Thursday, January 5, 2012

Yet another phone convo, Libby update, and Postcard update!

Alrighty, so y'all remember the post I did the other day about the wonderful little phone conversation?

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you should check it out.

Would you believe that same gal called with the same question on the very next day?

Yep, I'm completely serious. And you could have knocked me over with a feather when I heard her name and her question. I politely replied, "Yes, you called yesterday afternoon about this and I told you I don't have any equine charts in your files." She said, "Hmm. That's so strange."
She had no freaking recollection that she had called me 18 hours earlier. Yeah.

NOW. I have a Libby update

I handed Libby off to my dad just before NYE, so that my parents could enjoy some quality Libby time. Dr. J had wanted to recheck her in 10 days, and technically it was supposed to be tomorrow (Friday), but Dad was in town on business, so I made an appointment for him today (Thursday). During dinner, Dad informed that Dr. J wanted to do surgery tomorrow morning. So Libby is now at the vet's spending the night, and supposedly, Dr. J will go in tomorrow to try to fix poor Libby's knee. He's going to try to realign her leg, as it's twisting for two reasons - 1. she was born that way, and 2. because of her little floating knee caps. If this surgery goes as planned, then in about two months she can have her right knee done.

It'll a long tough road for the Rat (aka Libby), but she's been such a trooper. Being shuttled between two houses and a vet clinic. But it will also be a long tough road for the humans involved because we're going to have to give her medicine again. That's gonna be a real bitch.

Ooooh. My poor cat. Her home is about to be invaded again. Poor little kitty.

NOW. I have a Postcard Campaign update!

In December I had let y'all know that it was Alex's turn to send out postcards for January. Unfortunately, she's unable to do that at the moment.  So now you should expect your postcards from:



  1. I think your horse lady is a wee bit of a nutter. Libby is still such a cutie and I hope she comes through her op ok.

  2. Crazy horse lady... she sounds a bit scary

  3. I'm behind on my readings so I'm not sure about the conversation, or am I? I need to go back in and read it, damn work always getting in the way of my blogging life:) Happy New Year if I haven't already told! Well wishes for Libbys Speedy recovery! :)

  4. ps... I changed it from Doria to Hey Monkey Butt btw :)

  5. Perhaps the second call was from her evil second personality. You should have asked her how many personalities she has so you'd have an idea of how many calls to expect.

  6. Crazy horse lady, I've got your facepalm right

    Time to start looking for postcards! :-)

  7. Mynx - I'm thinking the same thing! lol

    Charlotte - I'm thinking she's a few sandwiches short of a picnic. lol

    Monkey - Yeah, work has a way of getting in the way of a lot things!

    CWMartin - haha!

    Cat - Took all I had not to hit myself in the face. lol Have fun searching for postcards!

  8. Horse lady needs help...stat! I cannot wait for my postcard! :)


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