Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Guac? Yuck!

When I'm at Job 3 on the weekends, I sometimes like to treat myself to eating out. I don't eat out a lot anymore - not since moving to Sticksville. Mostly because there's not much to choose from. But also because Papa D and K feed me. And K is a pretty darned good cook. And she puts up with my "persnicketiness". God Bless her.

Anywho, there are a few options when I'm in Town to eat at. There are a couple of sub shops, a couple of burger joints, a Mexican restaurant, and an Italian place, even a Chinese restaurant. Since I could live off burgers, I typically enjoy a nice burger when I go out. Or I'll hit a sub shop.

Awhile back, I went in to one of the sub shops and asked for a turkey sandwich. The sandwich moves down the line, although I don't because the line of people is actually quite long. I can't see over the counter because I'm too short. I can't see through the glass for all the stupid stickers. As I finally edge over to see the third set of hands touching my sandwich, I see her with the icky green stuff - guacamole.

As the knife is in the air with that icky stuff on it, heading towards my sandwich, I said, "Oh, no guac please."

She didn't hear me because that nasty green stuff got spread all over my sandwich. All I could get out was "NONONONONONONONONONO".

I not only caught the young girl's attention, but everyone else in the sub shop, too. I also scared the poor girl. She stared at me with the deer in the headlights look. I finally could put together a cohesive sentence and told her, "I don't want guacamole." She started scraping it off, apologizing profusely. The gal that had started my sandwich offered to make me a new one. The line was already out the door, so I was trying to be nice to those behind me, and told them she could just scrape it off, I'll live. The poor girl kept apologizing to me while scraping that nasty green crud, taking quite a bit of bread with it.

I apologized to her for scaring her, and told her that I didn't see it until it was too late due to the stickers on the glass. I told her if she just put extra mayo and mustard on it I should be good. The last gal to touch my sandwich told me that my food was on the house due to the mix-up. I thanked her and told her she didn't have to do that, it was an honest mistake. (Most people like guacamole, so the poor girl was just in a groove) She insisted that she buy my lunch, so I let her.

That was a pretty good sandwich. And no, whatever guac that was left on there didn't make it good.  ;o)


  1. we have to pay extra for avocado at our Subway shops so no chance of it being accidentally put on. Not that I mind, I quite like it

  2. Bah, should have said “You have failed me for the last time” and force choked her.

    My problem is I hate cheese with a vengeance, so when the employee’s gloved hands touch cheese and then serve the next in line – me, I don’t want anything.

    Yep, I’m a freak. :P

  3. Mynx - I wish they charged extra for it here! lol

    Drake - hahaha! We all have our oddities.

  4. You're post made me giggle, simply because i was in the middle of eating an avocado at the time and thinking "yum i love icky green stuff"!!!!

  5. I wouldn't want that green stuff either, not on a sandwich anyways.


  6. I have never been to a Subway but I like the build it yourself option. I have just recently realized that I like guac...but I know plenty of people who just can't stomach it. That is hilarious that you yelled at her though (in a non mean way of course).

  7. Tracy - Your comment made me laugh! Perfect timing for the whole avocado deal!

    CBG - Yay! Another no green-stuff person! lol

    Jewels - My mom says I will eventually like it. I doubt it! lol And I really didn't MEAN to yell. What made it worse is that one's voice carries very easily . . . well, that's my story anyway! lol

  8. I've never been to Subway, it always smells nice but looks very plastic (I don't eat most fast food for this reason). The majority of sandwich shops are build your own though, so it's easy to get what you like. Guacamole is usually reserved for mexican food though, at least it is here.


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