Saturday, December 18, 2010

I'm Half-Assin' It

Well, I'm a follower, dammit, so therefore, it was only a matter of time before I followed Simple Dude in his Half Ass weekend posts. It was inevitable. Doomed Destined to happen. I am a Simpleton, after all.

Yesterday I noticed something made me slightly uncomfortable. My new neighbors across the drive staring at my apartment. Kinda creepy. The building across from mine is a set of two bedroom apartments, my building is a set of one bedrooms. So my sliding glass door is in my "dining/living" area, as opposed to the "master bedroom" of the two bedrooms. Yesterday as I was cleaning the mess on my dining table, I noticed that the new folks across the drive had their blinds open on their slider and I could see the blue sheets on their bed. I wondered if they realized that no one around here seems to have the blinds open on the windows the peer into their bedrooms. No one. Suddenly I noticed a pair of striped pajama bottoms standing in front of their slider. I kept to my own business, but kept glancing over and noticed that those pajama bottoms were still there. They even sat on the bed, facing my direction. Hmm. Chilling. It was like that for about an hour or so. I would have thought it was a pair of starched bottoms that had a life of their own until they went and sat on the bed. I eventually closed my blinds just to keep their prying eyes from continuing to creep me the fuck out. They really need to find someone else to peek in on, as my life is boring and my apartment is a mess. Plus I really don't want to get sucked into a weird version of Rear Window.

Christmas is next weekend and I'm having a hard time accepting it. I mean, where did the year go? Seriously, isn't only like, August or something? How did it become Christmas already? This year I have been avoiding the malls and stores because I'm broke, and can't afford much other than groceries and the occasional Big Mac. That reminds me, I need cat food. Please do not ask how a Big Mac reminded me I nee cat food . . . just go with it. I've thought about purchasing a tree, but I'd have to get a new tree stand since mine somehow got lost in my last move. Plus, there won't be presents under it so it would be a bit depressing. Looks like I'm Charlie Browning it again this year. Cool by me, since I am Charlie Brown and all.

I watched Letters to Juliet today, and enjoyed it. Anyone who is looking for a decent chick flick to watch, I would recommend this one. I had no idea about letter writing to Juliet, but apparently, people travel to Verona, Italy and leave letters/notes on Juliet's house. I found it romantic, sentimental, and a wee bit silly. But it's still sweet.


  1. Loving the half-assed weekend post, and you have a pajama bottomed stalker to keep you on your toes - so thats something.


  2. Loved "Letters to Juliet" Beautiful film.

  3. I haven't seen that movie but it did look cute. On another note...I know you are Charlie Brown and all...but man that's a sad tree. It's cute in an "adopt this three legged dog with one eye" kind of way...but wow. haha.

  4. Haha whats funny is that he was watching you clean! Not as if you were naked or something. Or... were you and you just happened to leave that bit out? Hmmm?

    Haha only joking :P

    Hazel xxx

  5. SD - Yeah I'm not so sure I what a stalker. lol

    Mynx - I enjoyed it. Definitely one to recommend.

    Jewels - Your comment had me laughing so hard! And that tree is nothing compared to what my mom used to make for me every year while I was in college. Every year they just got uglier, but we got a kick out of them.

    Hazel - I wouldn't do that to the neighbor, I might scar him for life! lol


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