Friday, August 5, 2011

I have an idea - but will it work?

I shall toss this idea out into the blogoshphere even though I have no idea if anyone will jump on the bandwagon. Or exactly how it will work. I just know that I've thought of it before, and after a couple days ago, I've been thinking about it every day. And I will gladly take your input.

The other day I got my mail. It was all a bunch of crapola. Most of my bills I either pay online or in person anymore. My rent and utilities are graciously paid for by my employers (aka, my grandparents). So in my mailbox was all junk mail. I didn't keep a single thing. I ripped it up and shoved it in the trash. It's freaking depressing, folks. Anymore, the only thing I have to look forward to is a DVD from Netflix, or on the off-chance I've made a purchase online, a package from whatever website I splurged on.

That's just sad, people.

I've written in the past about pen-pals I used to write to. I mean, actual physical letters. I was put a stamp on it, and mail it. And waited on pins and needles to get a reply. And believe me when I say, I always smiled when I got mail. Now, I started writing to pen-pals when I was in the 7th grade. And back then, that was the only mail I received at that age. After I moved out, I got bills which didn't make me smile. But what did were the letters I received. I even wrote these letters not using an email. After awhile, I would type the letters instead of handwriting them because I was usually typing an essay or research paper for my professors - so why not write a letter while I was sitting there. But I would always sign my name. It was the least I could do, right?

These days, I'll get a birthday card, or a Christmas card in the mail. That's about it. And that's only two days out of the year that people take time out to send someone else a card.

Here's what I propose: Some sort of letter campaign. Not even really a campaign per se. Devoting time to a lost art of sending something in the mail, just knowing that when that person opens their box, they get a smile. Postcard, letter, a simple card that just says "hi". Something simple. It doesn't have to be a 10 page letter unless you want it to be. There could be a rotation of some kind - one month it's my turn. Next month it's your turn. Of course, this only works if we are willing to hand over our physical/mailing addresses. I wouldn't ask anyone to post their information in the comment section - sending it via email would preserve some amount of privacy. And when you get a postcard, letter, or regular card from so-and-so, you can share it. Tell us what state it came from or something.

Anyway, I know that postal rates differ if we're mailing over our borders, but buying a stamp or two to send a card to someone across the pond or something can't be all that bad, right?

So, that's my idea. I'd love your feedback on this. Even if I just get a couple of people who want to do it, that's okay, too. So tell me what you think.


  1. I'm in!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had tons of penpals all over the world when I was kid. I love the idea, count me in, just let me know what I have to do and when!!!

  2. I could do postcards. It would be fun to find you some cute Aussie ones. Email me :)

  3. Meh, might be tempted if it weren’t for the fact that my writing is illegible, the pen digs into me because I can’t hold it properly, and I’m really, really lazy.

  4. Average Girl and Mynx - Yeah! It's really whatever is easiest for you. We shall email. :o)

    Drake - You big wussy-lala. lol

  5. Yeah, I'm in. Just let me know the where's and whens!

  6. I'm absolutely in...sorry for the late reply! YAY

  7. I think I'm in, postcards would be more fun and more doable. I would love to get postcards from other places, then we could all share them. I used to have pen pals too when I was young, and it was fun. We need to do some logistics planning though. Who's going to start? Do we all have each other's addresses or will there be just one holder of all of them? What's the time line? Ok, as you can see I have way too much time on my hands right now, I'll shut up and let you

  8. CWMartin - yay! Shoot me an email you shall be in all the planning!

    Jewels - I was pretty sure you'd be in! ;o)

    Alessandra - So many GOOD questions! lol I agree that postcards are more feasible than letters. We shall all have to email and figure it out. I'm open to all logistics ideas, as it's apparent I hadn't completely thought it through. lol Shoot me an email and put forth your good ideas! :o)

  9. I agree about how getting no mail is so depressing! I love the post card idea though, they'd be great memento's to keep! I'm in :)


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