Friday, May 13, 2011

Is this week over yet?

It's actually a good thing that Blogger was down for a short bit because I've been too pooped to blog. One of my last posts mentioned one of the vet's at the clinic asking me to work an extra three days at the Sticksville clinic. I believe I also mentioned the "worst Monday ever" as I was filling in for the regular receptionist with no computers for most of the day.

So, let's pick up on Tuesday. Wasn't too crazy, thankfully. I wound up writing an extra couple stories for the publication my grandparents put out. I also got to see K put pages together. We still had technical difficulties as for some reason none of my emails got to K's computer. Odd. Never had that trouble before. See, I have to email K my stories to print them as I can't connect to their printer. Silly, I know. Anyway, I kept sending her my stories, and she still hasn't gotten them. I finally had to save them to a CD so she could get them from there. Yeah.

Wednesday I went to the Sticksville clinic for training. It's a pretty small little building. But what will be nice is that I'll be receptionist and technician. So really, I'll get to do more stuff. Stuff I haven't done in about 10 years. Lot's of re-learning going here. But it went well though. I'll have one more day of "training" next week and the gal will give me her key. The doctor that was there this week was the guy who hired me. He told me what he told the gal I'm replacing, "This place is yours. If you want to use a filing or paper system that works better for you, use it. If you want to plant other flowers out front, buy some and give me the receipt, we'll pick up the tab. Just don't reorganize my drugs."  Sweet.

Beautiful spring (finally!) weather on the ranch.

Thursday and today (Friday) were spent doing dirty ranch work. I'm talking draining out watering troughs that make you want to take a shower just by looking at them. Also moved irrigation dams. Medicated a yearling bull's eye. Basically ran over tons of acreage on ATV's, got a dirty and sweaty. Today we had to sort through the spring herd. The cows with calves were going to go to fresh pasture so we don't have to feed them hay anymore. The cows we're still waiting on to calve and the ones that lost their calves were sent back to the same old pasture, with one of the herd bulls that had been with them all winter.

Luckily for today, K thought we had worked hard enough to earn the afternoon of no dirty ranch work. Which is a good thing.

Because I'm pooped.


  1. Exhausting but it all sounds pretty good. The photo is lovely

  2. I still don't know how you can work seven days a week, some of it being physical work at that. Where and how do you find the energy?!

  3. Mynx - It is exhausting. And a day or two after that photo . . . it was snowing. Again. lol

    Soapbox - I don't know either! lol I don't really have much choice!


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