Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Christmas

I do hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I've been mostly out of commission for the better part of a week. Oddly I had full access to a computer to read blogs, but I was a wee bit busy, and I just needed a break. Christmas at my house went well. We all made out with some pretty good loot. We all spoiled Granny. It was our first Christmas without Granddad, which I know was hard for all of us. I made out with a couple of gift cards (whoohoo! shopping spree!), some new measuring cups/spoons, new pajama bottoms, a nice hat rack and a utility shelf for my laundry/mud room (trust me, I needed both! lol), a new coat, Part 2 of Deathly Hallows (I totally see a HP marathon in my future . . . Frisky, Jewels, Hazel - you up for it?? lol), a couple of necklaces, a nice hamper, and the big Santa gift was a 32" flat screen TV. I. Was. Floored.

Here's the funny bit. Christmas Eve, my dad at some point asked, "Do you know what Santa's bringing you?" I was completely sarcastic and goofy and said, "A flat screen TV?" I'm not sure how he kept his cool, considering it was hiding in the garage at that very moment. It's rare that Santa can shock me much anymore, but he did this year. I was so shocked, I actually started crying and repeating, "That's not what's in the box, right?" However, I cannot lift my TV as it's a 27" TV with a really big butt behind it. So my new TV is sitting in it's box.

I took Libby home for Christmas, and everyone adhered to the strict instructions of keeping her quiet. I was continuing her antibiotics and pain meds while at my parents house. K had suggested that I give her the pills in butter, because she's now anti-hot dog, which is how we were giving her the pills before. As gross as it sounds, it actually worked. For two whole days. By Monday night, she puked everything up, and that was it. She was supposed to be on the meds for 10 days, and it was like 9 days at that time, so I just said I was done with it. The last two times we gave her the pills, I wound up with dog slime all over my clothes. This dog is the absolute worst at taking any kind of medication. My cat is better. And her teeth and claws are ten times sharper. But, she is doing better. She uses the leg once in a while, but I've discovered it depends on the surface. Like she doesn't like my backyard, but she'll use it on concrete, the carpet, and gravel/rock. Weird. I brought her back with me so Dr. J could take a look at her, and hopefully decide to go back in to put that anti-rotational stitch back in next week. No such luck. He wanted to give her another 10 days and check on it again. So, tomorrow I'm meeting Dad and doing the Libby hand-off so she can be home for a week. He'll be back up here on business at the right time, which turned out perfect. Poor little dog. I did get the evil eye a few times, as one of my parents would have the dog in their laps and she wouldn't sit still and kept trying to get to me. Yeah. I think the dog is starting to get a little too attached to me. Mom keeps saying I'm getting attached . . . .

 I'm not seeing that at all. Nope. Not me.

Oh, I did try my very first peppermint latte on Christmas Eve, thanks to one of the techs. Here was the result of my taste test:

Definitely not a coffee drinker. At. All.

The day after Christmas I got to have lunch with two friends. After lunch one friend had to get back to watch her daughter while other family members ran errands. So my BFF and I hung out the rest of the afternoon. It was awesome. It had been right around six months since we'd seen each other. I'm so happy for her - she finally got a job after months of searching. She finally gets good benefits, retirement, her own office, the whole nine yards. We talked and talked and then talked some more. Oh and we hugged.


  1. Oh, I'm totally up for an HP marathon!!! :D

    Aww, little Libby! Nah, I don't see you getting attached at all--I mean, who could get attached to such a sweet, cute little fluffy puppy? ;) lol

    Oh, I hate coffee. Love caffeine in the form of soda, but can't stand coffee. Love the pics!

    And AWESOME Christmas presents! The flat screen is seriously AMAZING!!!!!!!!

  2. Now we just have to figure out when and where for the

    No one likes cute fluffy puppies. ;) their cuteness gets creepy. Lol

    I'm with you... soda not coffee. Ick!

    I know! So totally amazing! I still can't believe it, and I've been walking by it since Sunday! Lol

  3. Love Harry Potter, love coffee, not really a dog person but she is a real cutie. Hope she is better soon.

  4. Cute post, of course youre getting attached to Libby, how could you not! Glad you had a good christmas, luke got a big tv last year and his reaction was probably the same as yours lol xx

  5. Awe well Im glad Libby is a little better and home atleast. Istill have yet to talk myself into starting that HP series, book of course. Sounds like Christmas was a blast. Hope your new years is the same :))

  6. Kinda looked like me at Christmas. Laurie's bro brought a Leinie's Fireside Nut Brown beer, which pretty much tasted like they added the coffee to the beer to get a jump on the hangover.

  7. Mynx - She is a cutie. And sweet to boot.

    Charlotte - Good to know I'm not alone in the new TV reaction! lol

    Doria - I didn't think I'd like HP, but I got hooked.

    CWMartin - Beer and coffee? Oh that's definitely not for me! lol

  8. Wow, a TV? That is awesome! Glad to hear that Libby is a tiny bit better. Is there anything else she likes that you could hide a pill in, like tuna fish (do dogs like tuna fish?) or a little peanut butter? At my local pet store, they have little snack-size bits called "pill pockets". I think animals *know* when we hide pills in food....

  9. And hugged and hugged and hugged!! I was so happy to see you! It was so nice to spend some time with catching up IN PERSON! I missed you so much! And now that I have "the whole nine yards" (ie: precious vacation time) I totally plan on coming for a visit! Brace yourself! You're in for another squeeze, my friend! LOL! Happy New Year!


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