Wednesday, February 16, 2011

For the love of fortune cookies

Once I move in a few days, I will no longer have access to the convenient drive-thru's that surround me. Therefore, I have been visiting them, so I can have one last taste. Trust me when I say this is a perk, as these damned drive-thru's are far too convenient. 
Last night I had an odd craving for Panda Express, so I divulged. Especially considering I can easily squeeze three meals out of the one that they give me, my $6 is fairly well spent. And I love orange chicken. Lord help me. I got back home and started digging in. I found my fortune cookie in the bag and was shocked to find out that I had received two fortune cookies. 
I immediately thought of the Frisky Virgin's recent run-in with fortune cookies, and suddenly fear that I would get two that were the same and mentioned something my "my wife".
I cracked open the first cookie. Here's what I got.
"You will step on the soil of many countries."

Oh really? And being unemployed and poor . . . exactly how am I supposed to do that? Hitch hike? My thumb is too damned small, no one would see me stick it out.
I cracked open the second cookie, hoping for something slightly better. This is it.
"You will receive an unexpected gift from an acquaintance."
Hmmm. Interesting. I thought maybe that gift would be hearing back from the guys I have begged help from for moving. (So far, no. Insert dirty words here). I pushed it out of my mind and continued stuffing my face with orange chicken.
This morning I awoke to my phone vibrating on my nightstand. My mom had forwarded me a text from my dad, telling her what I'm getting back on my taxes. See, usually, I owe State but I get a tiny bit from Federal. Last year, what I got from Federal paid State, so I broke even. Better than nothing, I suppose.  This is the first year ever that I don't owe somebody something. I'm actually getting a lot back. If I hadn't already been lying down, the shock of this would have me laying down . . . . not on purpose.
Sooooo . . . does that make the IRS my "acquaintance"?
*I will continue my Memory Lane Wednesday once I'm settled in my new home*


  1. Yes, I think the IRS is an someone you know personally! That's great. I hope you get someone to help you move.

  2. Belle - But I'm not really sure I WANT to know them, or them to know me, so personally. LOL

  3. hahaha. Don't ask questions just take the money and run! :-)


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