Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Randomness

So, Wednesday I had a fit of coughs. I was out of cough drops, and I only had Robitussin and DayQuil in the medicine cabinet. I decided I'd stop by Wal-Mart on my way into work that night. I despise Wal-Mart with every fiber of my being, but they are the only store open that late at night. And I wanted some kind of relief. I walked in, and in two minutes had some cough drops. It then took me nearly 45  minutes to get through a fucking check-out line. You think I'm kidding. At 10:30pm, they had 3 lanes open and each one had a line over a mile long. And 90% of those carts in line were so full they were taller than me. Not one single express lane was open. Ass. Holes. I get in one line. Fifteen minutes later, I haven't moved an inch. Ten minutes after that, I switch lines to one that's actually moving. About 15 minutes later, I finally reach the actual checker. I hand him a ten dollar bill and he slowly gets my change. But there's a snag. He's out of pennies. This idiot was going to make me wait for three fucking pennies. He kept trying to call out to one of his peeps to bring him change. When I realized what was happening, I said, "Are you waiting on pennies?" He said yes. I said, "I've waited 45 minutes in line, I'm late for work, you can keep the pennies." He looked panicked and said, "Are you sure?" I replied, "Dude. It's three pennies. Give me my change please." And I literally sprinted out of the store, to my car and showed up nearly 30 minutes late. Thanks a lot.

I'm also loving Mother Nature this week. (please note sarcasm). My sympathies go out to everyone affected by the blizzard, which I believe was over half the country. However. My company has labs scattered all over, and they all had to send their work to us. I find this interesting. They package everything and send it to us. Fed Ex can get off the ground and get it to us. Because we don't have enough work. We had about half a dozen labs send their stuff to us.  So, Mother Nature, knock this shit off, because I'm tired. Oh and if you read my blog and you're in the area that had a blizzard and your animal needed blood work, we here in CA might have done it. Sorry for the delay, but seeing as we are apparently the only state in the country not buried under 20 feet of snow, it had to come here. Because we here in CA don't have enough pets to work on. Especially considering we barely have enough people to do our own work. (I love corporations). And don't think I'm mad at the pet owner or vets. Every time a lab is down for whatever reason, all the work comes to our lab. However, if we break down some how, we have to wait for it to get fixed. Our work doesn't go anywhere. We always get the short end of the stick.

So, I am not always up on my current events. I see headlines on Yahoo! or see the paper occasionally at work. That is, when it hasn't been destroyed by the other shifts first. But I try to at least skim headlines and whatnot when I can see the paper. I hate being in the dark all the time. Wednesday night, while on my lunch break at work, I was peacefully eating while reading an article on the goings on in Egypt. This whole protesting of Mubarak has me interested. One of the department supervisors sat at my table to her lunch. At one point while reading, I must have said something or murmured something as the topic of Egypt came up. I said something like, "Oh this whole thing going on in Egypt. It's getting nasty now." She comes back with, "Oh? There's something going on in Egypt?" Luckily I was mid-bite of food so the jaw drop didn't show. I mean, after two full weeks, who doesn't know that there is something going on in Egypt? I mean, journalists and their crews have been attacked. Mummy heads have been stolen. There have been fights from horseback and camelback. After I explained all of this, she says, "Oh, I'm not up on my current events." Then I started mentioning that the article stated other Middle East countries are threatening protests or other countries have already taken action. I started listing the countries, "Jordan, Tunesia, Yemen, Omar . . ." And she asks, "Are those men?" Um. No. Read. A. Fucking. Paper.

Now I'm going to try to sleep. I've had little sleep this week and in the past few days, I've captured enough over-time to add an extra day to my week. It's my day off. I'm going to nap some. Pack some. Nap some more. And try not to cough up an internal organ.

Have a great weekend.  :o)


  1. Wow that woman needs to get a clue!


  2. Things aren't too well organized at headquarters are they?
    The news usually depresses me, so I've cut down on my reading and MSNBC. But yes, I did know about Egypt!

  3. CBG - I know, right?

    Belle - And we aren't headquarters. lol They are in Maine. I agree, the news typically depresses me, too. There many times I'm grateful I don't have cable.

  4. oh my gosh. feel better...i can imagine the cough isn't helping with your mood. boo. I know my cough had me cranky yesterday and that doesn't happen very often.


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  6. Terrible business going on in Egypt. The famous museum of Cairo was attacked, and thousand year old priceless artifacts were damaged.

  7. Rita - Thank you, I hope it decides to go away soon, too. I think I'd rather have a runny nose than a constant cough!

    Drake - I hope it gets resolved soon.

  8. I hate Walmart, too! What a horrid, horrid place.

    Hope you feel better soon!


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