Monday, August 22, 2011

An Award For Me? Awww, Shucks.

Before I get to the awards, I would first like to welcome some new followers! A couple of them are also joining up for the Postcard Campaign, which is awesome! Just means more mailbox love! So thank you for following, hope you enjoy!

A little while ago, Jewels named me one of her Gems, in her post thanking those that helped to pimp out her new blog location. How could anyone not want to pimp out her blog? It's pretty awesome. Plus, she pimped out the Postcard Campaign, so that makes her even more awesome.

And the other day, Hazel gifted me the I Dig Your Blog Award. I'm just ecstatic that Hazel is blogging again as I missed her posts.

I know that there were no rules for Jewels' award, and Hazel didn't really mention too much about rules. So I will just mention three random facts about myself and then pass it on to three blogs.

I love Ansel Adams photography.
I once had a dream that Jennifer Love Hewitt made out with a guy I was dating, and the poor guy had no idea why I was mad at him for a week. I despised her for years.
I'm addicted to popcorn. It runs in the family. ;o)

And now for the blogs I will pass on the I Dig Your Blog Award to! Canadian Blogger Girl, The Adventures of Cinderita, and The Frisky Virgin.


  1. Haha it's funny how much dreams affect reality!

  2. Awww, thank you so much! This is so the best way to start off the week!!!

    Your Jennifer Love Hewitt dream made me laugh out loud! Like Hazel said, it's strange how dreams affect our real life impressions sometimes. lol

    I love popcorn! I went with my dad over to Blockbuster (he likes to buy their previously viewed movies at discounted prices lol) and they had set out a ton of little plastic cups filled with popcorn. Some were plain butter, some caramel, some had chocolate drizzled on top, etc. Well, I grabbed a small cup of the butter popcorn, but my dad...he had grabbed around five little cups (he wanted one of each...two of the one he liked best). I was mortified. The ladies who work there know him by now, I think, and just laughed. Of course, they let him have as much as he wanted. lol

  3. Your dream had me giggling :). Congrats on the Awards too!

  4. Congrats on your awards and props to the bloggers you bestowed in return. Well done! Poor J. Love, girl next door who turns out to be a wanton woman in someone's dreams!

  5. Hazel - Oh seriously. I've had a couple dreams where I can't actually remember if that DID or DID NOT happen in reality. Although, I knew that whole Jennifer Love Hewitt thing was a dream. And as irrational as it was, I was still mad at my boy for something he never did. lol

    Frisky - LMAO I adore your dad! That's awesome! I used to go to Blockbuster and would also buy used DVD's. Then I found Netflix. lol

    twilight - Thank you! And yes, I laugh about the dream now, too. But I don't think I've ever told the guy about the dream.

    Empress - Thanks! Yeah, now I actually like her and don't mind watching something she's in. But for quite awhile I was like, "OMG another J. Love movie?!" lol

  6. haha. I'm sure she deserved your anger for some reason or another (probably her mediocre acting and bad choice of roles). I love it.

    So glad that you enjoyed the award. Just so you know it got here your postcard was great. I still need to do an "I GOT IT" post...promise it is in the works. :)

  7. Jewels - lmao And I'm pretty sure it had *nothing* to do with her push-up bra and low-cut shirts, either. ;o)

    Glad you go the postcard!

  8. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I'm sorry it took me a couple of days to get here, but I'm having so much trouble leaving comments on blogger that it is so frustrating, so unless i'm posting or just reading, i don't get here as much as i would like until i get home. Anyway, thank you so much! I love this award and will cherish it. I will also pay it forward this weekend. xo Oh and congratulations TO YOU!

  9. PS..have I mentioned how much I love what you've done to the place? it looks fantastic!


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