Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ummmm . . . Really? LOL

If only I had gotten a picture, this blog post would oh-so-much easier. Alas, I couldn't. I could easy be seen and I didn't want to appear rude.

I was having lunch with a friend today, at a nice little cafe in town. We'd been there a couple hours having a nice time, talking laughing. I suddenly stopped dead my conversation at on point because of what I saw. I can't even find anything to do it justice on Google looking for similar images. 
I couldn't speak for fear of bursting out laughing in front of the poor woman's face. I just started sipping my water while my eyes watered up because I was holding in my fit of laughter. I then buried my face in my hands, trying not to laugh out loud. Nothing was working. I was rather surprised at the fact that this was allowed inside the establishment, but maybe because it was technically contained they were okay with it. I have no idea. All I know is that this woman stopped about half a dozen conversations as she was led to her table by the hostess.

Imagine, if you will, an nice elderly woman, of maybe 60-ish in  a pink track suit.

Pushing a stroller. 

A pink satin stroller. 

With a long haired chihuahua in a vest.
I shit you not.

Like I said, I sooooo wanted to take a picture, but I thought it might be rude just taking one when the gal could see me and all.

We decided we could no longer have any conversation as we were both trying so hard not to laugh that we were nearly crying. And all we could think about was the little dog laying in it's pink satin stroller, getting caressed by it's mom as she ordered herself a glass of wine. Oddly enough, it was pink in color, too.

And no, the dog was not disabled - it had all four legs. And it had use of them.
Overkill, lady. Overkill.

But, thank you oh so much for the laughs!


  1. wow. this combines a whole lot of my dislikes...dogs in clothes, little dogs, and crazy old ladies. I am not sure I could have resisted the picture. I would have faked taking one of my friend, or checking a text and silently clicked away...that's too funny. At least you had a good giggle! :-)

  2. People actually do that? Put dogs in strollers? I thought is was bad enough when they dressed them up and but them in handbags. Poor little thing, how humilitating.

  3. What Paris Hilton will be in a few years time...

    Hazel xxx

  4. Jewels - The way my phone works, it's hard to not look like I'm taking a picture when I am. lol Otherwise, the real thing would have show up on my blog! lol

    Mynx - Apparently so! And I thought it was disable it first, like a double amputee or something, then it stood up! lol

    Hazel - Help us all! LOL

  5. Oh. Dear. God. Above.

    Heaven help us all.

    All I can say is: Poor dog.


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