Friday, December 3, 2010

Tis the Season for the Blog Lovin'

I truly love when I check up on my blogs in the morning after work and find that someone was generous enough to pass around an award. Especially when someone played Oprah and gave all of her followers the award. Canadian Blogger Girl was generous to give this award to everyone. 

This award has one condition: to pimp CBG's blog. So here's my plug: go check out her blog, you won't be sorry! 

 And now it's my turn to play Oprah (yes, I'm stealing CBG's idea). I never do like having to choose which blogs to pass awards on to, because then I feel like a git for not passing it on to everyone. I enjoy all of your blogs, and I appreciate you taking the time out to read my rambles. And I will keep the rule that CBG had, just pimp my blog and pass on the blog love to whomever you wish.


  1. Soo... does this mean I've got another award? Because that would make my day right about now!

    Congrats on getting the award yourself pet - very much deserved!

    I'll get confirmation from you first before I start bragging that I got an award from you though haha

    Hazel xxx

  2. Yes you get an award! :D

    All of my followers get the award! :o)

  3. How much do I love this idea?!?!?!?! Like you, I really don't like having to choose blogs--I'd much rather give one to everyone. Thank you for this...guess I get to play Oprah now, too!

  4. hahaha. totally like Oprah...I'm hearing her vioce scream..."Everyone gets a blooooooog award!" hahaha. love it. thank you

  5. That's awesome. I love Oprah and I'm happy to accept your award...humbly of course. Thank you!! "YOU GET A BLOG AWARD! AND YOU GET A BLOG AWARD! AND YOU GET A BLOG AWARD...AND YOU TOO!" fun! Thank you lovely!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Well, I can't take all the credit, the Oprah idea comes from Canadian Blogger Girl. I liked it, so thought I'd continue with it! Enjoy the blog love ladies!

  7. Dang, I should have done that myself. Got three of them in one week. Such a cool award
    Congrats to you too


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