Thursday, December 30, 2010

Parking Fail

So it dawned on me late (naturally), that yesterday's Memory Lane post was my 100th post. Whoohoo! And at some point next month will be my six month blogging anniversary. Yay me! I'd like to thank my followers for sticking around this long, and I hope you continue to stick around to read my pointless ramblings. (hint hint)

So, onto my post for the day.

Just before Christmas, I had to go get cat food. I was very nearly out, and trust me, I've seen how that movie ended. Not pretty.

I went into Petco to get my cat her food, paid for it, and stashed it in the car. As I'm getting in my car, however, I see this older later get out of her car behind me, with her fat little Chihuahua. She proceeds to let her dog meander on its long leash as she walks through the parking lot as she heads to Petco's grooming department.

I don't care if she does have a handicapped plate on her car. To have gone one more row so she was facing  the right direction wouldn't have killed her. Or her fat little Chihuahua.


  1. Congrats on the 100 posts and I agree, it is never a good plan to run out of cat food.

  2. my cat would actually murder me as i slept if forgot his food..

  3. Congrats on the 100 posts! Don't worry, I'll be definitely sticking around! :)

    Hazel xxx

  4. Mynx - I've gotten close a couple times to running out. But I refuse to give her that option of having me for dinner instead. lol

    Milk - I've gotten murderous stares from my cat, and that alone will keep us in plenty of cat food. lol I just saw an episode of Bones the other day where a bunch of feral cats completely dessimated a body. Yeah. I just looked at my cat and silently vowed to be her bitch forever. lol

    Hazel - So glad you'll be sticking around! Can I have that signed in blood? lol


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