Monday, May 2, 2011

I Survived . . . But Just Barely.

After blogging for six days a week for a month to complete the A-Z April Blogging Challenge, I found myself crawling on all fours begging for April to be over with.

Okay, no not really. But it was still tough. That's a lot of blogging and a lot of ideas to come up with. And with three jobs I still managed to blog my brains out. Elizabeth Mueller was totally awesome and made an award for all of the blogs that participated in this blogging challenge. I think in the end, well over 1000 blogs participated in this challenge. That's some serious blogging power, my friends.

Now I can get back to telling y'all about my exciting ranch life. And my exciting life in publishing. And my exciting life at a vet's office. It may sound exciting, but really, I'm so busy I barely know what to do with myself. I wind up in bed well before 10pm anymore. I'm exhausted by 4pm. My cat has decided to hate me most days and she has shown it. Several times in April I found that she peed on articles of clothing. Yeah, she was pissed. I'd get home from being gone all day (either at my grandparents house or at the vet's office), be home for a short bit, and go to my grandparents house for dinner. I'd come back and check up on my emails, play the 11 Scrabble games (online), check on my Facebook, and write the next day's blog for the challenge. Then it would be off to bed. My poor cat basically didn't get much lap time unless I was given the day off. So I've had to do some extra laundry thanks to her being all mad at me. You'd think laying next to me or sleeping next to me all the time would be the same as laying on me. Guess not.

I did manage to find my USB cord for my cell phone, so now I can work on getting that video of that calf I recorded over a month ago up on my blog. By the way, that calf is still doing good, and has been reunited with the herd.

I actually did watch the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton on Friday. I had no intention, but I wound up with the day off due to my grandparents having to drive to Reno for a doctor appointment. I got home after feeding and turned on the boob tube, and channel surfed and came across the wedding.  Since nothing else was on, I spent my morning watching it. I really had no idea that William was already bald up top - poor kid. He's, what, 30 and has a huge bald spot on his head. You'd think with all his money he could do something about that. Whatever. I thought Kate looked elegant. I thought the majority of the hats worn by the guests were hideous - especially the one that seemed to get it's own Facebook page. Seriously? A Facebook page for one of the ugliest hats ever? I don't understand the hat thing. Some of the hats were fine. But most of them were plain ugly and worn on the side of the head or on the forehead and that would just annoy the hell out of me. Why would they voluntarily wear such hideous things?

Saturday was a massively crazy day at the vet's office. I got in and saw that we weren't booked solid and hoped it would be a decent day. Nope. I was wrong. At 9:30, a gal came in with a dog that needed a C-Section. She'd pushed out three puppies but hadn't pushed out anymore since 2am and there were still puppies in her. The vet had me call our other morning appointments to see about rescheduling them, but none of them were home. The appointments showed up and luckily they were very understanding and I rescheduled them for later in the week. We never caught back up. The afternoon was busy mostly because we were all behind. Fortunately for us, our clients were understanding. I didn't get cussed out because someone wasn't seen at their scheduled time. By the time 4pm rolled around, we hadn't even had time to do the regular cleaning. We had to leave notes for the Sunday crew to do it for us. As it was, we didn't leave until at least 4:30. Oy ve.

Okay, I've rambled on long enough. Go rest your eyes now.


  1. You do lead an interesting life on the farm and the Vet office!

  2. At least your jobs are very different from each other (although there are some commonalities). I bet kitty is mad because you come home smelling like OTHER animals. You've been spending time with other animals, but not her! Oh, the nerve! ;-)

  3. Belle - Never a dull moment! lol

    Soapbox - You're right. I don't spend enough time with her AND I come home smelling like every other pet in the county! lol

  4. I love reading about your daily life in "Sticksville." It reminds me of those Hallmark Channel movies about a single gal living in a small town (love those movies, btw...yeah, I know, I'm a dork). Now, you HAVE to randomly bump into that single, handsome vet or newspaper editor and live happily ever after.

  5. Frisky - LOL I love that you compare my life to the Hallmark movies. :o)


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