Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Random Happenings

You know what happens when you're busy? You don't blog.

Seriously. It's either that or writers block. Which sucks, by the way.

I have a post I want to do for y'all, but I will wait until it's published in my grandparents paper. But I will give you a heads up - it's about the town my ancestors settled. Complete with pictures. Anyway, that got me on a genealogy kick, and I admit, that's just one of the several reasons I haven't blogged in the last week. I'm too busy killing my eye balls at

Life around the ranch has pretty much been the same. Although our fall herd is starting to calve, so it could get interesting. Oh wait. It did.

My grandmother had to be out of town for two days. The night before she left, one cow had twins. We were all a bit nervous about tagging the calves because K wouldn't be there. I haven't actually tagged calves, but I figured between Papa D, myself, and K's brother we'd get it done. We did. It totally helped that the twins mama was super nice and wanted the hay more than her calves. K's bro roped each calf and I gave the shots, and Papa D iodined their navels.

You probably went "awww" when I said that the cow had twins. She had a boy and a girl. I have since learned that if a cow has twins, you don't want one of each. Reason being is that the girl winds up being exposed to too much testosterone while in the womb and is quite often infertile. Not good when you usually use those little heifer calves to replace old cows in a couple years. But they are still cute little buggers.

Work at the vet's has been good - last Saturday was actually quite busy. I was a bit annoyed with the high school helper. Very nice kid, very friendly, very outgoing. It's just that, a little of him goes a very long way. Today, was a nice laid back day in the Sticksville clinic, though. The doctor actually washed his truck as our surgeries cancelled, so he had two free hours. I'm just glad he didn't make me do it.

Oh, I almost forgot. The excitement of the past week has been Burning Man traffic. If you haven't heard of it, it's where 50,000+ people spend a week in the alkaline desert of Nevada. No power, no RV hookups, no showers. This part of the state sees a lot of these people drive through. In every kind of vehicle to compact sedans, all kinda of RV's . . . people even rent U-Haul and Budget moving trucks to haul all their stuff out there. Insanity. And you always know them when they return - every inch of their vehicle is white from the alkaline dust. 

I'm just glad that the traffic is gone.


  1. I love your posts about the town you live in--it sounds like something you'd see in a movie.

    Can't wait to read the piece you've written! Oh, my Dad loves researching ancestry--he said it can be so addicting.

    Aww, twin baby cows!! They must be so dang cute!!!

    It's been one of those quiet blogging weeks for me, too. Some of it's writer's block--some of it's having so much in your brain you don't know where to begin. lol

  2. It has been very quiet in blog world all round it seems. So what is the purpose of the week in the Alkaline desert? Or is it just some sort of trend?

  3. Aww I'd love to find out about my ancesters! :)

    And the twin calves sound adorable!

  4. Frisky - LOL So glad you enjoy my little slice of "hollywood" ;o)

    Mynx - It's some sort of artsy thing, where nudity is an option. It's a bit like a watered down Woodstock, just no main stage for headliners. It's also one of the dustiest places on earth while they are there.

    Hazel - Great part is, anyone can do geneaology. Just start sleuthing! lol


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