Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Panties Are Confused.....

I kind of had a whirlwind of a weekend. Saturday was one crazy day at the vet's. Looking at the appointment book in the morning, it looked like we'd be steady busy all day. As soon I turned the phones on (meaning, took them off the night message), they rang non-stop for 20 minutes. Part way through the morning, one of the high school girls that works weekends ran out of stuff to do. So what does she do? Parks it at the front desk, texts, and does nothing. In front of people. Yeah. I wasn't overly pleased. So I had her file some patient records while I was doing other things. And I found that she doesn't know how to properly file alphabetically. *sigh*

Mid-morning, the vet tells me that we have an emergency coming in. A guy came in with a dog that has a fractured leg (not our emergency, he had an appointment). The vet wanted a couple of x-rays, so he called the young girl in, found out she's only 15 and can't assist with x-rays. Luckily all the folks up front were totally understanding and extremely patient. I donned a lead apron and took some pictures. Their digital x-ray machine is awesome. We don't have to waste time developing the x-rays, because I've done that and it's not exactly fun. The guy leaves the dog so we can put a cast on the leg.

Papa D showed up to ask the vet a question, and unfortunately, showed up at the exact wrong time. He showed up as the place got massively crazy. He sat around for awhile, and was duly impressed with the Great Dane in the front lobby, patiently awaiting is turn. Papa D wound up leaving without getting to ask his question, but later got to ask the recently retired vet at a Cattlemen's BBQ the next day.

The emergency showed up, the guy having the dog semi-wrapped in a wet towel. He said the dog's chest was cut wide open, so I went ahead and put them in an exam room to keep them out of the bussel that was the front office. They showed me the "wound", and the right side of the chest was flayed wide open. You could see bone and muscle. Evidently the dog was running around their house, and somehow managed to catch itself on a metal stake in their yard, slicing it's chest wide open. Luckily there wasn't a ton of bleeding going in, and we had them drop the dog off so we could stitch him up during lunch. Our regular tech had left for a couple hours to go judge a Humane Society Dog Show, and for about ten minutes I thought I was going to have to learn how to cast a leg.

Fortunately, the tech showed up as I was getting stuff set up, and I ran off to Subway to get me and Doc a sandwich. Doc casted the broken leg, and then started stitching up the emergency dog. People wound up waiting about 45 minutes for their appointments. They understood about the emergency. To help get things moving smoother and faster when the Doc was done, I drew up vaccinations and stashed them in their files so they were all ready to go.

Needless to say, after work, I was pooped.

Sunday I got up early and loaded up papers in my car, and set out to deliver. I got to Redding, ran a couple of errands - namely the book store because I'm addicted to Kathy Reichs now (her books inspired the show Bones), and took my car in for an oil change. I picked up a bag of ice for my parents, and got home just before the party started. I had completely forgotten that it was the night of my parents monthly "friends dinner" and it was their turn to host it that night. My parents and their friends decided awhile back that they never saw each other, so to remedy that, they decided to get together once a month for dinner, and take turns hosting everyone. These are some pretty freaking awesome people, in my humble opinion. Oddly enough, my dad worked with the women for several years at his job. Over the years, my parents became very good friends with those women and their spouses. This group of people are the folks who helped my parents during the time my Granddad was in the hospital and after he passed away. They brought food to Granny's house, to the hospital, checked in on our animals during the day, and hosted the wake. They went above and beyond the call of duty. Mom fixed pulled-pork sliders, cole slaw, macaroni salad for me (because I don't like slaw), and mesquite beans. OH. MY. GOD. Delicious doesn't do justice. Everyone showed up around 3ish, we ate around 4:30 or 5, and visited and laughed until after 7.

And here's where the title comes in. One gal told the story of noticing her 3 year old granddaughter walking funny and "adjusting herself", and asked her, "Do you have to go to the bathroom. The girl replied, "No. My panties are confused!" The entire table was in tears from laughter.

Granny is getting all settled in at my parents house. Her old house is officially sold, and she is now at my parents house. She's kicked me out of my bedroom, and even my bathroom! I'm fine with it, because if I'd rather be kicked out by Granny than someone random person my parents found to rent my room to or something. My cousin's hubby should be starting construction on the house in about 3 weeks. He's filing the plans and pulling permits. My bedroom will be remodeled and made into a master suite. Granny will have a sitting area, sleeping area, walk-in closet, and bathroom. One of my bedroom walls will be going out 12 feet. Another wall, 10 feet - and my parents will have to have two trees removed and the new paver patio they put in last year. Hopefully my parents will take pics and I will when I'm there, so hopefully I can post pics of the construction and finished product.

Monday I got up and ran back to Redding to run a couple more errands, had lunch with Dad and Granny, ran to Mom's office to say good-bye, and was off to finish delivering papers. I finally made it home around 7ish, and was completely worn out by the time I got my car unloaded.

Aren't weekends supposed to be relaxing? My weekends wear me out!

Oh, and I nearly forgot to update you: Miss Harriet is all back to normal. By Thursday night she was jumping on the couch and running around the house. I'm still amazed at how little she is; that fur of hers really makes her look a lot bigger than she actually is.


  1. I love it when children say hilarious things!

    But I hate how girls like that with no regard for work get jobs!

    I'm glad your cat is all better too :)

  2. I was tired from reading that! And then I scrunched my eyes shut when we got to the poor injured dog and one day you will have to tell me what mesquite beans are! Because let's face it, I love beans! Next weekend, relax woman and wish me luck as I go and hunt out postcards! lol

  3. MMMMMMM.....mesquite beans :-)

    My second cousin has a young son who is notorious for coming up with hilarious things to say. I first met him at my sister's wedding last summer; this kid had all of us cracking up!

    I know what you mean about being too pooped after work...I've been the same way for the last month or so. My weekends have sucked because lately I'm too tired to do anything except vegetate on the couch.

  4. So glad that Miss Harriet is okay. I thought of her while my grandmother's friend rode out the hurricane at our house (her name is Harriet). I swear to you that kids say the most hilarious things.

    My weekend are always too short and always too busy but you may have me beat! Wow!

  5. Hazel - Out of the mouth of babes. lol And while I know the poor girl doesn't know much, but to just come up front and do nothing but try to visit with me is a bit annoying.

    Average Girl - I will ask my mom for her recipe so you can try them. They were GOOD!

    chocolateangel - One job wears you out enough. It's rare that I get an entire day off from all three. lol

    Jewels - Me too! I was really worried and of course, completely guilt ridden. And yes, kids don't really have much of a filter, and the way they'll state something can come out so hilarious.

  6. Holy smokes!

    Your first post and I can FEEL the chaos you had this weekend! Can also feel the love you have for family and that's pretty neat.

    So glad to hear the emergency dog was okay. By the initial description, I thought the post was not going to end well and I was going to cry myself to sleep.

    And, yes, you can NEVER go wrong with THAT song you mentioned over at my neck of the woods.

    It's GOLDEN.


  7. Kids say the cutest things. I dont think I could work with sick animals. I would spend the whole time in tears

  8. StephanieC - Thanks for popping over! And the crazy thing about the ER dog, totally calm. Didn't whine, bark, whimper, just sat there all calm. Weird.

    Mynx - Sometimes it's really hard. Especially when people come in to euthanize their pets and they're in tears.

  9. The doggy made me sad, the food made me hungry, and the "panties are confused" line is freaking priceless!!!

    Still waiting on that hot vet to get transferred to your town. lol


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