Monday, May 23, 2011

I survived the rapture, but apparently I'm obnoxious.

Apparently it's been a week since my last post. I must be getting lazy. Actually it's kinda sorta because I've been busy and when I get home, I spend an hour playing online Scrabble (I have 11 games at the moment), check Facebook, read your blogs and eventually fall face first into my bed having barely the energy to put on pajamas. I've been lights out around 9pm for nearly a month straight. Life? Nope. Work? Yes. A lot.

Papa D has been having some knee and feet pain and so had been a little out of commission recently. So for ranch work, it's been mostly myself and K. Then the publication had to be delivered last week. Plus my time at the vet clinic.

Ranching has gotten busy, it's irrigating time. We have to irrigate the fields we're growing hay on. It's messy, dirty, and just a wee bit on the wet side. Also, one of the cows has taken a dislike to me . . . tried charging me one morning while walking through the herd to irrigate with K. Made my heart race. Just a little. Not to mention we've drained water troughs that made you want to you shower just by looking at them. The fun part is running around on the ATV's and enjoying the sunshine. Well, when it bothers to show up.

Our publication had to be picked up and delivered last week, too. K and I went to Klammath Falls to pick it up and to run some errands. She delivered with Papa D on Wednesday while I was working at the vet's office. And because of Papa D's leg pain, I drove on Thursday and Friday to deliver. Plus I was in and out of the van all day, and carrying heavy bundles to and fro. Wears a girl out.

Saturday was a fairly easy day. It was only a half day at the clinic as we were having a retirement party for one of the veterinarians. We had a party outside - luckily the weather broke just in time. It had been raining all morning and let up just long enough for us to have the party. Mother Nature was actually nice. Can you believe it? We had a great turn out, about 160 people. I made nearly 100 deviled eggs and they were all gone. (and I have to mention they were delectable) After the party, the world was supposed to end. Yeah. If anyone has some spare duct tape, stick on that old man's mouth. Thanks. Oh, and next time, could he tell us which time zone we're talking about? Because really, Australia and New Zealand are basically a full day ahead of me, so as long as I know they're still on the map, I think the world is in good shape.

So, Sunday I delivered papers as far as Redding and spent the afternoon visiting with my parents. That evening I met a guy one of my friend's wanted me to meet. We met at a bar in Cottonwood, and this time my wingman didn't back out on me. I love her and all but she really needs wingman training. After awhile at the bar, me, my friend, the guy, and another guy (all three of them are friends) decided we were starving and went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. I will never eat there again. Worst burrito. Ever. But before we get to the burrito . . .

We had only been seated a few minutes, having a good time - meaning laughing our butts off. Now, I will admit that as a group, our laughter was a bit on the loud side. However, our conversations weren't. Not long after we ordered our food, a couple who had been sitting across the aisle from us got up to leave. The woman rounded by our table and without missing a beat, leaned in to our table and said (with her nose in the air), "You're obnoxious."

Um. Excuse us? Just because we were laughing? Okay, maybe a bit on the loud side, but we weren't that freaking loud. All four of us were quite offended. Heaven forbid you should see four people actually having fun and enjoying themselves. We are so sorry that we disturbed your dinner that you were virtually finished with, and obviously not having any fun.

Onto the worst burrito ever. I ordered a beef burrito. I assumed (silly ol' me) that, like very other burrito, it came with beans and rice. Wow, I was wrong. I got a huge burrito with no sides. And no toppings either. Dry as a bone, folks, dry as a bone. Inside, too. It took me awhile to flag the waitress, which seemed odd since there were only two tables with people, for some sour cream and poured a bunch of salsa over the burrito. Didn't help one iota. I choked half of it down, and finally pushed it away. Wanna know what really peeved me? One of the guys ordered a different kind of burrito, and got rice and beans, and toppings. WTH?

Today I spent my day driving and delivering more papers. My body is sore. So, now it's way past my bedtime . . . it's 10:04pm at this exact moment, and I was ready for bed the moment I got home. Yeah. I know. Sad.

So, I'm going to take my non-raptured obnoxious self to bed.


  1. Hubby and I spent most of last week in Grants Pass, Oregon on vacation! We drove through Klamath Falls on the way home.

    Ugh, dry burrito...and that the other person got rice and beans and you didn't doesn't make a lick of sense!

  2. Don't ya just hate it when you get a bad meal... I mean going out for dinner costs alot, where I live you have to pay 12 percent tax on your meal plus the tip too boot! I would have sent it back my little obnoxious friend! lol

  3. chocolateangel - I can't remember the last time I went to Grants Pass!

    Tracy - 12%?! Damn.


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