Thursday, July 17, 2014

Relay for Life!!

A board member's wife asked me to join the local Relay for Life team a few weeks ago. It's something I've wanted to get involved in for the past few years, but just never actually did. Probably because I didn't really know how to get involved in something like this. Being that I have family and friends that have been affected by cancer, it's something that means a lot. Everyone knows someone who is battling or has battled, survived or lost. Both my grandmother and my aunt have been diagnosed with it. My BFF recently lost someone very close to her after a long battle with breast cancer. One of Mom's best and longest friends is just now starting her battle with breast cancer (hence the Go Team Dot button).
I've never asked anything from my blogging buds out there, except maybe advice or emotional/moral support. What I ask now is that, if you can, please donate to my Relay for Life team. Even if it's a dollar. I believe that it's important to help people get diagnosed, receive treatment, and research ways to kick cancer's evil ass. I don't want to force this on anyone and believe me, I understand not being able to give money. I'm sure some of my long-time followers remember my issues with the United Way campaign at one of my old jobs. But if you can.
I'm walking for Dot, Granny, my Aunt, the person my BFF lost, an old high school classmate, and all the other people in my life that have battled cancer.  Below is my link to my personal page. If you're unable to donate, you can also dedicate a luminaria.

Thank you.  :)


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