Sunday, January 29, 2012

Along the theme of things I don't understand is the Westboro Baptist Church. The church that spreads pure hatred of anyone that is not them. They picket soldiers funerals. They say amen to tornadoes that rip through communities and destroy them. They call Obama the Antichrist. (Now, I'm not an Obama fan, but that's a wee bit harsh). Naturally they are against gay marriage. They hate Muslims, Jews, the gay community . . . anyone who is not them.

This makes me so angry. This makes me so sad. I cannot fully wrap my mind around this idea, this horrific concept. This makes me cry out of anger and sadness. How can a church be so full of hatred and racism - in the 21st Century?

No offense to anyone who attends church, or is religious in any form, but this is just one reason why I don't and am not (I won't go into my other reasons). This church, WBC, promotes hatred in it's purest form. I thought church was to preach the love of God. That as long as you accept Christ into your heart, He will love you and greet you in Heaven. And all that jazz.

I have spoken only a few times regarding religion. Mostly because I don't want to lose every single follower I have, but also because it's always such a controversial subject. However, I am entitled to my own opinion and beliefs. This is America, and I have those constitutional rights.

This church has hit my home town. Well, part of where I grew up anyway. Petty Officer Chad Regelin, 24 years old, was killed in combat on January 2, in the Helmand province in Afghanistan. His funeral was in Anderson. I have no idea who this young man is. But I tip my hat to him, and honor him for fighting in battle. This church picketed this young soldier's funeral. As they have for hundreds of other funerals.

In this church's mind, this young man, along with every other soldier apparently, is rotting in Hell. I believe the exact opposite - that these brave soldiers are welcomed into Heaven and watch over their families until it is time to meet them again.

How can a church say such things about people they know nothing about? How can they say that everyone who does not repent will go straight to Hell? How can the preach pure hatred and still believe they themselves will be given a one-way ticket to Heaven?

I believe that Hell is reserved for those that commit unspeakable crimes.

I have never attended church. I have never read the Bible. According to these people I'm the scum of the earth. What don't they know? I am a good person. I try to live by the Golden Rule. I respect my elders. I respect my peers. I volunteer where I can, when I can. I always buckle my seat belt. I am a tax-paying citizen. I work hard. I support my troops whether or not I support the war they are fighting in. I could go on.

So why then, should I be sent to Hell for being a good person? Simply because I don't have the same beliefs that this church does? I'm sorry, but that's just not a good enough reason. I don't see God or Jesus as hateful, spiteful beings. I don't believe that's their message. If God is as picky as this church claims, how can anyone make into Heaven?

I believe that God made us all hopelessly flawed. No matter how hard we try to attain perfection, we will never make it.

Families have asked this group to allow them to grieve in peace, to show some respect at the cemetery. Does this church allow those families to grieve? No, they don't. They shout out how their child will rot in Hell while a preacher/minister/reverend/bishop sends the soul to Heaven.

I am fully aware that this church has the right to believe what they want to believe. I am fully aware that they have a right to gather in a public place and protest. I am fully aware that this church shows absolutely no respect for other people, that they hate people because they are not them.

And with all due respect, they suck. And I hope that when they finally do meet their maker, He shakes His head at them and does the whole "tsk tsk" thing. And I hope He accepts the soldier before them to show them that He loves us all - and the ones that gave all.

My deepest sympathies to the Regelin family. And I say thank you to your son.

And I say a heartfelt thank you to all those serving in the military. You are far braver than I could ever be. God Bless. And come home safe.


  1. I won't preach at your site; if you want to hear my thoughts on faith, well, that's what my blog's for. As for WBC ( or as you can find them in my tags, westboro you-know-what) please do not judge faith, Christ, or the Bible on the basis of what these people are. While I believe that there is more to entering heaven that just "being good", it certainly doesn't include making yourself the unlanced boil on mankind's ass that WBC does. If you ever have any questions, you have my e-mail.

  2. Wow....Just wow! I can't say that I'm surprised though. :/

  3. CWMartin - I don't faith, Christ, or the Bible based on the WBC. I have had many friends of different faiths, and they are wonderful people. It's just he WBC, I just can't understand how they can be a church and be so hateful at the same time. I find it to be such hypocrisy.

    Monkey - It almost makes one speechless, doesn't it? I'm surprised citizens haven't taken this matter into their own hands yet. This church really upsets people.

  4. Amen to all of that, girlfriend! I don't believe for one minute that God would condemn our soldiers for fighting for the safety of the innocent. And even if this church feels that way, what does harassing the families accomplish, besides making them look much less forgiving than I believe God to be? It's not the families who were fighting in the war. I think others should form a circle around grieving families like that to push these groups away from grave sites. I only wish that were possible, but I doubt anyone will ever stand up to these people. Personally, they make me sick.

    I have faith and believe in God, but I don't attend church. I don't think it's a requirement to get into Heaven either, and I definitely believe that all the good that you have done is getting you a ticket in, my friend.

    1. It makes me sick, as well. I just don't understand preaching hatred. It's like these people are major cult material and they've been drinking too much of the Kool-aid.

  5. In a way, all religions are "cults", it's just that they all have different flavors of Kool-aid. ;-) . The scum that have joined WBC are kind of modern-day bigots. I don't believe in heaven or hell (except in existing places on earth), but since WBC believes in hell, I'm sure there are some warm seats waiting for them!

    1. Oh so true. People should be very careful about taking drinks from strangers. Who knows what they've put IN the Kool-aid.

  6. To me, God is about love, so it is beyond me why certain groups promote hate.

  7. Yes if you mention it too much, they will get righteous enough to chop you up with God sanctioned machetes. Some live out where the buss's don't run. There's just a few.
    I've been reading your blog and went down below the A_Z (I hate those.) It expresses you well, and you seem like a great person.


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