Thursday, November 1, 2012

100 Things That Make Me Happy: Part 15

I'm compiling a list of things that make me happy. To catch up on previous posts, please click here. And in no particular order, I continue!

#71. Discovering home-made soaps that a neighbor makes. I just learned a couple weeks ago that she's been making natural, home-made soaps. She sells them locally at farmers markets and a store in downtown Redding that sells only locally made items. She even has her own website - click on the link above or the picture to go check her stuff out! They (the soaps) smell wonderful.
#72. Having my parents home. They are not home yet from their Hawaiian cruise (I'm soooo totally jealous), and that's the problem. Okay, well it's not a problem really. But I'm having to do what they normally do and it's exhausting. I've always been happy to help out where I can, but my mother quite frankly rocks. And my dad is no slouch either. My Granny is easy to please - as long as she has coffee and food, she's a happy camper! lol However, you don't always really know everything someone does until you fill in for them, and that's what's happened while they're in Hawaii. I'm pooped by like 6pm when I get home from work and there's still animals to take care of and dinner to get on the table. My mom is a rock star.
#73. Having been able to feed my Granny edible food while my parents on vacay. I'm not much of a cook and it's not something I really enjoy. I can, I just don't like to. Granny has gotten pretty  much my whole array of cooking skills - pizza (homemade), BLT, grilled cheese, tacos, chili, and Pasta Roni. lol And she hasn't really run for the hills, and she's been eating it so it must be okay! lol
#74. Rainy days. Some winters are dry so we don't really get rainy days to chill around the house. But in NorCal, we've had some rainy days recently and it's kind of nice. Not when I have to walk Libby or walk up the driveway to get the paper obviously. Wednesday was my day off and I just chilled in the 5th wheel with Miss Harriet under some blankets and watched a movie.
#75. I just read an article in a local magazine called Enjoy, that happened to feature a high school classmate. It was so awesome reading about his business and his success in the area. I nearly screamed when I saw the name because I did know him back then when we were all little punk-ass kids. lol


  1. Ok, and what are these natural soaps made from? I don't want a repeat of the Fight Club incident.

    1. LOL Natural oils, shea butter, milk.

  2. Homemade soaps are the best! Wish I had the time to create some. Have my hands full with work and getting our two newest cats adjusted to their new surroundings (now if Bazinga would just cooperate...). How's your new job going, btw?

    I'm a pretty decent cook myself, love to bake! But Hubby has simple tastes. Makes it easy to grocery shop, I guess, lol!

    1. It's going well! Just have to remember to do it their way instead of the way at my old clinic! lol


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