Monday, April 21, 2014

A-Z Challenge: Rose Madder

Rose Madder by Stephen King

This is the story of Rose Daniels, "the most richly portrayed female King's ever created" (Detroit Free Press). Escape from her macabre marriage is not as easy as fleeing to a new city, picking a new name, finding a new job, and lucking out with a new man. Not with a husband like Norman...

For the record, I am not a Stephen King fan. I have read only a handful of his books and each one of them freakin' freaks me out. This one, while at first it seems it's a normal, every day evil (domestic abuse) and eventually takes a turn for the oddly supernatural regarding a painting. At some point this chick actually enters a painting. Yeah, it's as weird as it sounds. However, Stephen King does very well with this book and does well with the characters. You really feel for Rose trying to escape a terrible life and find something new and safe and he writes a good villain in Norman. But like normal Stephen King novels there's a huge element of weird in them.


  1. stephen king is definitely twisted, but so good! magic in painting sounds similar to Duma Key, but i know the stories are totally different.
    also enjoyed the janet evanovich series, love quirky, unpredictable characters!
    and Look Again looks great
    thanks for the reviews! and happy a to z-ing!

  2. I'm a big fan of King, and one of my favorite things about his work is the way he creates characters. Doesn't matter if it's in one of his more terrifying stories (SALEM'S LOT, THE STAND, CUJO) or one of the less scary ones (RITA HAYWORTH AND THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION, THE BODY/STAND BY ME.) :)

    Madeline @ The Shellshank Redemption
    Minion, Capt. Alex's Ninja Minion Army
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    1. His books are good, but some of them just simply terrify me. lol

  3. One day, a King book will land in my lap through some potent sorcery and I will read a page, and if the mood takes me I may read another page. And another after that.

    I can't afford to get hooked on them though, the man has like ten thousand novels.

    1. LOL He does have a ton of books out there.

  4. Stephen King is brilliant, scary brilliant. His biography tells of his struggles with learning, supporting himself in his teens, and taking a chance with a short story. He creates horror and evil with excellently chosen words.
    Over from the A to Z.


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