Friday, February 11, 2011

Forgive Me. And My Absent Ways.

I'm so neglectful.

Okay. Not really. It's more like I have too much to do and not enough time to do it in. Not to mention my cough set me back nearly a week. Do you know how tiring coughing is? Especially when it prevents sleep for at least two days??? I finally dragged my ass to the doctor to get my some cough syrup. With Codeine. My bestest buddy ever. Took all I had on Tuesday to not drink the entire bottle so I could some rest. I settled for the two teaspoons. Promptly knocking my ass out.

Anyway, while being sick, I was enraptured with books. My co-worker who is just as Pride & Prejudice obsesses as I am, has been loaning me books continuing the story. I think I've mentioned them. Anyway, I had to finish the second one she gave me. I will probably need to buy them for myself as I had the hardest time putting them down. (I think I may require professional help . . . )

Therefore, because I was obsessed and sick, I have not read a single blog for nearly a week. I have so many to catch up on. Which probably won't be until Sunday night or Monday at the earliest. So, please forgive my sorry obsessive ass for not reading and commenting on all your blogs. I beg your forgiveness.  Not to mention I haven't really written in the way of blogs for the week, either.

Today was my last day at Homeward Bound. If you're a newer follower and don't know about Homeward Bound, I have a button to the left. After cleaning up after 40 dogs (at least), one of the volunteers had brought carrot cake, some bagels, and donuts. Jody, the owner, myself and other volunteers enjoyed some food (after washing our hands thoroughly!!) and took a break from working. Several hugs were given, and I held back the tears. I nearly cried as I drove away, looking back on the property as I drove away.

Tonight is my last night at work. My co-workers are having a potluck for me. And tomorrow is my last day at Saddle Pals (also a button to the left, if you haven't read previous blogs about them). I have too many lasts coming at me!

So please, forgive me for my being absent for a few more days. Once this weekend is over, I shall have a few more spare minutes to catch up on blogs and commenting. I shall return, I swear!

By the way . . . have I mentioned this yet:
I have one more night of work left!!!!! Please picture the biggest, goofiest grin a person can have on their face.



  1. Enjoy your last night of work! What are they going to do, fire you? :)

  2. What a great grin it is! Enjoy being almost done...and congrats again...somewhere out there is a hunky vet just waiting for you (and that older vet to pass on the practice). hehe.

  3. I can almost see your grin from here! Congrats on bringing an end to one chapter and beginning to open another. Hope you feel better soon!

  4. LOL--adorable! I can totally picture you all bouncy and big-grin-y! Don't even worry about not having the time to read blogs--it happens. *Hugs* Congrats on the start of a brand new chapter in your life...

    ...may there be a Mr. Darcy in it for you. ;)

  5. Krissy - I know, right? lol

    Jewels - I shall keep my eyes open for that hunky vet!! lol

    Soapbox - It's kind of a Cheshire cat grin, isn't it? lol

    Frisky - My Mr. Darcy? Oh I hope so! lol

  6. It's ok, we'll be here when you're ready!



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