Friday, May 6, 2011

As if I didn't have enough to do

Seriously, folks. I wasn't this busy when I lived in a city.

I'm filling in for a couple extra days at job number 3, the vet clinic. This morning, one of the nice doctor men came up to me, and asked if I'd be interested in working in the Sticksville clinic 3 days a week, in addition to my once a week at the main clinic in Town. Just a quick reminder, this is a very sparsely populated area, and this clinic technically owns and operates three clinics in three different towns. The one in Town is open 6 days a week, and in the two more smaller Sticksvilles, there's a vet there once a week, but they will have a receptionist there an additional two days.

I don't think I did a good job hiding the look of shock on my face from the nice doctor man.

I told him I'd have to discuss it with my grandparents (aka my main employer) before I made a decision - which I told him I'd tell him tomorrow (Saturday).

My thought was my grandparents would say no. For the following reasons:

1. I moved up here to help them with their ranch and their publication. To learn the business.
2. The days of the week I'd need to be at the Sticksville clinic are days I would normally have to help my grandfather pick up ad copy or deliver papers.
3. Those are then three days I cannot help much on the ranch if things need to be done.
4. Thus, I'd be working 4 days a week for the vet's office, and three days a week for my grandparents.
5. I'd never ever get another day off. Ever.

I spoke to my grandparents at dinner. They kind of laughed over it, as we kind of blame job number 3 on Papa D anyway. Considering it was him that kept talking me up while Dr. J was sewing a calf navel. And we've been joking that soon they'll ask me to go full-time. Well, they asked me to add another 3 days . . .

Oddly enough, my grandparents gave the okay for me to work the additional days. We'll have to work out some new schedule. Luckily, the Sticksville clinic is a block from their house, so it's still within walking distance for me (unless it's crappy weather). I can still write for their paper. I can still help feed in the mornings. And K and I will split the days we go on the road with Papa D for ad copy or delivering papers. Especially delivering - those bundles get heavy after awhile!

I'm a bit scared. That's due to the fact that if I have questions, I have no one to ask as I'm all alone!

Oy ve.


  1. always say better busy than bored and who needs a day off anyway lol

    you will probably end up loving the time alone and will cope no problems

  2. Congrats on the new job opportunity. Better to have choices in employment than not. It will all work out just fine, just you wait and see!

  3. Mynx - That's what I keep trying to tell myself! lol

    Empress - Very true. I've heard that it's a pretty easy gig though. The gal that I'm taking over for came in today and told me that it's not too stressful.

  4. your new banner is amazing! (i assume its new - ive been away a while)

    nice post too ofc xx

  5. Wow, you are one busy gal! Hopefully your cat will forgive you!

  6. Milk - It's nice to see you back!!

    Soapbox - I know, right?! lol


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