Saturday, April 12, 2014

A-Z Challenge: (The) Key to Midnight

The Key to Midnight by Dean Koontz

Joanna Rand left the U.S. ten years ago to sing in a Japanese nightclub. Ever since, she's been plagued with nightmares of terror. There is only one man can help her -- Alex Hunter. Ten years ago he saw her picture in the papers -- as a senator's daughter who had disappeared. Now he has to bring her memories back to her, memories of a past more terrifying than they dreamed possible...

 I know, another Dean Koontz novel. But I did mention that I love his stuff.  We find Joanna in Japan, owner of her own nightclub. Alex, after meeting her, comes to believe she's the missing senator's daughter. He finds that she can freak out over absolutely nothing and has reocurring nightmares. I would say that while the Russian vs America thing is sitting in the wrong decade (although a side note, this book was originally written in the 70s under a pseudonym), but as of recent events, it may actually be relevant again. In order to find out the truth, the couple set off to England and later Switzerland. Which, is different because Koontz typically sets his novels in California. Another good one to enjoy by Koontz with mysteries everywhere you turn. 


  1. Now I have read some stuff by Koontz a long time back- maybe The Bad Place and Watchers, but I don't really remember. Nowadays I don't get to novels so much.

    1. Watchers is one of my faves, too. Strangers was the first book I ever read by him.


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