Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Memory Lane Wednesday: Narcoleptic Adventures at Taco Bell

Since everyone seems to have at least one theme for a day of the week, I shall try for my own. I may jump on the Random Tuesday Thoughts bandwagon that Jess and Jewels have, but since it's Wednesday, I sorta  missed that boat. Naturally. I think I shall try Memory Lane Wednesday. I will just pick some random memory, and share it. Hopefully it will stick. If not, oh well, I gave it shot. At least for one day, right? So here goes:
About two years ago, I was working swing shift at my current job. I worked 3pm to 11:30pm. I found out that this shift was actually worse than regular graveyard. Mostly because after a few months the workload increased to the point that I was a wee bit frazzled working anywhere from 10 to 18 hours in a shift to get the work done. Anyway, after one of those 12 hours days, I was pooped and didn't want to cook anything at home (not to mention it was 2am). I was going to go the lazy route and hit up a drive-thru. Taco Bell to be exact.
I pulled into line behind a tuna-boat of a car, who was behind a nice brand new Toyota Camry, who was behind some other car at the speaker box. A minute later, the car at the speaker box moves on around the corner. The Camry doesn't move. It just sits there. Like a bump on a log.
The guy in the tuna-boat car peers out of his window and finally just pulls around the Camry. He keeps glancing back at the Camry, and now it's my turn to poke my head out the side window at the Camry. There was in fact a driver in the driver's seat, her arm on the door, her window down. Tuna-boat guy orders his food, then starts to get out of his car. I did this as well because I was deathly afraid this poor woman had suffered a heart attack while waiting in line and was either in need of an ambulance or a hearse. Tuna-boat guy and I slowly walk up to the car, both of us looking concerned. I said, "Ma'am?" and he rapped on the hood. The woman in the Camry jolted awake. I breathed a huge sigh of relief, and Tuna-boat guy said, "Damn! I thought she was dead!"
The woman didn't say a word to either one of us, which I thought she should have at least said, "Oh I'm sorry!" Tuna-boat guy pulled his car around the corner and Camry-lady pulled up to order her food and moved on. I pulled up, ordered my food, and moved on around the corner. The guy behind me did the same.
So at the pay/food window, Tuna-boat guy was waiting. Camry-lady had pulled in behind him and put her car in park. I immediately saw this as a bad sign. I just knew what would happen. A few moments later Tuna-boat guy gets his food and he pulls out. I waited a minute behind the Camry, while the poor Taco Bell workers just stared out the window waiting for the next car. I hung my head. I got out of my car and went to the Camry again. I knocked on the door, saying "Ma'am?" She jolted awake, put her car in drive and screeched the three feet to the window. At the window, she acted like she was in a hurry, as if she'd had to wait an hour for her food to be prepared. Really?
She got her food and screeched out. I pulled up and shook my head at the poor employees.
I would have reported her to CHP or something, but her car was new, and had no plates.  And I didn't get my food fast enough to follow her. If you're that tired, possibly consider not resting in a drive-thru. If you're narcoleptic, consider not operating heavy equipment, such as a car. And if someone has to wake your sorry ass up twice, please apologize and thank them. Common courtesy.
Of course, it would have been common courtesy to not fall asleep in the drive-thru to begin with. Duh.


  1. Maybe she was on Ambien and sleep driving. People do all sorts of crazy stuff like that and they never remember any of it. Even so, it was incredibly rude of that woman to get in the way of you being able to enjoy your tacos in a timely fashion. Happy Wednesday!

  2. Jeekers that's weird. I admire you getting out to wake her up. I'd have just honked the horn. I'm anti-social like that lol

    Hazel xxx

  3. Well that is scary! Imagine what happened at red lights and stop signs! Being behind cars where you can tell somebody is fighting to stay awake, or is drunk and weaving, scares the living shit out of me.

  4. Empress - Oh dear, Ambien driving. Would definitely explain the narcoleptic tendencies! lol

    Hazel - We were near a neighborhood and I didn't my horn to bother anyone who was sleeping. IN BED. lol

    Jewels - I thought about that, too, her at stoplights and such. I agree, it's very scary!!

  5. Okay, yeah, that is frightening. Imagine if this happened while driving in rush hour traffic or something?!


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