Friday, December 10, 2010

Quick Updates

Awhile back, I complained in some detail about the United Way Campaign at my job. Fortunately, I wasn't bothered more than a couple times to buy all sorts of crap. On principle, I wound up not participating in my own department's fundraiser.

The campaign lasted 8 weeks. I had to endure my boss every week telling everyone to participate and donate. Come to find out, it was a competition between departments; whoever raised the most money got some sort of booby prize. I can't remember what it was, but I remember catching wind of it. And not only was my boss running her mouth about donating money, every time there was an event, everyone told me to join them as they all headed to the break room or conference room to participate.

All in all, our goal (just for our lab, this is not including the other two dozen labs in the United States) was to raise around $8700. In the end, our lab raised around $9300. Most of it was in pledge cards, so that people donated so much out of every paycheck (somewhere around $6000), and the rest was from the weekly fundraisers. I'm glad that we surpassed our goal, I think it's awesome that those who could give did so.

As for me, I'm soooooo glad it's over. Every week I had to explain to people I didn't have the money to donate. Then I'd get people who said they'd pay for me. As nice as that was of people to offer (I think so that I'd be included), I simply couldn't do it morally. It's one thing to bum a couple quarters off people because the soda machine ate some of mine, but to let people easily spend $10 on me just so I could participate in one of the events - no. I just couldn't handle that.

After the first week (click on the first link above) where I was basically humiliated, I feared the remaining 7 weeks were going to be pure Hell. Luckily, it wasn't pure. It was slightly diluted. I'm just glad it's over and I can rest peacefully.

As for Henry Higgins, it's doubtful that this person will ever get punished for their misdeeds. I have yet to find out that anything was ever done. Although, as far as I can tell, they haven't left early on a weekend since then. It's not right, it's not fair, and it fucking sucks. All I can say is Karma is one bad ass bitch, and I hope to God she's aiming straight for that person.

Everyone who knows any detail of what happened knows that it wasn't right to punish the person who did get punished. Especially as severely as they did. But for that person to be singled out and punished is even worse. The fact that Mr. Henry Higgins has yet to be touched by managerial punishment simply because they are fast at their job is about the shittiest excuse I've ever heard. Favoritism in that sense should not be allowed, and being that that person said they'd do the punished person's job and didn't and got away with it is a huge no-no in my book.

Some day, some where, some how, you will get yours.


  1. Wow and Uggghhh, being forced to donate or even shamed to donate is a horrible thing, especially in this economy. I was actually speechless when I read your post. I was thinking, if my boss tried to force me to donate, I would be like sure increase my salary by the amount I have to donate so that I can still pay my own bills. I donate lots but I hate things thrusted down my throat... Okay I will shut up now! Hey... thanks for signing up as a follower today, you made my day!. Let me return the favour chickie!

    Ciao for now

  2. Repulsive. Truly, truly repulsive. I do believe in the old saying, "what goes around, comes around." I wouldn't want to be anywhere near Henry Higgins when it does...and it always does, even if it takes time.


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