Thursday, May 29, 2014

Indie Chick Lit Book Tour!

Unfaithfully Yours: Confessions of a Cheating Bitch

My name is Chrystal Rose and I’m a cheating bitch. I’m not the first woman to cheat and I won’t be the last. I’m just one of the few who’ll admit to it. Forget what you think you know about cheaters. You think once we are, we always are. You think it’s all about sex. You think we’re whores. Maybe we are.
Maybe we’re just looking for the right one, the right one to keep us faithful. Maybe that’s you. Or maybe it’s no one. 
Either way, I spent 6 years with a man I wasn’t in love with, but promised to marry. And I cheated on him, mercilessly. This is my story.

This is my second review for Indie Chick Lit, and it's the second time they've taken me outside my comfort zone. First with vampires, now cheating. And I'm loving it.

Unfaithfully Yours is a memoir by Chrystal Rose, who lays it all on the line. She tells it just like it is and there is no sugar-coating option.

What I loved was that the book didn't begin with Chrystal as an adult, cheating away. It begins with her childhood and the how the events of her childhood shaped her beliefs, her thoughts, her ideals, and how to lie. Another thing I enjoyed about this book was that I went full circle in my feelings about Chrystal herself. I started off liking her, then I felt bad for her, then I wasn't sure how much I liked her, she aggravated me, I felt happy for her, I felt bad for her, and in the end, liked her.

Anyone who can survive a "therapeutic boarding school" that removes you from your bed in a "covert ninja-style operation where I was snatched from my bed rather than allowed to discuss it like a human" gets a lot of brownie points from me. But essentially, this is where she learned to how to lie so well. After surviving boarding school, she sets out in the world at age 18 to find her place in it.

She admits that she loves alcohol and sex, and not necessarily in that order. She always manages to have at least one job (in some cases three jobs at once, which I can completely relate to as I currently work three jobs and I totally applaud her for it, because, trust me, it ain't easy), and keeps her life in order.

I felt bad for her while she was with Shark Boy for so long, the man she "spent 6 years with, wasn't in love with, yet promised to marry". I never once felt sorry for Shark Boy, oddly enough. And I saw everything she didn't with Abaddon.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I laughed, I giggled, I facepalmed, I shook my head, I got angry and felt relief.  I give Chrystal brownie points for having the lady balls to write a memoir about her cheating past. She did it in an entertaining way, all the while, giving you pointers, tips, and do's and don'ts and how to tell if your guy is a "mama's boy". I enjoyed her tale of her life thus far and hope that she will do more in the future.

Where can you get your copy? You can shop with the Indie Chicks at their online bookstore!

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