Friday, December 17, 2010

Hi, Boss? Here's my two month's notice . . .

It's now officially official - I've given notice to everyone. Well, except my apartment, but that will come just after the holidays.

If you missed my rant on the anonymous jackwagon that leaked out to management about my leaving, please click here.

My supervisor asked to speak with me on Wednesday night, turns out, it was regarding this "rumor" she had heard. I sat down, and told her everything . . . well, not about my blog or anything, but that the rumor was true. She blamed Facebook; the fact that I put everything on Facebook seemed to be the evil factor in all of this. Anyway, she was rather Zen about it. She was totally fine with it. I think she was more worried that I was uncomfortable talking to her, which wasn't he case. After working there for six years, I sorta figured I'd get the "You're leaving me?" line, but other than that, I was just planning on waiting until after the holidays.

Turns out, another gal put in her notice the same night. My poor supervisor.
I've told my volunteer gigs, as well. At Saddle Pals, they were shocked and wanted to know all the gory details. And the instructor told me I couldn't leave until February 18th, as that's the last day of the next session. Another gal at Saddle Pals told me that if I needed any help whatsoever, to call her and she'd be there in an instant. I told her I will welcome any and all friendly faces that wish to come visit me in Sticksville, USA.

At Homeward Bound, Jody (the gal who runs it), was so excited for me, she hugged me. Two other volunteers that were there heard everything as well, and were both excited for me. Jody has heard me talk of the ranch before, and knows how much I love it up there, and knows that that is where I wish to be. She also has requested I send her pictures.

As scared as I am of this huge shift in my life, I'm welcoming it. All of the support has been overwhelming. My family, though a bit shocked by my announcement at Thanksgiving, gave me wishes of good luck and encouragement. My best friend, while fully understanding my dislike of being 8 hours away from her instead of 2, knows I'm not a city girl and has assured me that nothing will ever change between us. My co-workers have all wished me well, and know that I am moving on and up in my life and only want to stay in touch. Several have offered their homes to me as my hotel when I come to visit. While I fear I will fall on my face in a big steaming pile of cow shit, I wonder if I can ever fail if I'm supported by so many?

The votes were unanimous in my going up there. Not a single person said I was wrong for even considering it. Those who know me know that I don't like city life. Sacramento is 400,00 people. That's about 350,000 more than I'm comfortable with. Even my boss was supportive and answered questions I had about my 401k or my vacation time that will be paid out. Every single person I know that spoke out, whether on Facebook or my wonderful peeps in the blogoshpere, showed me nothing but love and support.

I want to thank each and every one of you for your support. While I'm sure I would have made the same decision even if all the naysayers showed up, I'm so thankful that none of them did.

After 6.5 years, I'm finally getting myself a day job.


  1. I know with all of the support, you will NOT fall on your face. Your blogging buddies are here for you to vent to if nothing else. Although, I do thoroughly expect you to at least STEP in some cow shit on the ranch and to hear all about it! :)

  2. With 400 acres of cow shit . . . I'm pretty sure I'll be stepping in it . . . LOL

  3. Wow, one brave lady. I'm moving too but only a couple of blocks away and I am stressing. This is going to be so good for you. And you must tell us all the gory details, even the cow shit

  4. it's not easy making changes in life...especially one as big as the one you are about to undertake. I am glad we could be here to help support you. I for one am excited about hearing all about this next step in your life and can't wait to hear all about the sexy vet! hehe. I am still convinced there will be one! :-)

  5. Mynx - Moving is such a hassle, whether it's next door or several states away. You pack it, you move it, then you have unpack it. How does one person accumulate so much crap?? LOL

    Jewels - Keep your fingers crossed that a sexy vet shows up for me, okay?

  6. Hey, moving isn't havlf bad! At 16 I have moved a total of 17 times in my life. In just the past 11 years. It gets to be fun: I have no crap, everythiung I own can be boxed in about 2 hours at this point, and my dog crates are against my wall (including the newest crate for Faladian). It's not that hard! Moving is so easy for me. ;) It's FUN!!

  7. Mythic Demon - Wow, that's a lot of moving! I tend to move every few years, but I always find that I've accumulated so much stuff. It's amazing how much one person can. Plus, my place becomes so bare once it's boxed up, and I hate that feeling.


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