Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Scary Water and Politics

Evidently Mexico is not the only place with water that you shouldn't drink. Or swim in. Or possibly be in the same zip code as.

Three people have died from a brain eating amoeba in the water.

What the . . . ?

This little brainless organism was discovered in the 60's, and it doesn't kill everyone it comes into contact with. Picky little buggers. But it seems that 3 or 4 people die each year from this single-celled organism as it climbs up their noses and eats their brains. One kid died after being dunked in the water at a fishing camp. Another after just swimming. And the last guy from using tap water for his "neti pot". The CDC found that it was just his house that was contaminated, not the general supply and suggests that only distilled or boiled water be used for "neti pots".

Moral of the story?

Plug your nose.

Know what else is scary? Brain eating Politicians. Now, normally I don't talk politics. One, because it's typically not discussed in my family, because in some cases, it's polar opposite views. Two, I'm pretty much of the "middle of the road" mentality. Three, all politicians lie to varying degrees. Four, it's getting worse - like to the point I'm ready to claim I'm Canadian. And five, it's just a really big can of worms, because it opens up all kinds of worm cans.

Politicians have always seem more full of hot air than the average person. However, the new crop of politicians for our Presidential 2012 race is scaring the heebie-jeebies out of me. The Republican front-runners, to me, come off as more Evangelists than politicians. And that kind of combination has me shaking in my Skechers.

Now, this where all the other worm cans get opened. Anymore, politics isn't just "politics". It's religion. I'm not sure how religion became such a huge part. Maybe it's always been there and I've just been completely blind. That's entirely possible. But this Presidential race seems worse than just four years ago. I myself am not very religious. I have never attended church, and it actually just doesn't appeal to me all that much. I do have decent moral compass and try to be a good person and citizen. I recycle my bottles and my cans. I don't make fun of people with disabilities. I volunteer when I can. I don't believe in cheating on a significant other. And I try not to hold other people's decisions or beliefs against them; I try to keep an open mind.

But this . . . this I don't get. I recently read this about Michele Gagman Bachmann:

“She’s a perfect product of the religious right…” In detailing Bachmann’s biblical world view that stemmed from Francis Schaeffer, “All reality is determined by theological starting point, and so basically every single aspect of public life, science, history, economics, everything is determined by your religious beliefs and only those with the correct religious beliefs can correctly perceive any sort of reality, and it’s a way in which you can dismiss huge swaths of history, evolution, you can basically say that anything that doesn’t fit with your ideology is the product of mistaken theological premise.” source

Call me crazy, but I'm not sure I understand. I understand religion plays a huge role in a lot of people's lives, but I'm not sure even the Pope is so extreme. What really confuses me is this:

" . . . everything is determined by your religious beliefs and only those with the correct religious beliefs can correctly perceive any sort of reality . . . "

Yeah. I don't get that. Just stick a dunce cap on me and stick me in a corner. Religion is one thing. Extreme is another. I'm not really sure I want someone who thinks that way to lead my country. Actually, I'm damn sure. Religion isn't really going to help get our country back on track, it will only divide the masses further. What the candidates should really worry about is the economy, jobs, the country's credit rating and debts.

God didn't have a hand that mess. Man did. So man needs to fix it.

So, if the world ends in 2012 as the Mayan calendar suggests, do we get to blame the world leaders (at the time) for that? Or an ancient civilization?

According to a recent poll, 35% of those who support Michele Bachmann thought the rapture was coming on May 21.

Yeah. That is scary.

Hmmm. Politicians or brain-eating amoebas?

Anyone got a coin to flip?


  1. Christ that brain eating parasite is terrifying! I thought the flesh-eating disease was bad! And don't forget the fish that is attracted to urine and can swim up a man's dick!

    So many nasty things :(

  2. Scary brain eating dude! I dare not tell my daughter about this or she will ban her children from playing in any kind of water! Coin flip. Yep, that's about how it's going to be come election day.

  3. Religion is coming more and more into politics as more and more Christians feel that they have to make a stand against the ACLU before we lose all rights. Some pols are sincere in standing up for their faith, others are just playing the spin- unless they are real obvious, only God knows which. I believe there is a place for one's faith in politics. And that is in setting a decent example first. If they can't accomplish that, then they might just as well shut up about the rest. Case in point, we had a Congressman, Christian, high morals, spoke at church groups, etc. Then he got caught by the DNR cheating with a staffer. Your career, your ministry, your family, all blown. Morale of the story- pols should concentrate on their own relationship with God.
    That 35% stat? Just goes to show a) they come in all sizes, and b) the group of founding fathers who wanted to restrict the vote may have been right.
    BTW- I got the Postcard!! Yay!!

  4. Hazel - I forgot about that fish! Unless it's a pool, maybe we should just abstain. lol

    Roan - It makes me leery of bodies of water! lol

    CWMartin - Well said, I completely agree. Yay! glad to hear you got it!! :o)

  5. Although I agree with you regarding the current pres. candidates, I think you might have misunderstood Shaeffer's comment. Let me give an example: I have a friend who is practically an atheist, and whose worldview is naturalism. Naturalism is that worldview that says only the physical world we see is real, some people call it materialism. Anyway, this dude's ideas influence everything he does, how he votes, who he supports, even what he talks about in his classroom etc. He is vehemently against any Christian in politics. Yet, what he condemns religious people for doing, he also does, because his whole life, including his political views are the result of his 'theological starting point'. Why is it that somebody with a christian worldview has to stay out of politics, while somebody with an atheistic or materialistic worldview doesn't have to?
    That said, I do think that politicians should stick to political matters and offer solutions for this mess they have got us into and refrain from constantly telling us how spiritual they are. Sorry, for the long comment, and I got the postcard too, will blog about it tomorrow. YAY

  6. Hahaha - so true - politicians are seriously brain-eating amoebas. Although, I don't want either of them up my nose. And once I read that story about the amoebas I ran right out and bought a bottle of distilled water since I am a "neti-pot" user. Scary world we live in. Politically and biologically.... lol.

  7. Alessandra - You make a good point. I don't think that someone with a Christian world view can't be in politics. Politicians should lead their nation by example; you know, no sexting their interns or mistresses, blaming one group or another for the destruction of something, not taking bribes, not bending the law to suit them, etc. I understand that religion or beliefs play a huge important part in a lot of people's lives, but the country doesn't need to be preached to, it needs leadership.

    Magan - LOL I can totally picture you doing that, too.

  8. That Bachmann chick gives me the willies. There's a reason that there is a separation of church and state....religion and politics in my opinion should NOT go together!!

    Got my post card, btw :-) How do I send you one in return?

  9. Chocolateangel - Yes she is a little frightening! You will be able to send one back on your turn. For September you should get one from Average Girl. :)

  10. Ok. Thank you :-)

  11. Thanks for the reward! Will give it justice soon!



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