Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rain Gear Fail

So the past few days here have been rain, rain, rain, rain . . . you get the idea. For two straight days it was a mere drizzle. More annoying than anything. The suddenly, since about 4:30 Sunday morning, it's been raining. Hard. Like, windshield wipers on high and near hydro-planing on the freeway to get home from work this morning. Around 2:30 this afternoon, I awoke to such a racket. A torrential downpour that was pelting the windows. Forget raining cats and dogs. Shit. This was raining hippos and elephants.

As I looked out the window I saw what would be categorized as an "epic fail". One would think that in the face on such a downpour that one would fully understand how to dress in this situation.

Okay, while the guy in the middle looks like a complete arse, at least they are prepared for the weather. Perhaps only missing the umbrella. At the very least, one would have a hooded sweatshirt on, with hood up, and an umbrella.

Not wearing gray tights, skin tight yellow t-shirt, and ballet flats. Nor would you want to run shrieking through the rain carrying a weather unprotected baby in your arms, running pell-mell into drive without properly looking before the possibility of a car coming through. And why the hell are you shrieking anyway? It's not like you had any fucking idea it was raining outside!!

I guess at least they weren't dressed like this:

Right. Perspective.  Gotta keep that perspective.


  1. Wow. I am picturing this woman and child running and I'm laughing pretty hard. I personally love rain and never run through it...I walk through (usually face upturned) and enjoy. Then again that is usually the warm rains...cold rains are a whole other beast.

    Why oh why did you just make me want to burn our my retenas with that clear poncho picture!?

  2. LMAO Because that was the FIRST image that showed when I searched. I about died laughing. And seeing as how I wanted to burn my retinas, I felt everyone should share in it. You have to admit. As horrifying as it is, it's freaking hilarious.

  3. But what would you give to see two people look like that! And to be the one who took the picture!

  4. Sandra - Opportunity of a lifetime. Once I overcame the shock of seeing people in public like that. LOL

  5. I’m ok with rain, once you stop fighting it even the biggest downpour can be mildly pleasant. And I’d rather be kitted out in the appropriate equipment than wear stockings, skirts and sweaters in heavy snow like in all those fashion magazines. :P

  6. Drake - But those Winter outfits are so cute!

    J.Day - My eye sight is already limited, why must you make me suffer by posting pictures like that!

    Haha some people are idiots. Only last week in the heavy snow a girl was only wearing a cardigan and an exposed cleavage. I felt cold just looking at her!

    Hazel xxx

  7. Drake - I don't really mind the rain, either. Unless it's painful when it hits you. However, not dressing for the weather and shrieking about is silly. lol

    Hazel - As I told Jewels, if I had to suffer, so did everyone else! LOL

  8. That guy in the middle does like he's holding them there against their will. The woman on the right is definitely in tears.

  9. Hilarious! Wow. I can just picture it! It drives my mom crazy when she sees people who are unprepared for the weather. "How hard is it to check the weather channel? Or at least your local news!" she always says. My mom is always prepared for weather, and she has conditioned me well. Although, I'm pretty certain she would be shocked by my chosen date shoes on a very snowy night. You just can't follow the weather rules when it comes to date fashion.

  10. Chris - If I was them, I'd have snapped one of his fingers off. lol

    Frisky - What gets me is the fact that this downpour woke me up from a sounds sleep, yet these people acted surprised while running through the rain. Um, Hello, look out your window! lol And there are just some times when you HAVE to wear inappropriate shoes for a date. I mean, unless your in the arctic, snow boots aren't sexy. LOL

  11. LMAO!! That last picture!!!! I would love to have one of those, just once so that I could walk around the streets of Hooterville in it!

  12. I would want picture proof of that! LOL


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