Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Something unexpected dropped by the clinic today

Sometimes you just get something cool at the vet's office.

It's a Great Horned Owl. These folks rehabilitate wild birds, and they think this guy may have seen the wrong end of a barbed wire. It's also possible he was bitten by something. They wanted the vet to take a look at his leg, because the wound wasn't healing properly - too much proud flesh. Proud flesh is a normal part of the healing process, but on occasion, too much builds up and the skin can't grow up to get over it. So you have to "debride" the proud flesh away on a regular basis to get the wound to heal properly.

The gal was putting vet-wrap over the talons, so the bird didn't accidentally slice the vet wide open while working on the would. The vet cut away some of the proud flesh, then sutured it up.

And while I'm writing about the vet clinic, I should make it known that the vet that had the quad accident is back at work. Can't keep him down, actually. He's in a neck brace and his arm is in a sling, but he still manages to do a lot.

I'm just thankful he brings an extra tech so that I'm not alone in the heavy lifting. Plus it's nice to have someone else do stuff in the back while I take care of people up front. Usually, it's just me and the vet, and I have to help him during exams, check people in and out, answer the phones, and grab stuff for him during surgery. Oh, I also try to draw up the vaccines before the clients & patients show up so that everything is prepared for when they show up. Yeah, it gets a little hectic around there.

Next week we have six surgeries, which is . . . how should I put this, only about 4 more than we typically do over here in Sticksville. Occasionally we'll have four, but only two that require surgical packs. Feline neuters don't require them, and they only take about 5 minutes each, so they hardly count. I have two dog neuters, two dog spays, and two cat spays. Every single one of them requires a surgical pack. So I put in a request for two more packs, and I can clean some in the meantime.

Oh and the two dog neuters? Each dog weighs close to 100lbs (or about 45 kilos for my international followers). Yeah. Fun.


  1. Wow.. your job sounds cool!

    I didn't realise how much more prep it took to neuter a male cat than to spay a female.. no wonder my female cat was so annoyed after her op! xx

  2. That owl is gorgeous but he looks kinda cranky.
    I think your vet job would be so interesting at times even if it gets a little hectic

  3. That owl is too cool. I'm sure it is nice to break up the cows, dogs, and such with something to beautiful! Good luck with the surgeries! :)

  4. Charlotte - It is pretty cool sometimes. And yes, your female cat has a right to be annoyed! lol

    Mynx - I think he was kind of cranky, too. Birds stress out so easily, but he actually did pretty well. They put a towel over his head.

    Jewels - Yeah, I had to double check with the vet to make sure he was up for it, being that they don't do that much work on exotic animals. It was a new experience for us!

  5. *squealing "awwwwwwwww"* I WANT THE OWL! Could he be any cuter! Those big eyes!!! Did he have an acceptance letter with the Hogwarts seal on him, by chance?

    Seriously, I. Must. Have. The. Owl. I want to hug him.

  6. I totally didn't even think of the Hogwarts deal when I saw him. LOL I should have though. I WISH he had, then I would have brought you along. lol

    BTW, your comment had me laughing so hard. Have I told you lately that I LOVE your comments? lol


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