Thursday, April 5, 2012

April Blog Challenge: E is for Entertainment and EXCUSE ME?

I am here this evening with simple yet, entertaining text from my mother. Who actually saved the day as I had been sitting in front of my computer for an hour with a blank post screen in front my face. It was starting to drive me nuts. Super-Mom saved the day with something that made me laugh. Hard.

Mom: Are you sitting down? I called Peter Chu's at the airport to check their hours for Sunday. This is what she said, "we close 8 cock now not 9 cock on Sundays." LMFAO HERE!

Me: (once I had picked myself up off the floor from falling over in the kind of laughter that scared the crap out of the cat - because I obviously wasn't sitting down) LMFAO! No way!!

Mom: Yeppers! Too effing funny! Of course, before that I called Marie Calenders or so I thought. Guy wanted me to bring him a pie! Think I made his night when I asked "is this Marie Calenders?"

Oh, mother. Whatever would I do with you? lol

Oh this post was over after that. Now it's not. So I've noticed a continuing problem the last few days as I got to publish scheduled posts. I get a screen that states "Conflicting Edits" and other blah blah. Therefore, it won't publish my post. I go back my dashboard, and it says my post will published on this date at this time. I go to "edit posts" and instead of saying scheduled to the right of it, it says, "draft". Hmmm. I'm seeing that Blogger is confused about something that's not so confusing.

I mean, really, what is confusing about wishing to publish your post???

Anyway, at the end of this "confusion" it says that if the problem persists, to go to the blogger help page.

Since the problem is obviously persisting, I click on the link. Only to be told this:

You cannot view the group's content or participate in the group because you are not currently a member.  Membership is invite only.
You must be a member of this group to read its archive.
This group is invite only, so you may not apply for membership. However, you may contact the owner.

EXCUSE ME? Am I not a member of Blogger? Did I not follow a link promising help for a persisting problem? And since when is this crap so freaking exclusive? I didn't know I needed a flipping backstage pass for assistance

Thanks for nothing you exclusive so-called "helpers". pfffft.


  1. Mine keeps giving me problems when I want to manage the blogs I read.. Gawd!

  2. I'm fearful of saying anything detrimental about Blogger, because I don't want it to screw with me, but I'm sorry you're having problems. (But hey! Look on the bright side ... they're "new and improved" headaches, right?) Anyhow, I came here on a quick fly-by A-Z visit, and ended up reading all your challenge posts. You made me chuckle, so I have no recourse but to sign on as your newest follower. Nice to meetcha.

    1. Yes they are new headches, aren't they? I don't often complain much about blogger, but this just one thing that I've actually had trouble with. I love it when I make people chuckle! Thanks for stopping by, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  3. At least they continue to find new and entertaining ways to honk us all off!

  4. Hi CW - first, re mom...too funny!

    Re Blogger - how annoying, I will be forwarding your concerns to the right folks...they really need to stop messing with stuff that was not broken in the first place, like the old interface, for one. I hope things improve.

    Jenny @ Pearson Report
    Co-Host of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.

    1. Isn't she? I should have sat down, I mean, she DID warn me. lol And thanks! It's good to know the right people! lol

  5. I was entertain reading this, excuse me.

    Do check out my E or F at GAC a-z.


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