Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Just Your Average Day In Sticksville . . .

I didn't post about the first one that happened simply because I was in the middle of the April Blogging Challenge. However, I am at liberty to post more random stuff about the happenings of Sticksville, USA.

I have now witnessed not one, but two cattle drives down Main Street. The reason why these guys are having to move their cows down Main Street is that the desert area they usually use is full of water, so they can't cross it. They have no choice but to drive them down Main Street in Sticksville to get their cows to the range.

No. I am not kidding. I have pictures of both to prove it.

By the time I got the gates closed in case stray cows wandered down our side road, they were past my grandparents house. This group surprised us, as we weren't really expecting them on a rainy day. We had to rush to close gates and block off the front yard.

These guys had their cows well under control as they drove them down Main Street. Plus they were moving a small herd - much easier to control.

Unlike the folks that moved probably 400 head of cattle just this last Sunday.

Luckily, I saw them coming from a mile away. I was able to race back to my grandparents place to close gates and warn them so we could get the driveway blocked. I wound up blocking a side street across the street to help them prevent cattle running through the neighborhood. As you can see, it's a huge herd.

They are directly in front of my grandparents house.

And there goes the first set. They kind of had the herd separated into two groups. In reality, it was kind of a cluster****.

This guy on the horse thanked me for my assistance in blocking a side street to help the cattle moving in the right direction.

I captured a tiny video of it as well.


  1. They could send out a scout or two to warn you first!

  2. Where's the fun in that?! lol

  3. I just love your blog. I think I'm a country girl living in the city. I'm glad you included the video.

  4. Thanks, Belle! I was going to have two videos but the first one didn't upload and now I can't find it! lol Oy, leave it to me! lol

  5. wow. I cannot imagine looking out my window and seeing that. My how your life has changed since getting to your grandparents--but it looks like so mcuh fun!

  6. It is a wee bit odd to see 400 head of cattle trotting down Main Street. Kind of cool, though.

  7. You didn't just see them coming, you heard them coming! While I was watching the video, I was imagining what they were saying. "Hey Belle, slow down" or "Wait up!" or "Where are we going?" and of course "Are we there yet"? If you couldn't tell, I really liked the video. :-)

  8. Abea - It was pretty awesome!

    Soapbox - Actually, when I first saw them they were probably two miles away and I couldn't hear them. lol

  9. I loved this. It reminds me ranching land in Texas. *This* is America, you know? Awesome.

  10. Frisky - I know, right? It's the heart of America; it settled the west. :o)

  11. I knew things like this happened in country sides, but I've never seen it down down an actual town. How did you know what to do? I would probably stand there in awe and get run over!

  12. Ava - I did what my grandmother told me to! LOL Nah, cattle are pretty easy to work with. All I had to do was stand in the middle of a street to block it off so cattle didn't wander down it. Otherwise, the folks on horseback were running the show.


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