Thursday, September 8, 2011

Who wants to look like a bobble-head?

I came across these pictures a little while back. And I was kind of sickened by one of them. Okay, maybe not sickened, but I did think there was something wrong. Maybe it's the angle of the camera? Yeah, we can stick to that theory.

It's quite possible it's just me, but it seems that Scarlett Johansson's head doesn't fit with her body. And she's super skinny. Maybe it's the dress? Camera angle and the way she's standing? Whatever happened to her curvaceous curves? Maybe it's just a combination of things. But I thought she was gorgeous when she was curvy.

Now, I know I mentioned in a previous post about my past issues with Jennifer Love Hewitt. However, it's been several years since she made out with a boyfriend in a dream, and I'm over that. And now, I'm not opposed to watching her in something. And I'm definitely not opposed to saying she's gorgeous.

Is it wrong for women to have curves? Nope, I don't think so. At least the only thing that's super-sized are her boobs. At least she doesn't look like an odd version of a bobble-head doll. I really wish Hollywood would quit the pressure to be skinny.

I'm just sayin'.


  1. I'm anti bobble head. They freak me the hell out. I don't think that most pictures of Scarlett look bobblehead-ish so it must be the angle. I HATE the super skinny nonsense not just because I'm not but because I don't think it is a healthy example to set for young girls. I adore Adele & Beyonce as well as plenty of other curvy women in Hollywood.

  2. Totally agree. I seem to remember reading somewhere that S.J. did lose weight a while ago. I guess she likes the top-heavy look. I do like JLH, I think she's really pretty, though I don;'t know if her boobs are au-naturel, they do seem super sized

  3. Jewels - I know, it could be a number of factors making her head look too large. No, the skinny bit isn't a good example. There's a fine line between curvaceous and obese. Having a little extra isn't going to kill you.

    Alessandra - I think I remember that, too. But I really don't pay too close attention to most things celebrity because it makes me do eye-rolls that give me migraines. lol

  4. I am anti bobble head too and that first photo of's the angle. I've seen that photo in a magazine and it's actually quite lovely and she doesn't look like she's in a fun house mirror.

  5. Yeah I see what you mean, her head just looks freaky!

  6. Women are MEANT To have curves!! And I am not just saying that cause I am EXTRA Curvy, I have felt so passionate about this and blogged about it too. I HATED when Kate Moss was the "ideal" really? its GOOD to look like a 12 year old boy? WHY?! I love the site Judgement of Paris if you want to ever check it out, it celebrates "plus size" models, even though they are really just average (that is why I hate the term plus size too!) :)

  7. Curves are definitely more sexy!!! It's such a shame women can't embrace and celebrate the curves we were born with.

  8. wow that is a crazy weird picture of Scarlett!!!

    I have always loved J LOVE (get it, J Lo, J LOVE... okay its only funny to me!!!

  9. WOW. Scarlett looks really odd in that picture! I'm guessing it's just the camera angle because she really does look like a bobble head!

    Jennifer Love Hewitt is so natural and down to earth. Gorgeous pic of her! Love the dress and her hair!


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