Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Serious Case of the Mondays

I don't often have a horrible case of the Mondays, but yesterday was a different story. The worst part about it was that (since I work graveyard), my Monday started well before Monday itself did.

First off, I worked Sunday night. That part I didn't mind so much. What I did mind was the fact that I had to work with person that I despise more than my boss. This person will be written about after I've left. Sort of along the lines of my Psycho Suzi posts. So I had to endure 8 hours with a person I don't want to speak to or be around. Who kept trying to chit-chat with me as if we were bff's. I spent most of the night with both ear buds of my Zune in my ears so that I could ignore this person and so that they (hopefully) would get the damn hint. It sort of worked.

After work, I drove home to unload some more boxes before driving to Redding for a dentist appointment.  I was on my second trip when, after opening the door, I heard a weird sound. I looked around and it dawned on me what I was hearing. "Hissssssssssssssssssssss". My reaction? Oh shit. I looked down and saw a big ass nail in my left rear tire. I ran up the stairs with some boxes, and lost half the stack on the way up. If my neighbors weren't up yet at 7am, then they were after half my stack dropped. I finally got up them upstairs and tossed them aside in the living room and ran into my room to grab my overnight bag. I grabbed it, tossed in a clean pair of underwear and socks, my jammies, and tossed my makeup in it and I ran back out, shouting, "By Harriet!! See you tomorrrow!" to the cat as I ran out.
My goal was to make it to Les Schwab for them to patch it up before I ran out of air. I was losing pressure fast. I was praying that they opened at 7am, so I could be on the road by 8am. It takes about 2.5 hours to get to Redding. That's where my dentist is. Of course, you may be asking yourself, "why doesn't she get a freaking dentist in Sacramento, considering she lives there?" Valid question. I hate changing dentists.  With a passion. I screeched into Les Schwab at 7:20, and found that didn't open until 8am. How dare they not be open when I was in dire need! I called my mom to let her know I'd be leaving town late, and she offered to call my dentist office to let them know and see if they could fit me in later.

A couple minutes before 8, they opened their doors. When I found the nail in my title, I was at 30psi. When they opened, I was sitting at 14psi. They had my tire patched up and me on the road in about 20 minutes. And the best part was they didn't charge me. I so love those boys.

I pulled up to the dentist office at ten minutes to 11, about 20 minutes late for my appointment. I walked in, and they took me in a few minutes later. They told me that no matter what, they would get me in, as they had no choice. It was the last day I was officially covered under my dental insurance. They took me back, and proceeded to get started. This was all preemptive dental work, to make sure that nothing spontaneously happened or got worse while I was uninsured. My dentist didn't want to take any chances that something they would normally "watch" would turn into a horrifically expensive dental issue for me later. They worked on a total of 6 teeth. Yeah. That's what I said, too.

They worked on the right side first and before they were done, they worked numbed the left side.  By the time I left a hour and a half later, my lower jaw was totally numb. My lower lip felt like what Forrest Gump's friend Bubba's looked like. My mom had asked if, after my dentist appointment, I would drop by my grandparents house to say hi. I was so numb I couldn't talk well, and had to concentrate to swallow. I decided to just head to my parents house and try to nap.

Now, the really unfortunate part of this day was two-fold. First, by the time I had left the dentist, I had had no sleep. I was so worn out. Second, I was, um, a wee bit hormonal. During my drive to my parents house, the tears just flowed down my cheeks. There was no way I could have stopped them. Yes, I have had worse days. I have had real things to cry over. But, still, I couldn't stop the tears. I got to my parents house and curled up under two blankets and tried to nap. The fact that I had a hard time swallowing prevented serious sleep. I cat-napped for a couple hours, and by the time my dad walked in at 4:15, I could finally feel my mouth.

My mom was cooking me my birthday dinner early, as we won't be able to get together for my birthday, which is next week. Dinner was the best part of the day. My mom's parents came over for dinner, too. My mom fixed ribs, macaroni salad, garlic bread, and corn on the cob. One of my favoritest meals. Ever. And Nana made birthday brownies. Complete with frosting and sprinkles. My mom put a candle in one brownie and had me make my wish. Nana and Sonny gave me some wonderful smelling candles and the cutest birthday card ever. My parents got me a Giants World Champions hooded sweater.

I was in bed not long after and slept 14 hours.

I awoke this morning to find that my Granddad was being admitted to the hospital. We believe it's a bronchial infection. My dad had taken him to the ER, so that they would start doing stuff right away while they waited on his room. Before I headed back to Sacramento, I ran into Redding and went to the hospital for a quick visit. Hopefully, he will start feeling better soon.

Not long after getting back home in Sac, I had a nice long conversation with my BFF. She wanted to let me know that she wouldn't be able to help me move, like she did last time. We had a good laugh over it, because I told her I wasn't expecting her to help again, and I actually wasn't going to ask. Last time I moved I had a huge moving party of 10 people. This time, we are loading in the morning, and taking it to Redding. The next day we'll drive early to Sticksville and unload.

She will be coming to my Send Off/Belated Birthday dinner on the 12th, and she said she can help me pack that weekend. What a wonderful best friend I have. Eager to help me pack my shit. ;o)


  1. I sooooo want to hear the boss stories!!! :)

  2. Danielle - Oh you will. And the Natasha ones, too. LOL

  3. If it makes you feel any better, I have 12 cavities that need to be filled. They are from my pregnancy. Before I was pregnant, not one thing wrong with any of my teeth, not even braces or anything! So mad. But why wait? My dentist even after my 90% coverage wants to charge me 100.00 just for four of the cavities!!!! Waiting to move outta shitville before getting them fixed.

    Hope your grampy gets better soon!


  4. Ouch, 12 cavities?! That's a lot! See, I had all that work done the other day, I have to pay 20%, which comes out to about $200. I asked for installments. lol


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