on me, and the pain meds could go under her tongue.

A week and a half in and she's doing great. I talked to Dr. R today since he was my vet over here in Sticksville today (and Dr. J thought he was allowed vacation so took off for two weeks), and he said the stitches can come out on Saturday, have it re-wrapped for another two weeks. Libby will head to Redding with me on my delivery route and I will give her back to my mother. Miss Harriet will be happy. She's probably tired of hissing. Although, I think Libby has finally learned that hissing does not translate to "Let's play!".

 Seriously, how does one so no to this face?! You cannot resist!

I wore the poor thing out today - took her to work with me at the Stickville clinic. Tied her to the desk where she could always see the action. Everyone thought she was adorable. She didn't get any real nap time today, because even in the afternoon when I was alone at the clinic while the vet was off on ranch calls, I let her off leash and she would just follow me around like, well . . . a puppy on a leash. LOL So she had a big day. As did I. I was working my butt off all freaking day. And sweating. Sorry, wait. I'm a lady, I was "glistening". What the hell, I was sweating. Our little clinic only has a swamp cooler in the lobby, and the cool air maybe gets to the reception desk but no further. So the rest of the clinic where I do all my work, is warm and muggy. And I have a fan back there but it doesn't do much.

My only consolation prize was that a young vet was interviewing for a job with our clinic and was with Dr. R today. Eye candy. He was a very nice guy, and couldn't really get him and Dr. R to shut up. Seriously, they were worse than two women gossiping! He earned brownie points in the late morning however, because I was trying to clean up the mess that Dr. R had left, and the mess was just killing me. I'm talking disaster area people. Anyway, Dr. Eye Candy actually offered to help! It is a rare day indeed when a veterinarian actually offers to help the tech clean. Considering he has no idea where anything is or where anything goes, it was nice of him to offer. I let him put away all the bandage materials for me, though. And he threw away some trash. Seriously, any vet that's willing to offer to help deserves a job in my book! Not to mention he was happy to step in and take my place assisting Dr. R if I needed to go up front or grab the phone. Again. Brownie points. Sorry folks, I didn't get a picture. I was too busy! If he gets hired, I'll take one for ya.

And now, stick a fork me - I'm done. It's time for bed. And Advil . . . 


  1. Libby is soooo cute, I hope her surgery will take this time. Reading of your adventures at the Stickville clinic remind me of all those years I worked as a tech, I've never seen a vet take the trash out or offer to help clean up. Hopefully dr. eye candy will get hired :)

    1. She is pretty darn cute! And we're hoping that, too. She's been such a trooper through all of this. In my years, I've only ever had one vet actually do tech duties or offer to do so - and he had been a tech for years and then decided in his 30s he wanted to go to vet school. So he really did know what we techs went through.

  2. Awww Libby. Thanks for giving an update. Poor thing. I have a couple postcards that I HAVE to thank people for too. Got mine from Rita and it made me SO happy! :) Will do that this weekend for sure. Um....Dr. Eye Candy? I love it. LOVE IT I tell you!

    1. hehe . . . I thought you might like that one. ;o)

  3. I want to join the post card campaign but sadly I fear I'll never be able to follow through. :(

  4. So glad you got the post card :) Hope Libby feels well and I bet she can't wait to get back home to her mommy. 3rd times a charm, I hope so too :)

  5. I got my card from Monkey Butt too. Shall post about it shortly.
    Libby is looking great and happy to hear Dr eye candy is still on the scene


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