Monday, December 19, 2011

I think Libby may need some Christmas Mojo

I had a crazy day on Saturday, yet I can hardly recall it. Saturday Mom showed up with Libby for Dr. D to take a look at her leg. She showed up just before lunch, because we were going to have lunch before the appointment at 1:15. Dr. D took a look at it after lunch and found it to be infected. He wrapped it up and refilled the pain meds, the anti-inflammatory meds, and put her on a stronger antibiotic. After work was our office Christmas dinner at the Italian restaurant in town, and Mom was my plus one. I invited her because she didn't get to come up for Libby's surgery after Thanksgiving, and I knew she could use a girl's weekend. The dinner was good and we had a good turnout.

Sunday, my grandparents had given me the day off, so I promptly slept until 10am. Mom and I baked cookies - oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip, and frosted sugar cookies. YUM!!!! Mom and I also had a little flour fight and . . . 

And I totally won. ;o)

Today (Monday), I went to work over the hill to help with inventory. And let me just say, I'm sooooo over this whole counting thing. I was on my feet for 8 hours, probably walked 5 miles - I'm POOPED. Anyway, Mom brought Libby in for Dr. J to see her. He didn't like the way it was looking, and he does wonder if she's having a reaction to the suture. See, to help keep her knee cap in place, he ran a non-dissovable suture around the knee cap and secured it to a bit of knobby bone on the femur. He's only had one dog in his experience that had a reaction to that suture. However, Libby has not been a very good patient. She managed to dig at the surgery site and tear out a suture. We're hoping that's the infection - external rather than internal. But it ain't pretty folks.

Dr. J asked that Libby stay close for the week so he can monitor her leg. My mom was near tears leaving Libby. Later in the afternoon, Dr. J asked me to leave Libby at the clinic and if it looked like it was starting to heal he'd bus her over to Sticksville on Wednesday. We re-wrapped her leg, and hopefully it will start to show signs of healing.

So I'm asking if y'all can send some good Christmas mojo out for little Libby so that her knee heals up and they don't have to re-do anything.


  1. Praying for Libby. Hope she gets better.

  2. Aww hope wee Libby gets better soon!

  3. Awww tons of Christmas mojo and get well wishes are coming Libby's way from me. :)

  4. AWes, Christmas mojo her way, poor bug! Lovin the doggie Christmas sweater though :))

  5. Oh poor Libby! Sending love and christmas mojo.. have you had any updates on how she's doing? The flour fight looks like fun lol xx

  6. Infections suck! Poor little thing, we'll be praying for her. And thanks for the Christmas card! :)

  7. Doria - on the back, her sweater says, "meet me under the mistletoe". lol

    Charlotte - She's okay, would rather be with me or Mom for sure.

    CWMartin - Yes they do! And you're welcome!

  8. Sending many, many, many prayers for Libby. :(

    Oh, she's such a sweet, cute little pumpkin! And I love the little sweater-shirt she's wearing!

    Very cute pic of you and your Mom! :)


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