Sunday, July 25, 2010

So there are still some honest guys out there? Yay!

I wasn't going to write about this . . . thus my earlier rant on bad drivers in round-a-bouts, however, it was on my mind while I was trying to nap and thought "why not?" BTW, for those who might be reading this and don't know, I work graveyard, thus my line about napping.

I went on a lunch date today, with a guy named Steve. I could have listened to Steve all day. He's Australian, apparently, and of course, has the wonderful Australian accent to go with it. Now, no sparks flew (sucky), but he was, at least, a nice guy. Honest, actually. It was refreshing. After an hour at lunch, and semi-decent conversation (I did find out this important fact: America is known for cheap jeans. All over the world. Oh and Wal-Mart. Shocker, right?), we leave the restaurant. We get to my car, we each say how nice it was to meet the other, and then he kind of laughs a nervous laugh. Then proceeds to say, "Well, I guess maybe we could be friends?" I kind of laughed myself, and said, "Sure. That's fine." I got in my car, pretty sure I will never see or speak the nice guy again in my life, but I was relieved that he didn't say "I'll call you" (which most women see as the "kiss of death"), and then doesn't and winds up ignoring me out of existance.

So, thanks Steve, for being the first honest and completely upfront guy I've been out with in awhile. You earn a gold star.

And a cookie.

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